I am married to don (epi-3)


Third person point of view
Ragini and Uttra goes back to mm with haldi by seeing haldi every one asked many questions so final they both tell everything …..which made sanskar angry like volcano
In Gd

Swara’s point of view
I came back from airport after sending my little brother Ayush. …he was crying because he never gone anywhere with out me he considers me as his parents. .it’s all because of dad’s deed towards his mom……whatever he is out of these mess I am happy for it
I was lying on the bed hugging my pillow I heard tire screaming voice but I don’t have any interest in seeing it …..after few minutes I heard my name someone is roaring. ….I step out of my bed and came out of my room ….my heart is giving warning that something is going to happen wrong ….I saw sanskar standing in hall
He is seeing me as he will eat me alive. ….
Sanskar point of view

I saw her coming down. …I came towards her for the last time I asked her
Sanskar -marry me happily or my way won’t be good
Swara-i won’t marry criminal like you
That’s it for me I lost all my coolness I pulled her hairs and twisted her hand I really become animal in anger
Sanskar -then why you ready to marriage
Swara-i never said yes

Sanskar-u said when u are at my house ……Laksh bring it…….swara is doing many attempt to free herself
My brother brought mandap and priest and did the arrangements my family and shemish also participated happily. …..I did all rituals forcefully while doing so her eyes where only stairing at her parents. ..priest announce us as husband and wife
One thing I came to know by this step she will not accept me and hatred towards her parents is increased but they have the reason for supporting me is swara safety….
Swara-mr gadodiya are you happy. ……I don’t have the trust that you will do your fatherhood responsibility. ..but I have faith you will protect me as a man off this house unfortunately I am your family member

She removed her bangles and throw it on his face
Swara-it’s suits you more being a man u were standing like statue when a rowdy..is pulling your daughter hair and forcing her
Sumi-swaraaaaaaaaaaaaa he is ur dad
Swara-by shouting my name reality won’t change. ….he is a man without spine because if he had then janaki aunty and you didn’t suffered my brother would have alive he was killed because of your husband wrong activities
I dragged her from their if she stand their for more she would kill them by her words….
In mm
We reached home mom is standing on door step with kalash and arti…I forcefully made her do all rituals. ..because I know if I didn’t do that she will spoil every one mood definitely …so I brought her to my room. …
Swara-let me go
Sanskar -where you want to go by leaving you’re husband
Swara-no you are not my husband. .I don’t consider you as my husband
Sanskar -i don’t care what you think. ..the fact is that know you are swara Sanskar maheshwari. .with out my permission u won’t step out of this house got it
Swara-i am not your slave .
Sanskar -you yourself made situation like this …I also don’t want to do this but you forced me to do so. …
Swara-no I won’t stay here
She moved towards the door i holds her and pins her to door from shoulder
Sanskar -don’t wake the animal inside me …I sware u don’t want to face it. In your life…..don’t dare to run away or do anything stupid
Swara cries vigorously…..oh God is can’t see her like this I am feeling weak…I through her on bed went out by locking her inside I heard her crying but I am helpless know
Laksh comes towards me
Laksh -bhai plzzz don’t be so cruel she is innocent girl
Sanskar -innocent and she ….she is like lady don or lady gabber
Laksh -in all this i am confused about one thing
Sanskar -what’s that
Laksh -how swara bhabhi came to know that raman jiju and ishu di has been murdered. …we clear showed to all that they has died in accident
Sanskar -yes you are right we have killed ishita di murder but still raman jiju killer is missing we hide that from gadodiya’s even in our family they don’t know
Laksh -that’s i am thinking
Sanskar -let’s ask her
Laksh -are you dumbo. ..do u think she will tell you
Sanskar -okay

Next day
Swara point of view
I slowly open my eyes it’s paining because of swelling. Get down from bed..the room is big purple paint on Wall and pictures of that gangster and our engagement pictures where lying on the floor which I broken yesterday night the room is totally messed up
I heard the door opening sound I turned and saw sanskar coming out from bathroom
Sanskar -you wake up so first clean the mess you created then take bath come down and help mom
Swara-what why will I do
Sanskar -because you have done it….and you are not guest here so that we will do hospitality to u
By saying he goes towards door and turn
Sanskar -you have only 30 mints after 30 mints things change
I don’t want to argue so I started cleaning the room then I went inside the bathroom before starting the shower I remember I don’t have the dress …..so I came out and saw a beautiful saare on bed
I take it and goes to take bath only fifteen minutes remaining I bath very fast and came out say saare it’s so pretty then reality hints my mind that I don’t know to wear saare hell only 5 mints more so I rap it somehow I wore it but it is very difficult to walk with lot of difficulty in came out or u can say by jumping in came out my bad luck stairs I fell .
All came towards me and saw my saare Ragini help me to get up
Ap-beta you don’t know to wear saare
Swara -no

Ap-come I will show you
She helped me to wear saare and I help in kitchen work on dining table Ap aunty said me to sit and have fodder but that dragon sanskar started Barking
Sanskar -why mom she is your daughter -in-law you sit she will serve you ……know it’s your time to retire from kitchen and enjoy. …it’s your time to give instructions
Ap-she is not our servant Sanskar she also has her life and dreams too
Sanskar -when I said she is our servant a woman has to maintain a proper balance between her responsibility and her own work …and see as you fulfilled every responsibility of wife mother and daughter in law and also fulfil your dreams also ..
I understood my life will not be so easy here …I completed my work served every one and did ever work of kitchen …I am feeling something my head started paining like hell without wasting time I run towards sanskar room and get inside the washroom and open shower and sit under it
In sanskar study
Sanskar came to know the person who killed raman doesn’t have any criminal background
For taking a file sanskar goes to his room and see Swara standing wearing his clothes
Sanskar point of view
I didn’t liked my clothes this much before a naughty idea cracked in my mind I closed the door by the sound of the door she get alert and moves backwards
Sanskar -if you want feel my presence on you body you could have told me
Swara-no my clothes were wet and I don’t have any to change
Sanskar -you have to pay panelty
Swara-what panelty you want
Sanskar -i want a puppy
Swara-no I won’t give you

Sanskar -then give my clothes
Swara-once my clothes dry I will give you
Sanskar -i want it know
Sanskar -give me one puppy or I will take my clothes back …okay I will take them
Swara -okay I am giving. ..close your eyes
I did it intentionally can feel her presence near me she is hesitating but finally she gives me kiss on my cheeks and went away i open my eyes
Swara-now happy
Sanskar -i think your intention are something wrong listen I am married man okay don’t put ur bad eyes on me …
Swara-what’s the
Sanskar -yeah may be she is angry now but she is lady gabber
Swara-do I look gabber to you…and you only asked puppy
Sanskar -you accepts that you are my wife and I ask puppy to whom your dog given birth …..not kiss

Recap -in dark room-a person standing in front of mirror says i am suffering from multiple personality disorder my company will destroy you

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