Married to my husband’s brother Description and CS

Description and CS

Heya my sweet Twistinians, I’m back with a new story and an idea popped up into my mind and I’m now saying Dil bole RagSan!

So my idea was to spread our love for RagSan and RagLak by writing Dil bole RagSan/RagLak, it doesn’t matter if it’s in the beginning or in the end of your story and it can be a FF, SS, TS or in an OS, but just write Dil bole RagLak/RagSan, you can do that in any plattform.
This stories can be posted between now and till end of October 2018.

So lets start with my story

She was married to an man, who abused her, his family tried to save her, but they couldn’t he used to beat her up, making her do each and every work, would bring any random girl in his house and have fun with her infront of Ragini, but she never said anything to her husband Adharsh Singhania.

There was a ray of hope for her and he was Sanskar Singhania, her husbands brother, but he was the opposite of Adharsh. A fatal day Adharsh met with an accident, died at the spot, some society people were cursing Ragini a lot, but her in-laws always supported her and got her married to Sanskar, because they knew that Sanskar always had loved Ragini and she is only made for him.

The story will start after RagSan’s marriage.


Before she was Ragini Malhotra, then she became Mrs. Ragini Adharsh Singhania and now she is Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Singhania
She is sweet, simple, friendly, caring, down to earth, loves her family a lot, is Manik Malhotra’s younger sister, she is 24 years old and she was a dancer by proffesion before her marriage to the beast named Adharsh. She is played by the beautiful Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar

Manik and Nandini Malhotra
They are the sweetest, loving, caring, ubderstanding and one the most beautiful couple. They are married since 2 years. They had a love marriage. MaNan love Ragini a lot as she practically was like their own child. Manik is 27 years old and Nandini is 26 years old. They are played by handsome and beautiful Parth Samathan and Niti Taylor

Adharsh Singhania(dead)
An abusive, manupulative, selfish and an angry man, he was married to Ragini only because he lusted for her. He was 28 years old when he luckilly died. He was jobless. He is played by Handsome Vatsal Seth

Sanskar Singhania
Opposite of his brother, he is calm, composed, sweet, caring, handsome and cute, he is 24 years old just like his Ragini, he is getting married to her, 2 months after his brothers sudden death. He is played by the handsome Varun Kapoor

Sujata and Ram Singhania
Supporting in-laws of Ragini, love her and Sanskar a lot, they hate Adharsh a lot. They are sweet, caring, loving and a funny couple.

The copyright of this story belongs to me?

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