I am married to don (epi-8)

In dp study
All were discussing about something then their view goes towards swara coming to them by seeing her Sanskar become angry
Sanskar -now for what you came here ….or anything remaining. ….let me tell you we don’t have any interest in it
Swara-i am sorry Sanskar and All of you. …sanskar u open my eyes today I only seen negative side …but positive side I never thought of it ..I am sorry mom sorry dad
Bye saying swara goes all became happy Shekhar and dp hugs all notice no effect on sanskar and sumi
Ragini -what happen Sanskar. What are you thinking? Now Swara also understand
Laksh -Yeh aunty she called u mom …she will accept you completely
Sumi -no she didn’t accepted anything
Sanskar -yeah she is telling lie …..I know her
Dp- let’s see

In foreign lab
Sanskar -doctor any clue any thing which lead us to criminal
Doctor -killer’s height would be approx 5 feet
Sanskar -anything else
Doctor -no till that’s it
Sanskar -okay
As Sanskar going doctor stop him
Doctor -sir one more thing from one body we got a small trace of blood of killer we came to know the killer is very aggressive and hyper which is dangerous for nervous system because of it he feels sever head ache for it he is taking xyz medicine …it’s very expensive and without prescription it’s not sale
Sanskar -thank you doctor. .know he is not far from my clutch

In ragini house
Raglak were intimating whole room is filled with Ragini’s moans they are making love as their is no end but something is unusual in the room
Next day in mm
All were having breakfast swara is sitting having breakfast with Ap all were happily having breakfast then ragini phone beeps but she avoid as she see afterwards
All finished their breakfast swara help ap ..Ragini spend time with Laksh. .discuss work with sanskar after she goes to Ap and swara for gossip but in mid she remember about phone which forget in break fast table
She take it see an mms and open it…its her and any other men intimacy. ..by seeing it She panic
Ragini -it’s not truth i will tell it to Laksh
As she going towards Laksh room her phone start ringing it’s from private no…she pick it’s up
U.c-ragini it’s very idea to inform Laksh
Ragini -who are you ?do u know who I am? I will kill u.
U.c-sssshhhhh don’t shout
Ragini -what you want
U.c-thats nice question ….that I will tell you later …. but if you are planning to tell Laksh then it’s bad idea
Ragini -it’s fake it’s mine Laksh you have done something with it
U.C-yeah it’s true but….may Laksh trust you. .but answer u give to dp Ap your parents and when this video will be viral on net
Ragini -you are blackmailing me
U.c-you can say it
Ragini -all trust me….
U.c-babe by seeing your mms with different mens somewhere a single douth will remain for u …then what will happen to your child. …..
Ragini -whatt
U. C- yes you have given blood test na. …in city hospital. …because you are feeling uneasy from many days ….and result comes that you are one month pregnant
Ragini-h..how. ..you know..how i believe
U.c-then yourself go and check
Ragini runningly goes towards entrance but collided with Sanlak
Laksh -what happened Ragini why are you stressed
Sanskar -any problem
Ragini-wo…hospital. …one …month
Sanskar -what are you saying
Ragini run from their Sanlak looks each other. ….Ragini goes to hospital and see her reports it’s true
Ragini become happy and teary eyes then remember about unknown caller she goes to her home

In mm
All were having dinner
Dp-where is Raglak
Ap-Laksh gone out ….Ragini she gone to her house early
Swara-mummy ji papa ji i think we should get them married. ..don’t you think it’s Laksh time to settle down. …Ragini more time spent her when she goes to her house Laksh go with her
Ap-beta why so hurry
Swara -maa…it’s not hurry…
Dp-she is right. …but her parents where in u.k
Swara-what’s the issue in it we can call them here
Sanskar -but why are you this much interested
Swara-because I wanted Laksh to be settled
All-okay madam
Guards bring injured Laksh all panic sanskar calls the doctor doctor does the aid..later
Dp-how it happened who did it
Laksh -don’t know dad some group of goons of 8 .4-5 I have beaten them
Sanskar -i will see them

Next morning
All were in hall doing their work sanskar comes
Ap-sanskar remember they should feel the pain of hell
Sanskar -sure mom
Swara-why mom ji ….why should they feel the pain of hell
Dp-because they beaten my son
Sanskar -whole night my bhai was in pain because of them my parents cried
Swara-so what Sanskar they did it for money …may be for their family
Ap-for money they would do anything. .they don’t have any other way to earn money. ….
Dp-from their family how can they destroy other family
Sanskar-it’s wrong …..yesterday you are saying about Laksh future today what happen
Ap-exactly ….I can’t see my children in pain i have kept them in womb for 9 months
Swara starts clapping
Swara-wao mummy ji wao you have kept your children in you for 9 months. …don’t you think the people who died because of you all someone would have also kept them for 9 months
Swara -and dad for your family you destroyed many family
Swara -sanskar many sisters also would have dreamed something for their brother which you have destroyed
Swara-you all can’t see Laksh in pain and tears in the eyes of family. …u all are responsible for many families tears
Swara-u said right their is many ways to brighten your children future ….. if you all did was not wrong then yesterday that goons did with Laksh is also not wrong
Swara goes

After sometimes
dp gets a call after speaking
Dp -Mr William has cancelled the project
Sanskar -why dad.
Dp-because they didn’t get the quotation till know
Laksh -what but Ragini had personal gone to submit it
Sanskar -call her…..
Laksh calls her but her phone is ringing she is not receiving it
Laksh -something is wrong she is not receiving my call and morning also she was tensed
Sanskar -yes exactly. …Let’s go Laksh
Laksh -k
Dp- any problem call me

In ragini house
Ragini’s point of view
Tears are not stopping from eyes i am happy that I going to become mother and tears because of fear that if that caller said will become true then what happen
At that time Laksh called me I want to receive the call and tell him he is going to be father but I don’t have courage. ..
I feared for my unborn baby ….what if Laksh didn’t accept us…if ap aunty douth on my character …no no ….they love me but
My phone rings again I decided to tell everything to Laksh but its from unknown no.

Recap -sanskar gives punishment to swara……Ragini helplessness turn disaster for maheshwari’s

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