I am married to don (episode 1)


A girl is standing outside a mansion fear is clearly visible in her face wearing green colour chudidar with full hand sleeves big specs ….a small boy of 6 yrs shake her to bring back to the reality
Boy-didu we are standing her from past 30 mints

Girl-ayush I am extremely feared what will happen
Ayush-swara di you are looking like ghost they will automatically reject you
Swara-if outer beauty doesn’t matter to you then
Ayush-i thought you yesterday we seen the movie these gangster don like brave girls so show yourself as coward
Swara -okay. ….I will represents myself a coward
Ayush-show yourself as a god devotional girl pure veg by the smell of alcohol you will faint. ..

Swara- but Ayush if he ask my opinion
Ayush -reject him
Swara-ayush he is a don if his ego hurts he will shoot me then
Ayush -then say decision is your’s you say
Swara – if he say yes
Ayush -by seeing you he will never say yes………..but go
Swara-you also come with me
Ayush- no i will wait for u her
By saying Ayush push swara inside
Swara point of view

As I am going inside I saw many guards with different varieties of gun……litteraly I think they called me for my murder not for marriage purpose. …on the gate I say two girls standing i think they are waiting for me.they both are looking like heroine
1st Girl-are you swara ji…..Shekhar uncle daughter
Swara-unfortunately yes(thinking )y….yes
Both girls looking me from top to bottom like scanning machine
2nd girl -hey I am Ragini. .sanskar’s brother Laksh fiance
1st Girl- i am Uttra his sister
Swara-hello I am mara…I mean swara

Ragini-come all are waiting for you
They took me to hall where the don sanskar and his family is sitting they both made me sit
Ap-beta be comfortable. I am annapurana sanskar’s mom…..and introduce to all
Ap-beta what will you have
Swara-i litteraly thought she is asking from which gun you want to die option A. machine gun B. riffile C.ak47 D. Revolver(thinking )
Ragini shake be to bring back to reality
Ap-beta what happen are you okay. ..you are swetting

Swara-no…..nothing I am fine ..
Ragini – swara do you like disco.? Means visiting out with friends
Swara- no…actually I don’t
Ap-U love mutton or chicken. ……we love chicken. ….
Swara-i am pure vegetarian
Laksh -modern dress or traditional
Uttra-cant you see without specs

Dp-are you a pure god worshipper
In all this don sanskar is only stairing me…..all where discussing
Ap-what is your decision for this marriage. ….do u want to talk to him alone
Swara-she is asking me do you want to die her or inside (thinking )
Swara-noooooo….I mean what you all decide i am comfortable
A servant offers me juice I am sipping it
Ap-beta we are sorry as per sanskar wish
I am very happy but it doesn’t last long
Sanskar -she is fit for it……call the priest and fix early date
I spite out the juice out…..I faint
Swara point of view end

Sanskar point of view
Stupid girl she think I became don simple. ….idiot she didn’t see a cctv camera outside my bungalow. .I saw her standing outside from 30 mints with her brother. …..when she came she was seeing weapons in guards hands …..she is afraid of this surrounding. …when mom asked questions I can clearly see she is lying more over
Sanskar :before her arrival my boys has given her’s complete information. ….when mom said sorry for. …her face was glowing because of happiness. .then I said yes…..it turned to shock for her

Sanskar point of view end
Swara point of view
When i gain conscious I thought it’s a horrible dream but when I get up and see sanskar sitting in a chair in front of me all his family members I came to know it’s reality
Ap-what happen beta….shall I call the doctor
Swara -no i am fine. …I should leave
Laksh -no bhabhi you rest here we will inform Shekhar uncle
Laksh -why bhabhi

Laksh -yes after 2days you will become my bhabhi
Its the second shock of my life .
Swara-actually Ayush is waiting for me outside
Ragini -why he is standing outside tell him to go to his house
Ap-rago he is her brother and he is only 6
Swara-okay he will fear for me……I should be leaving
And I wish all and run away

Recap-maheshwari’s at gd

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    hehe..!!funny…!! loved it..!!post next part soon..!!

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    It’s really awesome n funny too??….update soon yrr….

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