I am married to don (epi-4)


Swara’s point of view
What the hell why I am falling week in front of him i have to face him with courage I dried my saare after lot of struggle to wore this saare again finally I succeeded
After that I went down where a man is killed because he has done something wrong with a girl and her father happily goes

Swara point of view end
Ragini -look swara may be we are gangsters but people prefer us for justice
Laksh -bhabhi people consider us truthful. ….because of us people have a faith they will get justice
Swara-yeah you are right you all were the reason by which crime rate increases drastically …..you All the reason law is became weak u are teaching coming generation if you don’t get the justice easily then take the weapons and kill
Ragini -our freedom fighters you call them also gangster
Swara-don’t compare yourself with them………they didn’t fought for themselves they fight with British for all the Indians for one reason that’s freedom ……..
Laksh -u ever heard news then you have heard about corruption of political leaders. ….uses less police and other authorities they where doing anything if they get money from below the table it’s all became mess

Swara-what they are doing you all are doing the same but the change is that they are doing corruption below the table you are doing above the table. …and if these systems are become mess then get in power and clean his mess
Ragini -it will be like jumping in ocean and searching the coin
Swara-then shout your blo*dy mouth all of you ….if you don’t have the gutts to do so then you all don’t have the rights to abuse the system because a strong system is built by the people with the people and for the people
Sanskar comes hearing swara

Sanskar -but reality is that know people needs us
Swara -no Sanskar people never needed any don sanskar or gangster Laksh they needed leader like dr rajender prasad officers like Bhagat singh…..sorry aunty which I am going to say……your daughter ishita was a good hearted doctor but wife of a gangster after her death what people said it’s an end of a gangsters wife it’s her fate
Laksh -how could u bhabhi talk like this di is not your sibling but raman jiju is your own bhai
Sanskar -to whom you are saying she doesn’t have any feeling for her own parents
Swara -truth is bitter. ….when u go out with security people bow their head down because of fear not respect …..
Ragini -you know what. ….that girl whose father just know gone first he had gone to police station their inspector kadam asked vulgar questions to that girl
Laksh -we makes arms and weapons by which many culprits and gangster where died
Swara-it’s all because of your kind of people they know they had support of your kind of criminal. …..Laksh may 50 culprit and gangster dies from it but because of that weapon many died many are suffering because gangster like you consider themselves as god
Swara goes …….shemish is standing at the door ….ap welcome them
Sanskar -aunty don’t mind by asking which variety of karela u eaten at your pragence time
Swasan room
Swara enter into room and her head started paining again like hell….swara wash her face and eat a sleeping pills and sleep on bed…… sanskar comes and see Swara sleeping. …sanskar smiles
Sanskar -kadua karela. …but mine
He also sleep beside her
In mid night
Swara gets up holding her head as tons of wait is kept on her head….swara tries to divert her mind she see sanskar sleeping like baby. ..swara gets up and drink alcohol by mistake. ..because of darkness
After sometimes sanskar weight on his body and pain on his chest…sanskar opens his eyes and see Swara lying on him and bitting
Sanskar -ahhhhhhhh Swara nagin soul enter your body
Swara-no I am making love with you
Sanskar -shocks what are you. ….
Before saying further he smell alcohol from her mouth
Sanskar -did you drunk alcohol
Swara-cold drink
Sanskar managed to switch on the light
Sanskar -swara get up u are out of sense know
Swara-shut up …let me focus….but before rape heroine dance na
Sanskar -yeah go and dance
Swara gives tight slap to sanskar. ..sanskar holds his cheeks
Swara-go and dance on dinchak song
Sanskar-no way
Swara gets up and goes towards cupboard board take one more bottle and sanskar gun….shout bullet towards sanskar but he smartly saved himself no one came to know because gun having silencer …sanskar scared so he started dancing
Swara-good dance on…
While instructing sanskar Swara drink alcohol. …swara gets up and pull sanskar towards her and remove his shirt and push him on bed …..
Swara bits on his chest as biten mark left their sanskar is speechless trying. To understand what is happening with him…after sometimes swara tired
Swara-did you become pregnant with this or I have to work more on your
Sanskar-noooooooooooooo I can’t bear more bites
Sun rise
Swara-then how will you give me my child …..you have to bear pain for our child
Sanskar -by biting on my chest how we get baby ….madam it’s not me it’s you who will give birth to baby
Swara started biting on his neck. …all are waiting for swasan for morning prayer. ..Uttra knock on the door and told to come all are waiting
Swara gets up
Swara -sanskar wear ur shirt after pooja I will make u mine okay
Sanskar gets up and Wear shirt while swara take one more bottle and gun

Recap -trouble to entire mm by swara……Inspector kadam has been murdered cruelly by someone which shock Sanlak

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