I am married to don (epi-16)

Sanskar took swara near lake their they spend good time by playing water when they tired they lay down and staring the sky
Swara -do you believe in destiny
Sanskar -yeah …thinks it’s my destiny that it give you back to me
Swara-what are you thinking Sanskar. ..can I ask you something
Sanskar -yeah sure …
Swara-..what are your expectations from this marriage
Sanskar -love honest and support rest thing we will make beautiful together
Swara-and what’s your. ….my expectations is full filled now I don’t want anything
Sanskar -what you mean
Swara-i mean I got u now I don’t need anything. ….
Sanskar -thinking don’t know what hyper swara sometimes with your talk I feel u remember your love
Swara-where you lost
Sanskar -in your love
Swara-in one day u fallen for me
Sanskar -swara for falling for some one doesn’t need years sometimes love happen in seconds
Swara-correct. ….actually I wanna confess a guy have crush on someone and tomorrow he has called for a movie. .if you are free you can join us
Sanskar -do you like him
Swara-yeah but not in that sense. ….i like his cute antiques
Sanskar -thinks from tomorrow on wards he will be shown in antique only
Swara-hey cute smile
Sanskar -thinks I will break his tooth
Swara-and the way he surprise me
Sanskar -thinks I change his history and geography
Swara-are you free
Sanskar -no yes i am free ….I will pick u
Swara-no I will pick up
Sanskar -my pleasure…tomorrow my house
Both spend some more time after that sanskar drop swara back

In mm
Sanskar -Laksh in want to consult u something
Laksh -what bhai
Sanskar-i decided that 100 crore which di transferred to my account I want to invest in ngo for needy one’s. ..children’s who doesn’t have education health and shelter same as old age people
Laksh -bhai i didn’t expect this from u …what about my share in good deeds …bhai from remaining 100 crore we start school college hospital in villages
Sanskar -i am proud of you
There talks where heard by Ap
Ap-blo*dy lossers don’t know to use the money …..but don’t worry my so called sons after your death i will manage that money

Next morning
Ragini wearing a beautiful pink saree she looking gorgeous doing arti and singing bhajan ….ap bless her and Sanlak took arti
Voice -hello everyone …namaste aunty
Ap-swara beta come
Ragini -ohho dewarani ji ….is in hurry to come to her in law house
Swara-blush …..bhabhi
Ap-come sit how are you …
Swara -i am fine aunty. ..you say how are you
Ap-perfectly fine…..sanskar my would be bahu has came for first time so show your room to her
Ragini -and mean while bring something
Sanskar -come Swara
Swasan goes to sanskar room where every thing is same … swara anxiously see everything. ….
Sanskar -u like it
Swara-i luv it
By saying she peeks his cheeks …then realise what she did …then only avoid the situation turn to go but sanskar holds her hand and pull her towards him swara falls on his chest. ..swara close her eyes
Sanskar -what happened swara why you are closing your eyes
Swara-san..sanskar let me go
Sanskar -first answer my question why ….
By saying he kiss her neck swara feel something special automatically she holds his collar
Sanskar -why your cheeks turn red .while rubbing his nose tip on her neck
Swara-plz …nervously
Sanskar -swara why you kissed me …and cares her cheeks
Swara-in excitement. ..I didnt thought
Sanskar -my brother always say we show give return gift
Swara legs are becoming week sanskar holds her from falling sanskar gives kiss on her eyes swara blush…..sanskar comes close to swara’s ear …
Sanskar -don’t blush like this ..otherwise don’t blame me
Swara free herself from his grip and comes towards a table but loss balance before Sanskar holds her she falls and an antique which is on table falls on break
Sanskar -teary eye …swara are you fine…you come here and sit in will clean it
Swara-i will help you ..to collect and throw it
Sanskar -no its very special for me..
Swara-someone special given u
Sanskar -very special. ..u go and sit
Sanskar remember swara has gifted it when they decided to give their a chance …while collecting he get a pendrive from it ….sanskar make excuse and go to study and call raglak their and inform about the pendrive. ..they connect it to lappy
Laksh -it’s have a photo and a file …
Ragini -open the file
Laksh -it’s asking password
Sanskar -open the photo
Photo open it contains the image of two girls one is modern other is traditional their face are same it’s ap photo…below photo is written the girl in traditional dress is Ap and other is her twin sister annupriya ..
Sanskar-what’s this …
Laksh -and mom never said about her sister and what should be in file

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