Married to my husband’s brother – Part 2

Part 2

Heya my sweet Twistinians I’m back, with another part. Dedicated to arviabhigya Follybraverl frndsfrevr Rakshully and all my sisters.

Author’s note
“As you all know, that there are two Swara’s in the story, so I will tell you guys, who is who.”
Swara(Shona) Laksh Saxena is Sanskar’s younger sister, played by Vrushika Mehta.
Laksh Saxena is played by Shantanu Meheswari.
Swara(Swaru) Bose is played by Helly Shah, she is the lover of  Sanskar and had a past with Adharsh.
“So I hope that you guys won’t get confused now.”
End of author’s note

Continuation of the story, the next morning RagSan woke up, because Shona(Swara) came to wake them up. Soon both of them got ready and went downstaris to eat breakfast.
“Mom, is it okay if I take Ragini out for shopping?” Sanskar asked Sujata and she answered back: “Yeah, sure you can take her out for shopping, no need to ask me, because she is your wife!”
“Thanks mom!” Sanskar said and then he went with out Ragini to the nearest shopping mall.

The shopping mall scene
RagSan were going to a shop named Forever, where they met Swara(Swaru), Sanskar wanted to go from there with his Ragini, when Swara came, slapped Ragini and said, while she spat at Ragini, making Sanskar hell angry: “you are an homebreaker and you don’t desserve to be called a woman!”
“Oh is that so Swara, who was the one making out with my husband infront of my eyes, oh let me think it was you, who had an affair with my ex-husband Adharsh!” Ragini shouted at Swara, making everyone gasp especially Swa_______San, as they knew that Ragini was a calm, sweet, friendly and composed kind of a woman.
Some people were talking badly about Ragini calling her an infertile woman and that’s the reason of her dead husband was having an affair with Swara, while Swara was smirking evilly, Sanskar shouted: “don’t you dare say anything about my wife, my Ragini is the most purest woman, I have ever met, you all are saying that my brother was right in having an affair, with a characterless girl like her, than you all are wrong, I will prove it to you all that you all aren’t open minded and that you have nothing to do than gossiping about other people, about being infertile or being fertile is between me and my wife, so I request you all the shut your blo*dy mouth or else you all will see the worst of me.”
“You all are disgusting, you are supporting infedility, you know how it feels, when your husband cheats you?” Ragini asked all of them with bloodshot red eyes and then RagSan went to another shop, where they could buy clothes for Ragini, without people looking at them with questionful eyes, because they both don’t care about these kind of people.
End of the scene

Soon after the shopping and eating Pizza, our beautiful couple RagSan went home, told SujRam and SwaLak about, what happened in the mall, they all were happy that Ragini stood up for herself and that Sanskar supported her.

The copyright of this story belongs to me!

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