I am married to don (epi-15)

Sry friends for delay guys ….I met with small accident and my hand got fractured. .hope you guys didn’t forget me
In this 4 yrs everything would have changed but one person has didn’t lost hope that is sanskar. ….because of his will power he find Laksh did raglak marriage brought his mother out of troma. ….and heal find about gadodiya’s where about
Ap does sanskar arti
Ap-beta you are going to bring my dil and I want to. ..but don’t bring her without her parents agree. ..
Sanskar -i will convince them

Ragini -all the best bhai
Laksh -all the best brother -in-law
SanRag and Ap-b-i-l
Laksh -what happen mother -in-law
Ap- sanskar what happen to him ..does he lost his mental capacity
Ragini -yesterday night he was alright
Laksh -I am fine…
Ap-then why you calling me mil and sanskar bil
Laksh -when Ragini is your daughter and his sister so automatically I became your damad and his jija ji
Ap and sanskar looks at each other and run behind Laksh to beat him by seeing them Ragini cries in happiness by seeing her they stops
Ap-what Ragini don’t cry we will not beat him

Ragini -maa he is your son you can do anything. ..It’s tears of happiness
Sanskar wipes it
Sanskar -what ever it may be but I don’t like it
Ap-sanskar you are going to Canada so why can’t raglak you both go to Switzerland for honeymoon
Ragini -maa ..you are alone here

Laksh -and what we do their alone…we will get bore
Sanskar -duffers in honeymoon you both are planning to whole town
Ap -how boring they are…sanskar you book my ticket to goa…….while returning from goa I will bring new dad for you
Three of them -???shocks
Ap-now all of you go i am not kid

And ap goes to her room
Ap is seeing her family photo ..
Sanskar -mom missing dad
Ap-what ever he did but I can’t able to hate him Sanskar. ..sanskar why he did suicide. ..I was ready to forgive him
Sanskar -mom …I am sorry somewhere in am responsible
Ap-no beta go and bring my daughter back
Sanskar nodes and go …ap weepingly holds dp photo
Ap-i miss you. .dp ji why you left me ….and wipes her tears. …I have become good actress na ….through Dp’s photo
Ap-oh god …it’s really difficult to me to act as I am in trauma. ..by killing my husband from my own hands

In canada.
Gm house
Their is verbal fight going between Shekhar and sanskar while going
Sanskar -uncle if you have lost son we have lost our daughter. u have lost your grandchildren we also lost them. Uncle we have lost more than you. .aunty u lost your son but still your have your husband to support but my mom was left alone she lost her husband her grandchildren her daughter
Sumi-dp ji
Sanskar -yes he committed suicide and Ragini had miscarriage ….uncle when we need you the most your not their

Next day
In sanskar hotel
Sanskar is talking to someone when his door bell rings…he opens the door
Shekhar is standing with tears and folding hands by seeing sanskar her bends to touch his feet but sanskar stops him and bring him in and gives glass of water
Sanskar -what happened uncle any problem
Shekhar -i am sorry please forgive me. I only seen my pain but didn’t thought about you guys. . When you needed our support. .we are not their for u
Sanskar -uncle i am not angry with u. And we don’t have any negative thoughts about u. .what u did it’s only for your daughter security if I was at your place in also did same
Shekhar -still I am sorry
Sumi-dont wry sanskar He is like old tape recorder which stucks in a line
Sanskar -aunty
Sumi-what aunty….he is definitely looks like uncle but from which angle I look aunty..call me simi
Shekhar-simi ..misthi really
Sanskar – simi aunty
Sumi-dont be boring like this old man

Shekhar -old man then u are old lady flirting with your son in law
Sumi-i for her has no problem then what your problem …gorilla
Sanskar -cool down both of you simi and uncle
Shekhar-let’s go to hospital …Doctor said tomorrow she may gain conscious
Sanskar-i am dying to meet her
Sumi-sanskar as you said can we start from new way …..from starting ap come with your alliance. ..your meeting with swara. ..your love story before marriage then with all ritual marriage

Sanskar -i also wanted same
Shekhar -you meet her …then after a week we are coming to India
Sanskar -i will wait for it uncle

2 weeks later
Now Swara is perfectly alright…….Gm and mm where settled in kolkatta and today sanskar is sitting nervous in Gm all were teasing sanskar then swara comes with tray of tea …..swara greets every one. .elders send them to terrace to talk
Sanskar is hell nervous
Sanskar -hello. ..I. .am sanskar maheshwari..
Swara-swara gadodiya
Sanskar -tell me something
Sanskar -okay fine….see we are going to share our life so we need to know each other
Swara-hmmm so…what we will do
Sanskar -spend some time with each other

Sanskar -so give me your no.
Swara-no mom will scold me
Sanskar -okay I will take it from your mom you be ready at 6 pm

In mm
As where happy because they where unaware of the coming storm in their life..a person covering with blanket comes to storeroom open a cupboard their is secret door…that person enter and close it and remove the blanket the person is Ap
Ap having a plate of food she pass it someone
Ap-so sad sometimes I feel pity on you …the person who would have save you I have killed him and who know about u she has lost her memory

Ap shows a pen
Ap-what’s it …it’s having high power electric shock …for years before swara was going to reveal my secret so I pinned this pen ..as a result she got shock and her brain bhuum ……this sanskar i have to do Something is always flop my plan everything was going well…I have given drugs to Ragini so that miscarriage happen and I have planned accident for Laksh but in nick of tym sanskar saved him
Ap-firstly I have to handle sanskar

In Gm
Swara wearing blue dress
Swara-how am I looking
Ayush-like princess
Swara-thanx Ayush
Sumi-swara sanskar have came you go
Swara comes out Sanskar holding red roses
Sanskar -beautiful flowers for the beautiful lady
Swara-thanx but sanskar you know I like pink roses
Sanskar -sorry I forget …I fill bring next tym know plzzz accept it

Swara-sure ..with love
Sanskar opens door for her and make her sit he also sit and drive
Sanskar takes her out of city ..to the port at its back their beautiful garden and beautiful lake ….moon has increased its beauty
Swara-wao it’s beautiful. ..
Sanskar -one mint
Sanskar bring a bottle in (sry I forget it’s name which lite in night ) and open it and that insects fly by providing lite
Swara-wao yrr it’s ausome

Recap-swasan date continues ….attack on sanskar……

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