I am married to don (episode 3)


Swara point of view
I think he is not that much bad as I think. .it’s night mom told me to switch off the lite switch is on with out any use……..I did it while returning I saw light on ….slowly slowly I went inside and saw sanskar standing. ……I turned to go but my bad luck servant closed the door and went to outhouse
Swara-god once I came out I will kill that servant. ….know till tomorrow I have to bear this idiot
Sanskar -babes bearing me is your destiny now
Swara-that’s why I am cursing my destiny
I sat near the door and sanskar sitting near me or say attached to me as night is dark cold is also increasing and this white horse is stairing
Sanskar -cold is increasing if you want I can
Before he continues I burst out for which I regret also
Swara-you will heat me by fulfilling your blo*dy lust…..oh now I understood it must be your plan to lock the room and you have given money to the servant
Sanskar -shut up
Swara-why should I

He slapped me twice i was holding my both cheeks he holds my shoulder tightly his eyes is burning in anger
Sanskar -what the hell do you consider about yourself. ….are you dump without thinking you speak…I came here because outside their noise and I have to talk on phone regarding deal…..and u dump head. …once think how will I know you will come here
Sanskar -I was telling u it’s cold I can help you by giving my jacket. ..
He moved away from me and hit the wall as he is taking him anger out on Wall…how dumbo I am ….slowly I go towards him
swara -i am sorry please forgive me
Sanskar -no
Swara-i will give you chocolate
Sanskar -do I look kid to you
Swara -then
Sanskar -then promise me u will start the relationship on trust. ……
Swara -hmmm

Actually I really don’t have the answer to his promise because this relationship is not accepted by my heart it’s force one….i don’t want to fell week in front of him so I moved towards the door sit quietly
Sanskar point of view
I ask her to promise she promised me but it’s just formal…I know she is confused about the marriage decision. ..I promise you I will never hurt you I will give you time
As time passes cold increased she is shivering
Sanskar -swara take my jacket
Swara-then what about u
Sanskar -I fine
Swara came and sit beside me she wore my jacket she is shivering
Sanskar -swara cold is increasing if we don’t do anything you will be sick ….trust me I will not take any advantage of situation
She given me answer by lowering her eyes ….I brought her closed to me and hugs her. …..her eyes where asking can I trust you …..I assured her by my eyes
I started rubbing her back with my paam she started breathing heavily i huged her tightly
I saw a heater ….I made swara sit on the floor and take the heater connected it’s wire In board luckily it’s started after few minutes room become hot ….and my idiot swara started dancing…..by dancing she falls on me wear had passionate eye lock …….we both were lost in each other eyes ….her hairs are disturbing my view. .I place them behind her ears

Swara point of view
By seeing him in his eyes i am loosing myself he rolled now I below him …his hot breath is making me crazy …..
Sanskar -shall I
I closed my eyes after few seconds I feel…ice is falling on my lips which taste is sweet automatically my hands reached to his hairs …he break the kiss and looks into my eyes …..with love
We both sit he made me sit on his lap…again kissed me ….from one he is holding me and from other he opens zib off dress….why i don’t know i didn’t resist him nor I feel uncomfortable
My half shoulder is visible to him. ..he started giving love bits on my shoulder ..
Swara -sanskar I am not ready for it
I get up from his lap and zip my dress
Swara-i don’t want to take our relationship to next level like this. ..when we will take this step when I love you my heart accept our relationship and my mind does have any confusion. ……not by a moment attraction
Sanskar -my decision to marry you is correct …I will wait
West both sleep in sitting position on morning our eyes open by door opening sound we both sleeping by hugging each other ….we both stand the servant opens the door. ….sanskar went close to him
Sanskar -are you the one who yesterday locked the door
Servant-i s……s…..sorry sir don’t kill me
Sanskar went close to him and kiss his cheeks
Sanskar -thanks bro………….goes

Swara-what the. ????
Servant run away ….after having breakfast mm goes back to do the preparation today is my sangeet and mehndi ….for which me and my little brother went for shopping
I was driving the car is saw two cars are following my car……
Swara -ayu two cars are following us
Ayush -may be dad send them
Swara-what is the problem of this old man
Ayush -di let’s play hide and seek …
I drive car very fast and disappeared from their view ………..we reached home and I bust out on dad

Sumi-what happened beta you both have gone to shopping na
Swara-mom ask your husband why he always do things which I don’t like
Shekhar -misthi ask your daughter what I have done
Swara-mom ask your husband why he send security guards
Shekhar -mishti i don’t send any one. .if I send also then what is wrong in it
Sumi-swara your dad is right
Swara-mom firstly I am not any criminal like him so I need security ..or he need it more than me.
Sumi-your dad .didn’t sent anyone
Voice -i sent them
Shekhar -sanskar

He came to me and hold my shoulder
Sanskar -is this the way you talk to your dad……and swara still know u did what you want but from know u will not step out without security
Swara-no.i won’t it’s my life i will not take any guards ……. I am not criminal like you both
Sanskar -then you are going to be my wife. .
Swara-i won’t go out then
Sanskar -choice is yours
Shekhar -swara don’t over react
Swara-mom ask your husband not to interfere in my matter…….goes

Sanskar point of view
From their talks I understand that their relationship is not good …..I saw tears in uncle aunty eyes
Shekhar -sanskar don’t worry where ever she goes security is always in her surrounding which also don’t know …..goes
Sanskar -aunty they both
Sumi-after raman and ishita death their relationship also to change …..swara she is here only for Ayush. ……with my son and daughter in law i lost my swara also
I went from their because I don’t have any answer ishita my sister she died in my lap but still I am finding killer of raman……..

Our mehndi and sangeet happened but ours mind is disturbed
Sanskar point of view end
Swara point of view
Mom told me to purchase my dresses for myself I have no mood may be she know that that’s why she sent me. …I decided to eat pani puri so I drive my car toward a stall their is lots of people I thought I have to wait but people standing seeing me move apart. ..
Stole keeper -come madam have sit
Don’t what happen to him….giving me special treatment ….and this people are stairing me as I am a ghost. …
Swara-how much bhai
Stall keeper -madam you don’t need give money
Stall keeper -it’s free
Swara-what…?plzzz tell me how much
Stall keeper -madam please

As I going I heard people speaking
Person -who is she…why all moved away ….why he didn’t take money from her
2nd person -today I her marriage with don sanskar. ..who will dare to take cash from gangster wife
It break my heart they are giving me special treatment not because of love or care it’s because of fear…..same happen in mall also by seeing me people moved away stairing me shopkeeper giving dress freely ……I just run away to my house
In hall
I came runningly ….I saw my little brother I just hugged him and cry …by seeing him my fear increase more i don’t want the same happen with my brother too by the time all comes Ragini and Uttra came with haldi
Swara-ayush will you listen me
Ayush -yes didi

Swara-today’s evening flight you are going to Australia to dada ji their you will study and live your life
Ayush -but we planned to go together na
Swara -i will come later…abhishek bhai will take you go and do your packing
Shekhar -he will not go anywhere i will not give permission ..he is my son
Swara-mr gadodiya who your permission. ..you are his dad but he is Janki auntie son on her death bed she given me Ayush responsibility to me his legal custody is given to me. …
Sumi -why you are doing this
I told everything to them
Swara-and I don’t want my brother became like Mr gadodiya or sanskar or die like raman bhai….
Swara-mom by shouting on me reality won’t change. …gangster like sanskar and your husband life is in one bullet god knows when any gangster or police kill them ……as a bullet killed bhai their would be a bullets meant for them
Ragini -what rubbish are you talking. ..today is your marriage
Swara-no I will not marry that criminal

Sry for mistakes. ..and sry for late update

Recap-sankar angry volcano bust on Swara

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