Married to my husband’s brother – Part 1

Part 1

Heya Twistinians I’m back with another part, while I’m saying Dil bole RagSan.

Someone was running, because she wanted to stop something, meanwhile the priest said: “The marriage is now complete!”
That person reached the wedding venue and shouted: “stop this marriage!”
“Sorry, to say beta, but they are already married!” The priest said.
“Look at these pictures Sanskar, that stupid widow Ragini is cheating on you!”
“Don’t you dare say anything against my wife Swara(played by yo know who) or else I’ll make your life hell. Sanskar shouted at her, then he took the pictures and threw it into the fire.
“But Sanskar!” Swara started and Sanskar asked her, beforehe went to his place with Ragini: “but what Swara?”
“But I love you Sanskar!” She sadly said.
“He will never love you Swara, because he loves Ragini!” Sanskar’s sister Swara (played by Vrushika Mehta) said and her husband Laksh(played by Shantanu Meheswari) agreed with his wife.
“No, he doesn’t love her, because he loves me!” Swara said with a lot determination, Sanskar came in and clapped his hands, while saying: “I never loved you Swara and I only love Ragini!”
Then him and his family along side with Ragini.

Ragini was remembering, how her first husband was torturing her, she heard all her painful shouts all over again, when she asked him to stop, how her in-laws tried to save her, once they nearly succeeded, but then he was going to go to Malhotra’s to rape Nandini, in the cause to save Nandini, Ragini gave up, let the beast do whatever he wanted to do, that beast raped her till his needs where finished and then he tortured her and his family as well.
End of the Flashback

“Are you alright Ragini?” Sujata asked her with a lot of concern and she replied back: “yes mom, I’m fine just the wounds of the past are still hurting and haunting me like an nightmare!”
“Try to forget the past and move on with Sanskar to another stage of your life, so that the wounds can get healed properly.” Sujata said.
“Okay mom!” Rags said.
“Ragini go to your room with Sanskar and get some sleep.” Ram said and then RagSan went to their room.

Meanwhile Manik’s pov
“I hope Ragini gets all her happiness, while staying with Sanskar!” I said to my lovely wife.
“Sanskar loves her unconditionally and he will keep her happy!” Nandini said.
“She desserves it, after whatever has to her!” I said and Nandu said: “yes, she saved me from him that day, which is clearly visible to me, as the wounds are still open, the way he had raped her and tortured her, she stayed strong, never cried about these dissgusting acts of him and she never told us anything!”
“I wanted to get her divorced from that monster, but unluckilly he died or else he would have been rotting in jail!” I angrilly said and she tried tame the beast inside me.
End of his pov

At last but not at least RagSan’s scene
Ragini along side Sanskar went upstairs, to her old room to get her things into their room. Ragini was shivering, while she went in as she remembers the devil and what he has done to her, Sanskar was calming her down, while he said: “Ragini, he is not her e anymore, you don’t have to get scared, beacause I’m always here for you!”
“Thanks Sanskar, but I can’t live here anymore, because wherever I am in this city, he always follows me like a shaddow, who is ready to make my life worser than hell.” She said.
“Shh, relax Ragini, nothing is going to happen to you!” He said encouragingly. Then she strated to take her clothes out and he saw that all her dresses were torn, so he told her: “Ragini, you should throw these dresses away, because we will going out for shopping tomorrow, until then you can borrow something from Swara.” He said and then they went to her and she gave Ragini a nightdress and and a beautiful Anatkali dress, that she can wear. They talked with SwaLak for a while and went to their room as they were very tired. Ragini was sleeping in the bed, while Sanskar was sleeping on the sofa, both of them couldn’t sleep, because Ragini had an nightmare, where she dreamt of Adharsh, so she asked Sanky to sleep next to her and he did as he was told and slept beside her comfortably.
End of their scene

The next day…..

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