I am married to don (epi-6)

Swara standing holding gun which is aimed towards raman her hands where shivering and bright smile on raman ‘s face and. ……….firing sound
Swara gets up by shouting raman’s name. …by hearing her ..sanskar comes towards her…swara is sweeting badly
Sanskar -swara what happened did you saw any bad dream
Swara-raman ….killed. …I didn’t. ..
Sanskar -swara relax
Swara-he wanted …..too…..
Holds sanskar hands
Swara -i didn’t done
Sanskar -swara calm down i am not understanding any thing. …..
Swara hugs sanskar …sanskar rubs her back
Swara-sanskar please I want to go out for sometimes I will be back promise
Sanskar -swara today is not good to go out ….you can go tomorrow. ..have some sleep …sanskar gets up from bed but swara stops him
Swara-don’t go leaving please don’t go
Sanskar sit besides her Swara hugs him and sleep on his lap …..
Sanskar point of view
I am seeing this side of lady gabber. For first time she is like jiju brave kind but more kaddus then jiju. …..he is my mentor my brother com best friend. …and the psycho killer killed him …when he get in my hands I will show him what is hell
Sanskar point of view end
After sometimes sanskar place swara on bed and goes down and later swara gets up and goes down and help Ap and after finishing it Swara comes to her room watch news of inspector kadam murder suddenly swara heads started paining and falls backwards on bed and next second started laughing
Her expression laughing change to serious and gives dangerous smrikes

Officer kadam was enjoying with a prostitude …after statisfying his lust he came out towards his jeep drive …after he reach a lonely road his jeep tire get puncture…he gets down and open the bownet …he feels someone presence behind he turned all of a sudden metal steel rod hitted on his face as a result he falls down and some of his teeth also broken
Kadam -who are you. ..what you want ….swara …don’s wife
Swara -no your death ….you want to know where they touch that girl ha
Kadam getting up but swara kick his head he falls down…..
Swara -i will show you
She takes out a bag which contains many scorpions swara through it on him
Swara-now they will tell you where they touch that girl
Then swara takes out the steel rod and hit his legs he was shouting in pain make him stand kadam started to fight but swara defeated him with marshial art techniques
swara -now I will tell you how she feel when they touched her …..swara takes his hands and put on the bownet and cut his fingers with butcher knife
Kadam is shouting in pain but road is lonely know one is their to hear his voice and to help him
Swara-from this two eyes you stairs girls and helpless women lustly. .takes out the gun and shoot this eyes
Swara-you want to know that girl feel when that 4 bustards attacked on her
Swara goes towards her car and open back seat door 4 dogs comes out
Swara-they will tell you how that girl feels
Kadam tried maximum to save himself but failed dog attacked him bit him….after that takes out kerosene oil from jeep and burn him alive
Flashback ends

Same is explained how would has killer killed kadam by doctor to Sanlak
Sanskar -i will find him any cost and show him the real heal
As sanskar returning he see many mens were selling girls sanskar gets down from car and small boy run towards him
Boy-bhaiya please save my mummy
And a old man comes
Man-save my daughter her husband is selling her
Sanskar goes forward by seeing all started shivering in fear but some goons attacked him but he over power all rescue all
Sanskar -catch the goons and person who brought them here ….send them to my factory from today onwards they will work as bandhua mazjdur
Sanskar -all girl will start will start new life …….I will help you
All praise him and he goes from their this new comes in t.v swara feel proud of sanskar

Swasan room
Swara -he is not that much bad as I think he is good hearted person ….. whether I should give chance to my marriage
Sanskar -don’t be so hurry take your time. ..swara take this decision in hurry …by my this act u feel to give me a chance if tomorrow you don’t like my another activities u will leave me..so think well

Next morning
Swara point of view started
I fresh up and get ready from my sounds where coming. …I don’t what is happening …..I came down and see uttra sitting as bride then Sanlak came with milian (Rv of matsh )
Laksh is describing how he made plans to run away. Milian is happily hugging Uttra thanking Sanlak
Swara point of view end
Sanskar -know your parents came to know about your marriage. ..
Ragini -priest come here anytime then marry them we go to vaghela house and take blessing
Milian -i also wanted to start my life with blessing not with curse
Swara-really you want to start your life with blessing not with curse then come with me
Ap-where are you taking him
Swara-u all can come with me
Swara takes him to vaghela house where his family is sitting sadly and ishani who is bride sitting cryingly
Sanskar -why you brought us here
Swara-trust me
Swara takes him inside by seeing milian all started to shout so Laksh tell everything their argument starts but swara takes milian towards ishani
Swara-ask apology to her in all this mess of your family and your lovestory what is her fault…..How can you be happy and start new life which is built on someone near and broken dream
Swara-she has came her to become your bride for which she has dreamed for many days …thought about shinning future with by your this act all her dreams where shattered. …u and Uttra are her culprit u both made fun of her emotions ask apology by holding her feet
Ishani blessed them and accept their apologies and sanskar convinced milian parents for Uttra ………by seeing all Milan brother ranveer ready to marry ishani both marriage happen in same mandap all praise the couple

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