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Hi my dear friends…i don’t know how to thank you all for reading and commenting .Sorry for being late,phone had some problems. here is the second part.. Please read and give your valuable comments and suggestions.

“Choti,where are you? Today im going to kill you.’Ridhima’s voice was such louder that because of its vibration dadaji’s ears got cleaned.Before ridhima reached her room,radhika escaped to her superman’s room.”Dadaji my superman,please save me from that durga maa.Else you have to wipe tears in front of my dead body”.But to her surprise dadaji was not in a mood to help her.He asked;”why should I help you?Always want me to save you .But what i get back?Nothing.Yesterday i asked you to buy two Snickers only .But did you heard me? At least a galaxy?No.Then you said iam an old man who can’t eat sweets and you said me to behave as an old man.And now calling me Superman? Who always save you from your mother’s scoldings?Who always give you ideas to escape from proposals? And who convinced your father about your job in. Mumbai? But what have you done to me?Nothing.Moreover you deny to buy chocolates for me.I am not going to help you choti”.Dadaji really used her helpless situation for his chocolates. He was right. She said,”Oh my dear young man, i will buy a cartoon of chocolates for you.And never call you old man .Now please make do calm.’
By this time Ridhima reached there.She had that letter in her hand.
‘Choti,what is this? Now don’t act as a Dumbo.Tell something.’
But radhika only smiled.That increased ridhima’s anger.
‘Choti,now you are showing your 32teeths and called saral so?You know choti now he is under depression and that’s only because if you.”
“Dep.before completing the word laughter burst out from her mouth.But soon it ended by seeing ridhima’s face.”Di..depression? And Saral?No way”.
Ridhima couldn’t understand why her sister can’t see Saral’s love and care for her. She shouted,”enough choti,why are you playing with his emotions?Why can’t you understand him?His love,his care,he just wants you ‘
That’s the problem di,radhika thought in her mind ,he just want the radhika he see,not the one whom i wanted to be..he wants to own me,make me his property which will satisfy all his needs,above which he can dominate. She never found love in his eyes,it was something like obsession or more clearly ,lust.How can she live with someone like him who never cares about her dreams,passion, but only about himself?
She wanted to open her heart to her di,but she didn’t wanted any argument now.It will only increase di’s anger and stress .Moreover it was ridhima’s greatest wish to have her choti always with her ,after marriage too.So she felt their alliance really good .And Saral’s so called depressed state also made her helpless. Now Ridhima was adamant in her decision. Make Radhika Saral’s wife.But time will prove her how wrong was she and then can she help her sister?We will leave it to destiny.

After a minute of silence radhika said,’di,whatever it is ,now i just want to follow my dreams,make you all proud.”Mumbai is calling me.. How can i disappoint him? ”

”Mumbai or that mad Jack?I know he is the master brain behind your Mumbai plan choti.He should have arranged job,accommodation and everything ,shouldn’t he?Iam sure now too he have that weird habit of throwing socks on others face”Ridhima’s. face had a disgusting look remembiring that incident.
Radhika chuckled at that and said”‘di,first of all you have to stop calling him ‘mad jack’ .You know how much it irritates him.He have such a cute name ‘Neil’.And now he is a highly paid creative head in a big advertising company, Bird Song,where i got appointment.So his naughtiness should be according to his standard.Actually i think so..”
Hearing Neil’s name dadaji broke his silence.”Haa Ridhi..he is a matured young man now,he will take care of choti.After all more than choti’s friend,he was, no, is my best friend”.
‘Hmm..that’s the only fault he have’,radhika replied and ridhima laughed at dadajis pout face. The tension on their faces slowly faded.
Arjun was again looking at that photo.A girl of early twenties with a small boy. She has put her hands around his neck and rested her chin on his head .Both were smiling. A perfect pose for photo.His tears were falling on the photo.It was his routine to saw all that albums and cry.It was tears of helplessness.He had lost her .It was she who gave him a name,a home and unconditional love and care.She was young, independent, so many men admired her,proposed her,but she never accepted any of them.More than a husband she wanted a brother.Who will be always with her.Stands for her. Save her from every miseries. She adopted arjun,gave him a meaningful life.Became Nandu’s Arjun.As she claims even God can’t break their bonding. But where is she?That very thought made him cry again,”Nandu,where are you now?don’t play such game with me.Here i have become what you want to be.Just come back, what i couldn’t do then, i will do now.I will stand for you, fight for you and if you want will die for you.Come and pinch my ears Nandu.. for saying about death.Please come back…”
Just then his phone rang.He wiped the tears and took the call.”Hello Mr.Arjun Mehra,iam Samrat Khanna from Bird Sing.I called to inform you that we have accepted your conditions and decided to merge our company with yours. We can sign agrerment asap”. “Ok Mr .Khanna,my secretery will call you later.Thank you”.The call got cut .Arjun looked at Nandini’s photo ,I will give justice to you Nandu.Then he smiled devilish on his phone ,”Samrat Khanna,lets start the game”.
“Chaaashni…lam so excited about tomorrow. I will get my best friend back.You are also excited, aren’t you? We will explore the whole Mumbai and then,one second, chashni ,are you there?Why are you not replying.? Is everything fine? Don’t say you will not come tomorrow.And you..”
“Neil,neil,neil..will you shut up your mouth for one second.Di has given correct name’ Mad Jack’.OK in coming tomorrow and you should be on airport to pick me.And do you arranged any home.?”

Neil:”As you are not ready to live on my home,i arranged a flat. But you have to share it with another lady.”
Radhika:”its OK, but do you know who is that lady?”.
“Hmm chashni,i only know that she is coming from Australia after so many years and now going to settle in Mumbai. And her name is Nandini”.

Friends,iam little confident to read what i have written.So please excuse typos and grammatical errors. I found lack of perfection in this part.I will make things clear in next part.So please do comments. That will make me calm in this exam time.

Credit to: adia

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  1. Wao Adia nandini and radhika sharing same flat ..that is awesome …make nandini a positive character … awesome update 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you sammy sis,and yes nandini’ s is positive character.

  2. it’s really amazing ………………… dear can you pls provide me link of previous chapter

  3. Ammuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu chechiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii superb aayitunde……………rads-dadji bod was depicted very beautifully…………….Neil being called as Mad Jack…..was funny…………..I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to read ur nxt part……………… Rads is gonna share the flat with Nandini di ????????????? nice going on’s I must say………………………Arjun talking abt his sis was very senti……………………well all in all it’s like the meal pack of KFC………….interesting……………… u………… of luck for ur internals…………………………TC…………….

    1. Hey sissy..really excited?? Iam very happy that you liked it.pinne ellayidathm apply chytho?busy with Bacon’s essay..But can’t concentrate..nale enthavumennatiyilla..

      1. Actually i want give you a long answer but lack of week fullm internalsinternals?? .And full meal pack of KFC??☺☺?

      2. ya u know its ad ri8 ????????????

      3. Yaa..i know it.Today’s internal was reallybad.i compressed 3 page essay to 1 are you going to update?

      4. don’t know when I’ll…………but I promise not to be very lazy…………best f luck 4 tmrw’s……………

      5. which clg u got admissn?

  4. Meghna shanti

    Hey you know I call my sweetly as adia
    I think you know the meaning of your name
    N coming to the update it was superb

    1. Thankyou meghna dear .Seriously i don’t know the meaning of this name.Actually i shortened my name to this Can you tell me its meaning?

  5. Its superb.nandini n Rads gonna be room mates.. interesting.. will nandu prefer rads for Arjun.. eager 4 nxt one..

    1. Thanks a lot Jessie.. You will know that soon.

  6. Wow..adia…this is really something…very nice…now I thought where r all those people who started write now…u all should start a long ago…so I would not barge in here to bore u all…anyway nandu n radhika,if nandini is positive here or negative…make her positive if possible…

    1. Rosie sis, how can you say so?you are the action queen here.really thanks for comment???

  7. Lolzzzz..nandinie and radhika togethr..arjun without knowing abt nandu…coolll…and dadajis chocolates..aahhh… i used to blackmail as… awesome adia… wait..wat r u doing?? was awesome…all the best for

    1. Thanks a lot doing graduation in English literature… From tvpm.I know you are a buji malayalikkutty..

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    1. Thank you Ritu dear..

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    1. Thank you brin sis..i hope i can reach your expectations.. tc

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    1. Thank you subha sis..i will update asap

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    1. Glad that you liked it sis..don’t be confused.. Now its nandu radhu bonding.

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    1. Thankyou very much Roma di..always wait for your comments love and love only too

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