I am married to don (epi-18)

Recap -sanskar meet with omkar Malik and enjoy. …
In sanskar room
He is thinking about today’s moment. ..he hear knock on his door…he opens the door and see Ragini
Sanskar -you this time. .what happen. .come in
Ragini -bhai i thinking something. ..the thing is disturbing my mind
Sanskar -what happened Ragini
Ragini -bhai that mom photo is distruting me
Sanskar -what you want to say
Ragini -look bhai i am not doubting mom but …think bhai that photo is secretly hidden by swara when she was fine…without any reason why will she do that and more over yrs before when she was telling about dad ji she was not able to complete her statement …
Sanskar -yeah but
Ragini -through my source I find out her twin was very aggressive and hates mom and she wanted to make relationship with ishita di dad but her parents where against and they sent hrs to asylum but she run away and killed her parents then she married one Mr omkar Malik. ..he came to know about her mental condition is not good so he divorced her she had a son adarsh maheshwari she disappeared on the same date when raman bhai and di is murdered
Sanskar -Ragini don’t worry I will find out ..u go and sleep ….
Sanskar -does it’s a coincidence or swara intentionally showing me …..ehhh but how it’s possible. .
Voice -what is possible
Sanskar -swara …his jaw touch the floor to see her in short dress
Swara-sanskar if u forget let me remind you said we are going out and I waited for more than 4 hrs for you
Sanskar-i am sorry …give me 5 minutes

After freshen up Sanskar comes wearing pink shirt white Pant swara see him and wisile on him
Swara-hey handsome you are looking stunning. ..no like my would be. ..oldie …if you don’t mind can u join me for today
Sanskar -what no madam I am one woman man
Swara-by seeing you the person who is loyal also become cheater …..
Sanskar -mam I think your intention are not good. ..
Swara-u said it correct your chocolate eyes your abs making me crazy
Sanskar -actually uncle are correct let’s have fun
Swara angrily pin her to wall
Swara-you are only mine not any other girl if I see you with anyone else I will break your legs ..

As swara is moving sanskar holder for her waist
Sanskar -this possession. ..akhir hum apke hai kon
Swara-zindagi. …my life…for u i can give my life and can take life
Sanskar -but I am in love with someone else. …..
Swara-oh in that case …I should call my bf and I am free
Before she could continue sanskar pull her towards him and angrily smashed his rough lips on her soft lips he was showing his anger on her lips ….swara is standing in shock. ..sanskar bit her lips swara moans in pain. ..sanskar then smooch to light her pain and break the kiss. Both are heavily breathing
Sanskar -swara don’t dare go away leaving. ..I can’t even imagine u with anyone. ..I will die without u …tears are flowing from his eyes
Swara-sorry sanskar i don’t want to hurt u
Swara kiss on his eyes his cheeks and finally his lips this kiss is light but full of love …after 5 mints swara break the kiss. ..swara turn her face to wall…sanskar back hugs her and moves her hairs to other side and gives wet kisses and love bites his travels to the zip of her dress he opens it…he slightly pull her dress little down from her shoulder he gives many wet kisses on her bare back …swara is moaning in pleasure
Sanskar turn swara she closed her eyes and breathing heavily. …
Sanskar -swara
Swara opens her eyes
Sanskar -i love u ….
Swara -i love u too

Swara feels his gaze on her lips …swara close her eyes Sanskar takes it as permission he capture her lips ….sanskar holds her up ..swara cross her legs Arround his waist …his hands he is moving on her back shamelessly and the hook of her bra ….with out breaking the kiss he carried her to bed and make her lie on the bed. ……some flashes comes to swara’s mind …..swara break the kiss. ..
Swara-angrily I have told you early also don’t u dare to touch my clothes. …and faints
Sanskar -swara open your eyes. .swara
Sanskar call the door and make swara presentable ….Doctor comes and check Swara. .ap raglak also presented
Dr-tension is clearly visible in his face. …sanskar tomorrow bring her to hospital. ..nothing to worry she is fine
Sanskar sense something is wrong
Sanskar -Ragini u stay with swara ….I will drop doctor and come

Sanskar -you are hiding something I can easily sense it
Doctor -actually Mr maheshwari. ..it’s not possible to swara she can gain her memory back …during operation her tubor infected area doctor must have removed and blocked that part of brain ..so that in future infection doesn’t transfer to whole brain
Doctor -in short after operation she is like new born child with blank brain …everything she learned again ….who it’s possible to get flash. ..if it’s happened means something happened in operation time or some one is playing with her medicine plz bring her tomorrow (i simply right I don’t now about science )
Sanskar -already i am less confused that doctor also confused me

In Gd
In swara room
A man is mixing some tablets in milk …man turn to Shekhar
Shekhar -sry beta I am sorry but …I don’t want u gain your memory back …..if it happens….everything will be mess up again………….it’s good that your memory didn’t come back
Shekhar call someone
Shekhar -jaan I am coming ….we will have fun ..
Shekhar -hey baby don’t wake the devil….u can’t able to handle me then
Shekhar -is that so…then get ready. ..i am dying to enter in u .bye
In mm
Mid night
Ap is coming to her room as she enter some one back hugs her. ….
Ap-shekhar. ..you made afraid
Shekhar -awww I like your face when you afraid
Ap-really but I like u when u are in me ..
Shekhar -annu priya. ….Darling let’s have fun
They intimate with each other
Ap-shekhar what have you think about our child
Shekhar -what I have to think
Ap-but. ..Shekhar uncle know na….he is not settled
Shekhar -anu adarsh is my child does he have any problem. ..what he wants he will get ….know don’t disturb me

Recap -Parineeta try to impress Laksh. …..swara jealous. …

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