I am married to don (epi-5)


Swara comes by placing sanskar on gun point all panic seeing them them
Dp-swara what are you doing? He is your husband
Ap-please beta leave him
Ragini -it’s not a toy ….he will get injured
Sanskar -mom dad she is not in here sense she has drink 3 bottles of brandy
Shemish has came to mm to take swasan for completing after marriage rituals
Laksh -bhai we will snatch the gun
Ragini -if she shoot then

Sanskar -we will put some thing on her eyes then
Shekhar -don’t try to. ..beta may be my daughter is not so strong physically but she is gold medallist in shooting by hearing sound she can aim the target
Dp -till her hangover ends we have to adjust
Swara-ssshhhh how much you all speak. …I am hungry
Sanskar -come food is ready
Ap-ha beta let’s eat
All went near dining table and going to sit
Swara-for the change all will sit together
Laksh -then who will serve
Swara came towards Laksh give him tight punch
Swara-don’t you have hands to serve dish on Ragini plate and she will serve you same dp Ap ji will do

Uttra -then what about me bhabhi
Swara comes towards Uttra kiss on her for head
Swara-all will serve you first and in last you serve sweets to all
Swara-sanskar when one sacrifice complete all responsibility care for other needs and do every thing as a duty of wife or dil then it’s called service but when both do this together for each other then it’s called love
Swara is unable to eat by her hands so she put sanskar on gun point again he feed her all were happy to eat together and serve each other ….
Swara-all men will cook food for lunch and clean he house…….and women will clean car
All are doing the work with so much difficulties all created a mess mens destroyed many things same as women but all enjoyed spend tym together after that swara takes sanskar to room

and close the door again push sanskar on bed.. and remove his shirt
Sanskar -no swara not again your bites are paining me not again…….
He fills relax and see Swara giving wet kisses on his bitten marks and kiss his eyes ……sanskar is also loosing control on him but before they continue further swara’s head started paining again she gets up from him run towards washroom. ….after sometimes sanskar comes towards washroom and see Swara fainted he picks her and place her on bed and thinks it’s may be hangover. ….so he switch off the lite and goes out inform to all
Next day
Swara gets up her head is paining. .
Sanskar -so you get up by taking my dignity
Sanskar -yesterday u rape me in front of all
Swara-what why I will
Sanskar -because of alcohol
Sanskar -yes u broken every thing in hall …..don’t believe me….he remove his shirt and show the bits
Swara-do I really did it
Sanskar -ask everyone
Swara comes down all are seeing her …swara see hall items were broken. ..sowarawarawara brought Uttra to a corner

Swara -Uttra do I forced sanskar in front of all
Uttra thinks she asking about swara made sanskar to feed her forcefully
Uttra-yes bhabhi on gun point we all were shocked
Swara run away
In swasan room
Swara-know who I will see on their face. .swara what you did….what if he charge a case against me on molest he have witness to. ..oh God is will be imprisoned
Sanskar study
Laksh comes running sanskar and dp were discussing
Laksh -don’t you know inspector kadam has been killed brutally
Dp-sanskar told me and police have douth this murder is also done by that phsyco killer
Sanskar -he is more cruel and dangerous creature
Dp-dont even leave single clue…
Laksh -bhai i have an important information the killer used bullet second time
Dp-no Laksh it’s first time
Laksh -no bhai it’s same gun and bullet which is shooted on raman jiji
Both -what
Sanskar -it means jiju’s killer and this Physio killer is one……his end is near
Swasan room
Sanskar is angrily boxing on balcony Swara see it
Swara-what happen you are so angry
Sanskar -i will find out the person who killed raman jiju. …..and kill him like death also shake by seeing him
Swara without saying anything goes Inside and lies on the bed and imagining raman…then close the eyes where she see herself holding gun towards raman and he is sitting on his knee he is injured

Recap -swara punishing herself ……… .sanskar jealousy. ..attack on Laksh

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