Married to my husband’s brother – Part 3

Part 3

Heya my sweet and lovely Twistinians!
So my idea was to spread our love for RagSan and RagLak by writing Dil bole RagSan/RagLak/TeVar/TeMish, it doesn’t matter if it’s in the beginning or in the end of your story and it can be a FF, SS, TS or in an OS, but just write Dil bole RagLak/RagSan, in every part, you can do that in any plattform like Tellyupdates, Twitter and in any social media, just spread your love for Teja, Varun and Namish, that’s all that matters and SwaSan is the only couple which is excluded out of this!
This stories can be posted between now and till end of October 2018 or even till December 2018

Back to the story
the family plus RagSan were spending some quality time with eachother after a long time, although Adharsh was very different in the beginning of his marriage with Ragini, but no one knew, why he became a beast towards her and the rest, SujRam think that it was because of Swara, as she had wrapped him around her middle finger, everyone knows that Swara is a characterless human being, who thinks that she can get anyone with her fake innoncence. The whole family hated Swara and Sanskar hates her the most, as he feels disgusted because of her affair with his elder brother.
“I’m so happy that you are my bhabhi!” Shona said, while she was hugging Ragini and she said: “I’m lucky to have you as my sister-in-law Shona!”
“Can you see that Sanskar, how loving your sister is towards your wife and she annoys me all the time!” Laksh said, while he received an angry glare from Shona.
“Good luck Laksh in handling my lovely sister!” Sanskar said smillingly. They all stayed there, talked for a while, soon the night came and all of them went to sleep, but Ragini wasn’t in the mood of sleeping, so she had an idea, as she wants to know about Sanskar’s feelings for her.

RagSan’s scene
Soon Sanskar reached his and Ragini’s room, where he saw that his wife was lost in some thoughts.
“Ragini!” Sanskar softly said.
“Sanskar can I ask you something?” Ragini asked him and he answered back: “sure you can sweety!”
“How much do you love me Sanskar and what would you do for me?”
“I love you more than my life Ragini, I would sacrifice myself for you!” Sanskar replied back with a lpt of love and affection, Ragini was happy, because she truly found her real soulmate and for the love she had craved for.
“Sanskar these were the most beautiful words anyone has ever told me!” A tearful Ragini said and then she hugged him, kissed his cheek and said: “good nighy my darling hubby!”
End of their scene

The next morning…….

Author’s note
“Heya my Twistinians, in the next part of this story the love story of RagSan will start and there will be some romantic moments between them but they won’t be any mature parts and if there are some, will just write(You may know what happened next or you can guess what happened next).”
End of the Author’s note

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