I am married to don (epi-17)

Laksh -bhai why mom didn’t said anything about her twin sister
Sanskar -Laksh may be mom does want to share it …..mom never talk about her parents
Laksh -yeah you are right …and once mom told they have died in accident
Ragini -Laksh sanskar bhai don’t take me wrong I think their is something which swara knows which she tell us she got brain stroke
Sanskar -what you want to say
Laksh -yeah what’s matter if mom has sister the fact is that she had died
Ragini -than why swara collected mom’s past information. …and more over she has hide this pd in antique. …..their must be some reason behind it
Their talk where heard by Ap
Ap-this swara …directly or indirectly comes in my way first I have to see what was in that file ….but this password ….

In secret room
That person is lying on floor tied with steel chain ……. ap holds the person hairs
Ap-annapurna so sad to see you like this. .I also want to free u from this life but I need u ..why are you quite
Ap-oh how I can forget …with my personal hands I have placed burning coal in your mouth
Ap-U now to reach here i have passed many hurdle. …..It’s you because of u i became like this …that vishwanath I loved but he loved you ..I accept it ….u know dad he always does partiality ..when I told him u want your place he called me mad ….I want touch your husband …mom slapped me so I killed her …and dad send me to mental asailum I acted to be normal dad married me to ram but he is useless not successful like dp so I killed ram and dad to because of him that stupid came to my life. …once dil came to my path I removed her but from where this pd comes but don’t worry Ap I will see it
Swasan goes to jeevan house
Sanskar -jeevan hmm I will make u maran……
Swara-yrr where is he ……sanskar i am looking well na ..I think I should do little make up more
Sanskar -thinks. .I will do his make up
Swara -sanskar are you listening ….
Sanskar -yeah
Swara-look he came
View transferred to the door from their a old man whose age above 80 comes holding bouques of pink roses ….and theirs is a big smile on his face …..
Old man -beautiful flowers for the beautiful lady
Swara-thanx darling
Sanskar seeing them with open mouth. ..
Old man -sweetie who is this with you
Swara-my would be
Old man -but he is boring
Sanskar -grand paa

Old man -he is blind too…by seeing a handsome man like me …he is calling me gp
Swara-darling don’t spoil your mood come …
Trio went many places then went to a village
Old man -this place where I was born and brought up. ..this the place where I got my wife. ..you know swara your grand mother is same like you …..here your dad was born. ..
Swara-come let’s see them
Old man -swara after going from here i never look back here
Sanskar was looking them in confusion. ..old man goes forward
Swara-i know u are confused. ..he is omkar Malik
Sanskar -what the omkar Malik he was the king of Asian market
Swara-yeah you said correct he was…when he is that king he had everything .. relationship respect love friends and children. ..but when he becomes old …he only become the scrap item. …..who is the barrier to his family. …for getting rid of him they send him to old age house.one day I saw him caring for his grandfather daughter so I became his Gd

Sanskar having proud for his shona …..trio spend good time later they goes back to drop omkar ji..swara is sitting in car
Omkar-you sanskar maheshwari never dare to show your anger on Swara. ..I will cut u into pieces if tears comes in her eyes
Sanskar -fearfully. .no sir not at all
Omkar-god has blessed you by giving girl like her ….she has many things for me and many oldies like …she didn’t have any relationship with us
Sanskar -uncle

Omkar-i know she is not my real grand daughter. …..sanskar even though tomorrow I live this then please tell her no to stop coming jeevan house because many are there who really need someone. ….
By blessing he goes in
Sanskar drop outside the Gd mansion
Swara -thank you
Sanskar -no swara i have to thank you for the wonderful day …today i got to know if we give our one day of life to others smile it give harmony to heart
Swara -sanskar u become so emotional
Sanskar -tomorrow can you give your day to me plz
Swara-yeah ….

Next day In central jail
A person comes to the jail and gives paper to jail
Jailor-are u sure u want that creep sahil
Person-you have his realise order
Constable bring sahil ..by seeing that person sahil shocks
Sahil-you here
Person -come
They reach to an isolated area
Sahil-what you realised me …
Person -i want your help…and tell something mute
Sahil-why u think I will help u
Person -because I have seen it in your eyes for Ragini
Sahil-if I back stamp you or deal with your enemies
Person takes out the gun and shoot on his shoulder
Sahil-angrily you mad I was just asking
Person -i have shown you a trailer. ..if you think to do anything then I will free your soul from your body …here is your advance 10 crore
Sahil tears the cheque
Sahil-this work is free

Recap-swasan date………Parineeta trapping Laksh for baby ……sahil entry in Ragini life

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