I am married to don (epi-13 )

All of you are confused. ..so forget about the leap and flashback..I will continue from their when swara say she killed raman because he asked to do so

Sumi shakes swara shoulder who was sitting on her knees
Sumi-what u mean by it Swara. ……why you killed my son your brother whyyyyy
Swara-maa that day we three where going to hotel on mid way we had an accident i falls unconscious …when I gain conscious
Swara point of view
Ahhhh my head it’s paining heavily and blood is coming from my head ….I managed to get up ….the worse view of my life my brother is injured very much and he trying to free himself From goons clutch and sahil that creep is trying to molest bhabhi…
I runningly comes and push sahil with my strength I beaten him and bhabhi push the goons and bhai started fighting but he is week know
Raman-beta run from here u can’t win him…ishita run
Ishita -no raman I will not leave u ……swara guddiya u run away
Swara-no I will not leave both of u
Raman-angrily shut up both of u i can’t stop them for long ishita for our unborn child……swara beta I can’t effort to loose u plz u both have my sware
Unwillingly me and bhabhi run but we stop by hearing bullet sound we both turn but bullet is fired on air by sahil and goons catch us
Sahil-u know what raman I want to destroy u and want satisfy my lust but ishita is carrying ur third child. ..2 children were killed by my sister Ragini
It was shock for us which broken bhai bhabhi completely and today she broken petrol tank and remove bullets from ur gun….she is stupid I told her you all where reason for our parents death
Ishman-we didn’t done anything to them
Sahil-i know ….now I will full fill my lust not with your wife raman I will do it with your sister
I was scared what will happen….goons left me but blocking my way they tore my dress which is covering my shoulder
Swara point of view end
Raman-heyyyyy u blo*dy, rascal , moron don’t u dare to touch my sister I will kill u

Sahil touched Swara with full of lust in his eyes ..Raman and ishita is trying to free themselves and pleading to sahil and swara is crying and hitting sahil with her hands sahil holds swara’s both hand and lock it with his one hand above her head and he looks towards one of his goons he fill medicine in an injection .and gives it to sahil …..both raman and ishita is confused and shocked ….
Sahil -ishita you know what it is …..abc drugs
Ishita -what no u can’t do this …sahil she is a kid don’t do this
Raman-what is it
Ishita -raman it’s a very dangerous drugs by giving it anyone can control her mind for some hours it raise the anger level in short by this drugs one can became animal (in behaviour )
Sahil -correct ishita I want to control her mind for some time after ward I don’t care what will happen to her
Sahil inject the drug to swara ….sahil get up from her
Sahil -now show begins
Raman-please leave her u want to kill me I am ready to die but leave them both
Sahil-so the raman gadodiya the great is begging for death not so easy …….ishita know it’s all in your hand drink this medicine
Ishita -what is it

Sahil-abortion medicine
Raman-no ishita u don’t do it …..he will no leave us even though u drink it
Sahil- it’s true if u drink it may be I will think to leave u ……..more over what will u do with this child which u get after sacrificing ur husband and your sister in law
Sahil sign his men’s they beat raman and sahil makes swara stands
Sahil-swara go and hit your head on that stone until I stop u
Swara goes and hits her….ishita shoots to stop but swara is not in her sense ….ishita agrees ….ishita and raman have a painful eyelock they remember about ruhi and adi family happiness when they heard about third baby …..and ishita drink the medicine and cry because of medicine effect ishita cries in pain and swara comes to sense she goes towards ishu but sahil stops her and back hugs her
Sahil – Its your time to give test baby ….take this gun shoot your brother common swara
Swara-no I will not
Sahil -then get ready to see live rape of your bhabhi
Swara-no please leave my bhabhi
Sahil -look at your bhabhi she is in pain what will happen when I…..if you think to shoot me then my goons will kill u all and this gun contains two bullet only don’t try to act smart
Raman maximum tried to free himself and swara also tried to help but she is under drug effect…sahil removes his shirt and lies on ishu..who is crying due to the pain of miscarriage
Raman-swara shoot me
Swara-no bhaiya I can’t do it
Raman-baccha it’s only way to save your bhabhi please ….if anything happens to her i will die
Swara -bhai what I will tell to mom dad

Raman -swara no one will blame you please you have my sware our parents sware
Many emotional talk continues ishita shout in pain raman saying and drug effect created war in swara’s mind her hands were shivering and she shoot raman on his chest and falls on her knees and cry and sahil inform it to someone and he get up from ishu he goes with his men’s .will going rajat comes their both sahil and rajat smrikes evilly rajat takes out the gun and shoot ishita and goes she die on the spot raman comes to ishita he cries holding ishita dead body ……he also falls back.swara run towards raman
Swara-bhai I am sorry….I am a bad sister
Raman-no swara u are the best sister in the world swara will u full my lat wish
Swara-bhai don’t say like this we will go hospital
Raman-no swara i don’t want to live ……
Raman-promise me Swara u will bring our family and mm to right path …bring them out from this underworld. ……..didn’t allow this underworld shadow on Ayush. …And u will become criminal to give justice to your bhaiya bhabhi
Swara nodes
Raman-untill u fillfull my last wish don’t do my last rituals
And raman dies
Flashback ends

All where shocked and crying knowing from such pain through which their children gone
Sanskar -then why you didn’t made sahil your bhai
Shekhar -why you didn’t become the witness
Swara-to know the person behind sahil …he is only soldier. ..he is following some one order
Swara sits on couch
Then their war by words started sanskar and Laksh trying to find sahil They instructing their guards parents where playing blame game Ragini is broken completely
After sometimes their guards bring sahil …sanlak beat him
Dp-why you did it…if you want properties u have asked me why you killed my children
Sumi-what sin my children did to u
Dp-you loved ishu….it’s your love
Swara gets up her other personality has overcome her ….she starts clapping and laughing
Swara-what a performance dp ji u are an Oscar wining performer…….by doing all acting as innocent
Ap-what u mean
Swara-he is the boss of sahil
Sanskar -shout shut up do you know what you are saying
Laksh -how a father do with such thing with his child
Swara-step father can do

Ragini -what
Swara-ishita bhabhi is with Ap aunty first husband Mr vishwanath iyyer
Ap-she is saying true vishwanath ji was my first husband he died in an accident dp ji is our friend when vishwanath left us ishu was 3 yrs old she need a father so I married him
Swara-correction maa not died it’s planned murder ….your good friend dp done it
Ap-its not the truth…..why he do this
Swara-for this property and for 500crore ….dp thought he got it
Dp- no i didn’t done anything
Swara-really …….then why u given contract to kill Mr iyyer……
Swara show transaction done between dp and goons
Ap slaps dp
Ap-why dp ji u killed him and ishita
Swara-because before Mr iyyer death he made will according to it whole property is in the name of ishita and her would be husband and 500crore on ishita bhabhi’s name
Dp-yes I killed vishwanath because I want power money
Ap-if u only wanted that u have asked him
Dp-i want to get it by my will not by begging. ..that’s y I killed him then I came to know about his will ….I didn’t want to kill ishita I taken her and raman sign but my destiny she had transfer all money and property in someone else name ….it’s obvious it’s on her children name and sahil told me Ragini has plant bomb in my car …so smartly I made adi ruhi to go to their house in my car
Ap-then y you killed her
Dp-because she is going to divide 500crore in her in laws and her upcoming children. …she didn’t thought about my sons
Sumi came forward and continuesly slaps Shekhar stops her …sumi hugs dp and cry
Shekhar -dp before doing if you have inquired properly then things didn’t end like this…….ishu and raman had transferred this property on your and ap ji’s name and that 500crore divided equally between Sanlak
Its the biggest shock which dp got in his Life ..
Sumi- because of u i lost my son my dil my grandchildrens and my daughter is standing in front of her death. ..u all came to our life as bad faith …..
Ap comes towards sumi and try to console
I am cursing you the pain from which I am going through u will face the same

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