I am married to don (epi-7)

Sanskar point of view
Everything is going perfectly my sister marriage happen with everyone blessing it’s all because of my lady gabber
I still remember when I saw her first time she was playing cricket with raman jiju when she was out she started crying like kid …but that time in my dreams also I didn’t thought she will be kaddus also
Daily I am falling for her…her innocent eyes pure heart…..milky skin god I am going crazy
But suddenly my blood started boiling to see her with other men dancing how dare she……only I have the rights to hold her……I sware if it is not my sister wedding i would have killed them there itself
After the program we returned back to mm All went to their room because of hectic day All were tired
In swasan room

Swara point of view
I enter the room darkness is occupied everywhere suddenly sanskar came in front of me by burning lighter like chudel walk by holding candles in old horror movies
He moved backwards and moves towards table their many candles were placed he bend down and burn the candles by light of candles I saw the room is completely vacant and floor is filled with rose patels and wall is filled with my photos and balloons. …he is looking like Greek god white jeans and white shirt
He takes small steps came forward and forward his hand
Seriously I don’t know my hands automatically place on his hand he push me towards him and music started saas me teri saas meli toh mjhe saas ayi…I was completely lost in his eyes as rythm is playing my legs started move according to it
Sanskar point of view
By holding her in my arms is feeling of peace and harmony to my heart ..she is something which is missing from my life without her i was in complete
I think god is also blessed us in form of wind my room windows are open by air rose patels started flying and rain drops were falling on us
Swara moved forward to close the door but I stop her
Sanskar -jaan all were admiring our love let them also witness our moment
Swara blushed …I pulled her towards me she landed on my chest and I huged her …………….eyelock. .. ..with lot of love ….i cup her face with my paam ….and placed my lips on her…without breaking kiss i make her lie on the floor
Swara point of view
He made me lie on floor and lied on me because of wind atmosphere is so cold and his body working as heater …dont know by i dont want to stop him….his eyes showing lots of love …after 10mints he break kiss we both are breathing heavily
Sanskar -swara i want to feel u..i know i have promised you I won’t touch u with making u fall for me
Sanskar -….shall I
I lower my gaze from him…he take it as my permission he removed my saree from shoulder I closed my eyes I feel something is touching my Face neck and my upper body sensually .
I open my eyes and saw roses in his hand from it he is touching me but I was breathing heavily …..some drops of rain where fallen on my body
Sanskar point of view
I saw tiny drops of wind fallen on her. .I am jealous of them because they can feel her and can touch her …….I couldn’t able to bear their presence on my girl. …….when I started to sock them by mouth
Swara point of view

I maximum tried not to moanbut could’t controll moment I was in his arms he took me to his study room where bed is placed he landed me on bed and he also lied besides me and hugs tightly
Sanskar-jaan sleep it’s quite late
And place a kiss on my for head
Sanskar point of view
I don’t want to take next step in hurry I know she is attracted towards me not love with me I will wait for that day
Next day
When I wake up I heard swara shouting
Sanskar -ahhhhhhhh my ears does she doesn’t have any other Work than shouting and giving lectures ….now to whom she is troubling
I went down where swara is shouting on shemish for their work so on …and they were the reason by which her brother is not with her if they didn’t gangster then jiju was also not become gangster so on but enough everything has limit because I saw tears in their eyes
Sanskar -enough Swaraaaaaaa enough is enough

Sanskar -what you consider yourself as…..do you think they wanted to become gangster no swara they don’t want to. …but they become not for themselves. ….they become for us their children
Dp-swara situation brought us here me and Shekhar always wanted simple life but our bad luck …..
Sanskar -swara for you They did many crime so that you get better future for you…….they destroyed their image to build your future ……
Ap-beta our paths were no simple we have such cruel things to give our better future so that the life we live that you never face
Sanskar -and swara if you lost your brother they lost their son …when they need you most you left them when they need your support you back off more over separate other son too ……you have their support your brother memory your younger brother ….but you ever thought about them
Sanskar -they were all alone. ….if you can see their work is wrong then y didn’t help you to come out of …swara by showing society is dirty .your responsibility not ends you have to clean it
Ragini -saying is easy but doing in actual it’s difficult
By saying it all went back and all goes ..swara is only left ..

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    nice…. There are many ways to give bright future to children…..and this reason is not at all acceptable that they became don bcoz of their children…. dont show that swara got convinced with their words

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