I am married to don (epi-9)

Ragini receive the call from private no.
U.c-puspha I hate tears reh ……
Ragini -what you want from me
Ragini -how dare you. …don’t you think to take advantage of me I am only Laksh’s Ragini got that
U.c-ragini don’t shout listen to me first make yourself presentable. …..and eat something for your child. …….sanlak is coming to you …..
Ragini -why you care….u may be fear from them…..if any thing happens to my child his father will kill u
U.c-hey I don’t give the dam about your Laksh. …. i care for your unborn child. .I don’t want to take its sin on me…….
Ragini -i will tell everything to them. ..Laksh trust me……he will find u in any cost
U.c-ohh confidence…..
Ragini -on my love
U.c-ragini don’t force me to make your life hell
Ragini -don’t bluff
U.c-okay what if Laksh came to know that you are the sister of sahil …Ragini sen gupta whose brother tried to molest ishita on her murder date

Ragini start to sweet
U.c-what will happen when he came to know you have aborted his first child
Ragini –
U.c-and if he came to know that you where sent by sahil on his life …but later u fall for him and changed
Ragini -w….how yo……you know it
U.c-what you thought I am only having your mms no baby
Ragini -what you want
U.c -good girl. ..know go and wash your face do what I said
Ragini -okay
U.c-dont forget my eyes are on u..
Call ends
Ragini hurriedly make herself presentable
Sanlak knock the door …Ragini hurriedly comes and open the door
Ragini -hey Laksh. ….hi bhai. …after a long tym you came bhai …both of you come in
Sanskar -Ragini are you alright
Ragini -yeah
Laksh -then why are you behaving weird
Ragini -what lucky…..how you got injured
Sanskar tells every thing
Ragini -are you alright who are they ..
Laksh -i fine baby…ur love is with me na …. but what happen to you why you didn’t gone to met Mr William
Ragini -woh ha….I am not feeling well from morning and I fainted due to stress
Laksh -what and you are telling know
Sanskar -let me call doctor
Ragini -easy I am fine know i had consulted doc.i am fine know ….I will apologies to Mr William
Sanskar -no need. ..okay u both spend some time together i am going
Raglak -bye bhaiya

In mm
Swasan room
Swara and Ayush is talking to each through Skype
Swara-how are you Ayush. ..did you troubling gp
Ayush -no di with out you …I don’t get mood. ..di come na I am missing u
Swara-baby I will come very soon
Ayush -pinky promise
Swara-pakka ….how’s your studies going on
Ayush -don’t take its name also
Swara-what happen
Ayush -this newton law …..it’s very difficult
Swara -oh my baccha
Ayush -kash newton jamun ke ni jack fruit ya coconut nut ke paid ke nicche baitha hota na rhta newton na banta newton law(newton rather than sitting under plam tree he would have sitted under jack fruit or coconut tree then their be no newton nor his laws)
Swara laugh sanskar was listening their talk he also laugh ….he comes and join them
Sanskar -hello bil
Ayush -hi????
Swara-baby I have transfer your account …..but you know na
Ayush -yeah di I will be good boy
Swara-don’t dare to bunk school because of h.w…and roam in city by fooling gp
Ayush-how u know di????
Swara-because I am your di……it doesn’t matter i am where I also keep an eye on u
Ayush -sorry di (innocently holding his ears and tears in eyes )I will be good boy but don’t angry with me …if you want me to punish but don’t leave. ..mamma also left me
Sanskar -but u have mamma na your Di’s mom
Ayush -no she is not my mom……
Sanskar -it’s fact
Ayush -no
Sanskar before say something swara intrupted
Swara-she is my ayu chooti maa
Ayush nodes
Swara -bye baby I will call you later
Ayush -bye Ayush’s princess
Call ènds

Swara gets up but sanskar holds her hand and pull her towards him swara falls on him Sanskar put his hands on her belly
Sanskar -in anger why are you planting hatred seeds in Ayush for his parents
Swara -i didn’t done anything
Sanskar -oh really. …….u are a selfish girl ever I met swara
Swara push him but sanskar over power her twist her hands and pull her hairs swara shouts in pain. ….. .
Sanskar -like this my brother would also have pained when your hired goons have beaten him
Swara-ahhhhh maa ……I didn’t done anything
Sanskar -don’t u lie …..to show yourself correct you have done it
Sanskar through her on floor when she falls on floor her head hits cupboard and blood comes from her …..but sanskar didn’t seen it
Sanskar -you are that pest which destroy everything. ….you out are a selfish girl who separated a child from parents u beaten my brother
Swara painfully -s….s..a.n.s.k.a.r I d…idn’….t done……….. anyt….hing
Without looking at swara goes from their. ….and swara lies Thier on the floor because she doesn’t have any strength to get up and her head started paining …
In dp study
Dp-sanlak my mens came to know that the attack on Laksh is done by drug mafia
Sanskar -whatt
Dp-yes son Laksh destroyed their crore worth drugs that’s y
Sanskar remember about his doing and feel guilty that tym Ap comes she looking upset and sad
Dp-what happen anu from morning u are like this
Laksh -mom u are thinking about bhabhi’s saying
Sanskar -mom don’t mind her she only know to speak bitter only ….don’t how could she able to speak this much bitterness
Ap-because she don’t need the strength to tell truth we feel it bitter because we know she is saying truth

It becomes battle of words as a result dp become angry with Ap and drag her to hall Sanlak tried to cool dp…ap is speaking as swara …..dp raised hand on Ap which shocked everyone
They hear clapping sound they look toward the direction they see Swara standing blood is flowing from her head but anger is clearly visible in her face
Swara comes towards Ap
Swara-don’t worry mom dad i won’t give any lecture to u both. …because who raise hand on his wife he is not a man and woman who couldn’t fight for herself is blackspot on pride of ladies and i am not interested in speaking with such people
Sanskar -Swaraaaaaaa …..how dare u
Swara -chup. ….saaalaaa harami
All were shock because this swara is extremely different from the swara they know ………swara removes her bangles and throw it on Sanlak
Swara-better u both wear this and dance like them…goes out
Ragini standing at entrance and seeing all says
Ragini -because man having spinal cord doesn’t stand see his mother is being treated like maid

Laksh -Ragini
Ragini comes towards him
Ragini -Laksh in starting I also thought that bhabhi is speaking rubbish but fact is that she correct. …..Laksh I don’t want my child will be called gangster son …..sin of cruelty. ..I don’t want to live in tension where by husband is safe or killed by any gangster or police. ..I know death is truth but don’t die like pig
Laksh – but rago how she live…who accept us
Ragini -we do new start live Mumbai. ..
Laksh and all hear her ….while Ragini going turn and say
Ragini -I am pregnant Laksh
Ragini comes out and sit in her car and smiles seeing passenger seat their is a basket in which 2 cute white small kitten red ribbon and a cute bell is tied on their neck….
Ragini sitting on the bed hugging her knees then her phone rings
U.c -i want complete details of mm and Gd illegal business and partners
Ragini -what will u do with it
U.C-non of your business
Ragini -if won’t give
U.c-then your hot moments will be on everyone mobile …..and u will be out of Laksh’s life and so on
Ragini -after getting it you will
U.c-destroy all promise
Flashback ends
Ragini put details in pendrive and put in packet place in in bin as said by u.c
Swara is walking in road aimlessly because blood is flowing from her head and pain a car coming from road swara is going to be hit but car stops in time …swara falls unconscious a man comes out from car
Man-swara oh God
A lady comes out
Lady-tittu what happen. ..oh my God …Let’s take her to hospital
Title-panchi ji please help ……swara don’t worry we are taking u to hospital

Recap -swara missing

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