Marriage! sorry, I’m not interested

Dear.Mr.Saral,i hope you are doing well.I know now you are doing 32 teeth trademark smile seeing this letter.Now stop that.Don’t think this as a love letter and please sit on the bed before you will faint.As you never gave me a chance to talk yesterday, in writing this letter.The thing is that, I CANT MARRY YOU.I can’t be a wife as you wish,actually i don’t to be ..I can never become a wife that everyone calls a perfect bahu.Yesterday you told that you want a girl who always take care of you,cook for you,wash and iron clothes for you ,prepares lunch and bring it to your office..briefly you want a wife who lives for you.I admit thay i can do all the above mentioned things.But live for someone else?i really cant do that.I want to be someone,before being’ Mrs.Radhika someone’, i want create an identity. I want to make my parents proud. And you want to marry me within a monthy family likes this alliance because you are a good guy but above that you ate my di’s brother-in-law.But that doesn’t mean we should marry each other. Trust me Mr.Saral,iam not the girl for you.Our thoughts and perspectives don’t match.I don’t want to change myself or any of my habits for a man whom i just met.I can’t devote my whole life to you,or any men.I have some dreams which have much priority than be a wife and mother. And above all these..i dare to say that i don’t want to have physical relationship with a man i don’t love.Its not your fault not mine also.But we are not made for each other.You deserve a good girl who unconditionally loves you..I know after reading this letter you will surely reject me.I expect a call from your home cancelling the proposal. Best wishes and take care

Saral crushed the letter in his fist.How can she do this to him.How much he struggled to portray himself as a good boy in front of Radhu’s family? And when she gave this letter he was in cloud nine.Thought that she wanted to share something about their happy married life,their honeymoon destinations and their future children.But all his dreams vanished in a moment.She doesn’t want this marriage? But now he really wanted her.Thrash her on his bed and complete all his desires and anger.He muttered under his breath,’Radhika Mishra,just wait and watch what i will do with you,you will plead before me to marry you.I know you are planning to go Mumbai. Enjoy your life .A storm is waiting.’
He smiled like a devil.

Friends,in a regular reader of all the mmz fanfictions.I know every writers are extremely talented and i can’t match with you all.But please read and comment on this. Then only i will decide to continue.or not.

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  1. it’s awesome …….pls continue

    1. Thankyou priya.I was so tensed about everyone. Now in very happy,soon update next part.

  2. Interesting please continue Adia.

    1. Thanks a lot Niharika sis.

  3. Interesting…?

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  4. Wow .. it’s nice.beautiful and interesting plot . Pls continue.

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    1. ThanK you kavina sis.

  5. Interesting story, please continue. πŸ™‚

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  6. It’s nice plz continue…. dear

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  7. Very much interesting. Continue dear

    1. Thanks a lot dear..pls update your story

  8. Superb πŸ™‚ i really want to see saral face πŸ˜€ and pls continue its awesome

    1. Thankyou Emz…it should be funny yo see his face.

  9. I loved it.. Like 32 teeth trademark..Rads being Not interested in marriage.. Saral crushing letter.. Turning His obsession.. Its all i interesting .. Waiting for arjun’s entry now. πŸ˜€

    1. Iam really glad that you liked it..arjun’s entry is in next part.

  10. Seriously adia write so good I mean 10 times better than me..pls don’t underestimate yourself …this chappy is really awesome ..the way radhika blurted out her emotions was awesome ..pls ..continue..:-) πŸ™‚

    1. Sammy. dear…your comment made me than you? You all are my inspiration dear sis…

  11. Who said u r not talented??? It is clearly visible in ur update…u wrote it beautiful…go on…eagerly waiting for next

    1. Thanks for that compliment Rosie dear…will update soon.

  12. Amazing dear πŸ™‚ keep it going

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  13. Interesting keep going will be waiting for the next

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  15. Interesting dear….pls continue dear….all the best for future episodes. ….love u …tc…stayblessed…

    1. thank you dear…

  16. interesting ..please conti……eagerly waiting next

  17. Very good start Adia.. loved d letter.. especially tat ’32teeth trademark smile’ hahahha do continue..Eager 4 nxt one

  18. so what will b next?????

  19. Interesting start.. πŸ™‚ Please continue πŸ™‚

  20. Hey Ammu chechi……I am very happy today…….sorry for the late comment………network problem…… u…..liked ur surprise ? soooo much……..

    1. Oh..kandupidichoo??njn karuthiyath manasila killennaa.. ngnund ee beginning? liked it?ini njn ethu peril reply tharm?

      1. My comment got deleted………. I found you out easily coz I’m ur sis…….. firstly u HD told me that u r gonna start a story and secondly the name……….I loved the introduction……. the letter was really funny………….since I passed the test you have to give to give me treat………you have to update soooooooooooon and will you introduce Arjun in the next episode???? love u a lot………………..muah……. ?

      2. My dear lil sis..i was waiting for your reply.u really liked it? Surely introduce arjun in nxt reopened..nxt week internals,22 nd xams will start..

      3. Chechi when’ll u update????

      4. chinnu..ammayk enganund?ippozhm hospitalil aano?ethre divasamay avidea?take care of her and yourself..nte phone vndm complaint aayi. Atha update cheyyan pattathe..ath kittiyal udane cheyyam..

  21. Awesome adia…my sweeeeeetu it’s really superbbbb. …you’re very talented my dear….the letter was really awesome, rads blurt her heart out…I wish everyone could get chance to explore their feelings…saral is mad on her now n she became his obsession….your words n narration really awesome….plzzzz continue dear. ….I loved it to the coreeeee. ….e keep it up honeyyy. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

  22. Thank you Roma sis…iam really overwhelmed by your analysed the part perfectly..thank you sis..

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      Bear hug. .. πŸ™‚

      1. Di..iam the one who writes the ff love and love only..i updated part2.pls read it di

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