I am married to don (epi-14)

Laksh came forward and beat sahil very much ….sanskar also came forward and holds sahil hands
Sanskar -from this hand you touch my SISTER
He broke his left hand and hold his right hand sahil is shouting in pain and Ragini is also having tears in her eyes to see her brother in such condition
Sanskar-by this hand you inserted drugs in my girl
And break it also..Ragini comes forward and stand before Sahil and folds her hand
Ragini -bhai i know he has committed a sin which is unforgiven crime but still he is my brother I can’t see him like this ….send him jail but don’t kill him
Sahil see Ragini in shock ……Laksh is not ready to listen …he becomes angry on Ragini too
Swara -stop it Laksh …..how much bad he must be but he is her brother the blood which is travelling in their body is same because they are the children of one parents they both are grown up together. passed from different faces of life together …..
Swara-and Laksh you are going to be father ..don’t spoil your bright future by killing him….sanskar what happen is happen nobody can correct it…….

Swara comes towards dp who is complete shock
Swara-sahil get his punishment .you will get your punishment in each day every hour every second you will live with guilt that u are killer of that daughter who loved her father like god
Swara falls down all shocks sumi turns swara blood was flowing from swara’s nose…and swara falls unconscious .sanskar holds her in her arm takes her to hospital while going to ot on stretcher …swara gain conscious …she calls all by requesting doctor
Swara-maa……promise me u all will start the new life
Sumi -what this shona baccha first you let the doctor to treat u
Swara-no promise me if anything happens to me then also I want to die in a peace that you all live on path of honesty

Swara-sanskar take care of all and yourself
Sanskar -nothing will happen to you …..
He said it with determination
Swara -maa…raman bhai …..asthi viserjan ..
By saying swara omitte blood which shocked everyone ….she falls unconscious
She is taken to ot after 5 hrs of surgery
Doctor comes out and inform swara’s condition is very critical
Sanskar run outside and sit inside the car and drive towards a temple which is having 100 stairs
Sanskar -maa today for the first time i have came in front of you …..I have heard who comes to you with devotion and believe you will never return them empty hands. …..plzzz god save my swara i will never ask for anything
Sanskar burn kapor in his both paam and climb the stairs on knee’s here in hospital swara condition is becoming critical and on other side blood is flowing from sanskar hands and knees with great difficulty he reach the temple
Sanskar falls down on goddess ideal …..sanskar feels someone presence near him …he looks to his side he see Swara in white chudidar open hair silver colour bangles and small bindi like pearl on lotus on her forehead her hair is flying because of air and some fog
Sanskar gets up and hugs Swara

Swara -sanskar look at you what you have done to yourself ….sanskar plz stop it
Sanskar-??then promise me u won’t leave me
Swara -sanskar mai hamesha tumhare paas hu toh kya hua tumhare saat ni hu
Sanskar gets up and holds swara’s shoulder angrily
Sanskar -u can’t leave me and go …..I want to spend each and every moment of my life with you …..I want to wake up every morning by seeing your face and sleep by seeing your face and leave this world by seeing you ……..if not then I will kill myself and come with you
Swara-no Sanskar ……..I have to go ……god have given me this much time …by saying swara disappear
Sanskar -if it’s your decision then u have to change it
By saying Sanskar stand on one leg and start ringing bell …………sanskar love power has defeated destiny……but when god gives something from one hand and takes something from other hand too

4yrs leap
This 4yrs has changed every thing swara is still under medical treatment and Gd has broken every ties with mm now Ayush is staying with shemish they are living in Canada mm has no idea about it
On the other hand everything is messed up in mm
Dp couldn’t able to face his family members and moreover he is not able to live with the guilt of killing ishita so he committed suicide
Ragini couldn’t able to bear such stress as a result miscarriage happens
Laksh is in guilt because of him every thing happens he lost his child he gone somewhere without informating anyone
Ap its enough for her she lost everything she becomes a lifeless body
And sanskar alone he lost his father his mother is only alive for name sake in such time Laksh left him and his lady love is away from him but he didn’t broke he fight with the situation know he is the world’s youngest business tycoon …….he accepted Ragini as his sister

Promise tomorrow onwards I will be regular and I will post swara be serious sometimes soon

Recap -swara and sanskar first meet……

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