I am married to don (episode 2)


Swara’s point of view
I came out holds Ayush and told what happened inside
Ayush -di know you will become Mrs don
Swara-i think after that I will become swara to late swara
As both came back to our house all where super happy we both had our lunch and we both slept …..after sometimes I wake up due to noise. …I get up from bed and walk out of room and see all running here and there and decorating. …I have no idea what’s going on. …by seeing me
Sumi-swara you wake up its good u go and get ready and make your brother ready to
Swara-why mom
Sumi-today is your engagement

Its third shock of my life . . . . . Today is my engagement all knows rather than me who actually should know first
Beauticians came and make me ready in pink lehnga and I made my little brother ready in pink sherwani. ….all guests started coming. ……after sometimes maheshwari’s also came….all were looking fab and sanskar is looking like Greek god ……
Swara point of view end
Sanskar point of view
As I enter I saw her she is looking gorgeous and feared of my presence holding her brother hand tightly
Sanskar point of view end
Swara point of view
As time comes Ap and sumi made swasan stand together
priest-firstly girl put the ring
As priest said it my hands started shivering …by shivering hands take the ring and takes towards his fingers. ……he caught my hands and made me to wear him ring….while all where smiling
He is still holding my hand and me wear the ring…..he came near to my ears …my heart beating fast
Sanskar -from today you belongs to me
And leave my hands does he considering me a product for which he is keeping authority
All starts dancing. ……Ragini force me and sanskar for dance but a girl name kavita came and took him on the dance floor. ..
Swara-thanx god for saving me
Swara point of view end
Sanskar point of view
When kavita took me to dance floor. .she was happy. .still when you will run from me…
But my smile change to anger by seeing sahil in the party he is a blo*dy bustard and my business rival too….he has given smile to me and moves towards swara how dare…I stops dancing and moves towards them but I get a shock swara is hugging sahil . Not only me all are looking towards them
Sahil-shona sorry yrr i was out of town that’s why I couldn’t came to your birthday party

Swara-i will not talk to u
Sahil-okay look i am holding my ears …
Sahil-look I have bought two teddy bears of your height and a bunch of chocolates
Swara-really then give it to me
Sahil-but you are angry na
Swara-who said

Sahil-i their is it
All their talks where listened by sanskar and Shekhar both of their blood is boiling
Shekhar -mishti how this creep become swara’s friend…..
Sumi -i don’t know
Shekhar -then what are you doing? It’s your responsibility to look after swara she is small she don’t know anything
Sahil-last have a drink
Swara-no yrrrr after drink it have no control on myself
Sahil -so let’s dance
Swara -okay
How dare she when all asked her to dance with me her face turn as I am a lion and I will kill her …..she will regret
After dance Shekhar uncle finished the party all guests goes except us and we decided to stay
Sanskar point of view end
Swara point of view

Swara room
I was so tired .. removed my accessories and dupatta. ..I heard door opening closing sound I thought Ayush …in this who comes
Swara-baby u sit i change my dress and comes
I came inside the bathroom remove my dupatta and open the Dori of the blouse suddenly I feel someone presence approaching near ….I turned and see sanskar standing anger is clearly visible in his face but why
Sanskar point of view

I am burning in anger. ..so I lost my patience for wait for her so I enter the bathroom so her removing her dress with out closing the door his boiled my blood more
Swara-what are you doing? Here
Sanskar -what relationship you have with sahil
Swara-why you want to know
That’s it for me I lost my coolness I hold her hand and twist it .
Sanskar -don’t force me to become animal….tell me what relationship you have with sahil
Swara-ahhhh he is my friend com brother leave my hand
I came near her ears lobs
Sanskar -then break that tie because I don’t want u to make any relationship with him. …
Swara -he is like my brother
I turned her towards me but in this process her blouse falls down she cross both her hands on her upper body to hide from me…..she pin herself on Wall her back is visible to me…which is creating manly feeling inside me
I came close to her and moves her hairs in front I plant a kiss on her back she start breathing heavily forcefully I turned her and pins her both hands with my hands
Sanskar -last time asking will u break the tie with him or not
Swara-but wa…..
I didn’t let her to say more i smashed my lips with her
Swara point of view

He is kissing me as I tries to push him he tight his grip on me…..I am out of breath but this devil is busy in eating my lips
I tried but fails after sometimes he break the kiss and start kissing my neck and bitting it like drakula fear completely occupied me when his hands travel to my back to open my b*a hook. ….with all my force i push him
Swara-okay I will break. .

Sanskar -good girl
Which idiot kept his name Sanskar his name should be asanskari
Sanskar -if you go against me. ….you will become complete women before marriage …….bye
How cheap he is while going he turns to me while I was covering myself with dupatta
Sanskar -while changing close the door or next time I while consider it as invitation for me …..smrikes ..goes
Dinner time
All where present except sanskar so mom told me to call him……really is she my mom or any enemy
I knock the door but no response so slowly I get inside the room but he is not their. .I thought it’s nice opportunity to escape but but always my luck walk too steps back from my bad luck

He walk out from bathroom wearing only towel. . . . .
My eyes stucks on his six packs..I am stairing them like idiots. ……he called my name. ..so I came to reality
Sanskar -baby have patience you see my complete aps and all…..
Sanskar point of view

Her cheeks turned red ….seriously I want to taste it know
Swara-mom is calling you for dinner
Sanskar -but I have it …
I said it by rubbing my lips she turn and said shameless and run away

Friends I have tried first tym to put some romance. …..if any mistake. Forgive me. ….thank you friends for liking my ff

Recap – swasan locked in a room

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