Married to my husband’s brother Part 4

Part 4

Heya Twistinians I’m back as this story had more requests, I will update this one. Dil bole RagSan. Keep loving/liking or even hating this story, I don’t mind as this story is close to mine like the other ones, I have written till now.

The next morning RagSan were still sleeping while they were hugging eachother. It was a sweet scenary for the family, who were secretely looking at them while they were awwing the cute couple. Ragini soon rubbed her eyes with her hands like a small child, then she looked at her watch and was shocked as it already 11 am, then she shook Sanskar and woke him up saying: “Sanskar, you have an important business meeting in two hours.” After she said that he was completely awake and ran to the bathroom leaving a laughing Ragini behind. In the while he was in the bathroom she was thinking about last night and what he said to her, she started dancing on the song Sanam re, with a pillow as she was imagining Sanskar infront of her. She was happily dancing, that she didn’t notice that she accidently hit the real Sanskar who was holding her, he fell down, causing her to fall down as well they were lost into eachothers eyes, they were sparkling, because of the new found love, SwaLak came in and were shocked seeing RagSan that close, so they smirked at eachother and coughed bringing both of them out of the trance they were in: “ahem!” “Ahem!”
“What are you doing here SwaLak? A blushing Sanskar asked them and they answered back while smirking: “watching your romance!”
“Naughty people, I have to go!” Sanskar said after he kissed Ragini’s cheek and forehead, then he swiftly went to work.

Meanwhile Sanskar was at work Ragini helped Sujata in doing housework, then she was helping Shona packing as SwaLak are going back home soon. She was so happy to have Sanskar as her life partner as he is very caring, loving and he protects her from any harm. Shona started with her teasing party asking Ragini, if she’s happy and if RagSan had their first kiss.
“No, we haven’t kissed yet!”
“What!” A shocked Laksh shouted and Shona slapped his head.
“Ragini do something that bhai gets romantic with you!” Shona said while she was planning something.

After an hour Sanskar came back home and saw that the house was beautifully decorated but he didn’t know the reason, no one was at home. Soon Ragini came wearing a beautiful red see trough saree, Sanskar was mesmerized seeing her like that, then she came closer and……

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