Marriage! Sorry ,Iam Not Interested (Part 3)

Hi my dear friends,sorry for being late.My exams are going on and also my phone got complainted. So updating from friend’s phone that too sitting in classrroom.
In this story Neil and Rads are childhood friends and Neil are Sam are in love.Rads is moving to Mumbai for a better career.And Nandini is a positive character here.And its going to be a love story through love letters(Ardhika’s)not recognizing each other..Please wait for it my friends.

“Neeeeil”. Sam called him for the fifth time.Where is this irresponsible idiot?
“Don’t curse me sammy,Iam here only.โ€She heard his voice from the lobby.He was slouching comfortably on sofa with with a cup of coffee. “Well..your highness,may I know why didnt you answered my phone calls ?Planning for making another girlfriend?..Sam teased him .”Sammy …when I have such a cutie beauty in front of me, how can I think about having another girlfriend…Neil shot back.” Stop flirting me idiot. Tell me what is the breaking news in Chashni’s the Jhansi Rani.Did she again break some innocent soul.”
” Absolutely Sammy,but this time the matter is little bit serious.It is Saral, my all-time enemy.Moreover he is ridhi’s brother in law. Chashni said that Ridhi is all set to kill me for instigating Chashni to do job in Mumbai.Now only the God Almighty can save me. And that pervert Saral..he fumed in anger.I don’t like him since childhood.If I would have any idea that he is gonna stalk Chashni in future ,would have killed him then.I don’t know know why Ankush is really fond of him now too.”Dont worry my Neilu baby. Sam pulled his cheeks,Chashni is coming here na? This city of dreams will treat her with all its happiness and goodness.
“No Sammy,she is going to treat Mumbai with all her cuteness and crazyness”..Neil claimed..
“Yeah.that’s the truth,Sam assured.I wish ,she will be blessed with a hot and handsome boyfriend here .”
Just like you got me,isn’t it Sammy?
Sam,”Idiot, I said hottt and handsomee,clean your eyes and look at the mirror.
Do you mean Iam neither handsome nor hot?He stood up.But yesterday tooTeena told that I’m as handsome as a Greek God.She even offered a date to me and I..”
And you are not going with this swelling nose,Sam punched hard on his nose.
Sammy,what was that? What if I had lost my balance and fell from this sixth floor and drowned to the swimming pool and drunk water and got panic and atlast died out of heartattack?” He told all that in one go.He decided to tease her more.Sam,I think I am paying for my past birth sins by making you my girlfriend.
“But I think I got you because of my past birth’s godness”,Sam replied rapidly,and that words were straight from her heart.She was sobbing, “Sorry Neil,it’s me, not you an idiot.I always hurt you on silly matters.Mock your feelings.But I love you Neil,I really do.Not even for fun I cant imagine you with any other girl.Thats why I lost my temper and punched.Is it really paining?
Neil felt happy and sad at time.He was happy to realize how much Sam loves him and he was sad that his teasing words make her cry.
He just hugged her.”Sammy,I was just teasing you.I know you can never hurt me.”He wiped her tears and kised on forehead.I like when you ร ct as an angry tigress .Thร ts why I sร id so.Sam smiled in relief Now stop all this and let us do something
“Neilll.Sam was in utter shock No no Sammy, I mean we have to plan some naughty acts to welcome Chashni.But if you want me to be ‘that naughty ‘ Im always ready Wanna try?
“You shameless mad man.” Sam acted as punching him.But she didnt .”So what is your plas,for Chashni?”
I will throw her rotten tomatoes and my dirty socks, then make her drink bittergaurd juice.What say?
“You psycho,I know your socks are more powerful than chloroform. But is this a way to welcome the most special person in our life?I will plan something great.Tomorrow will ba an auspicious day for My Chashni.You better stay here”
She rushed to the entrance.
” No Sammy,Iam with you only.”Neil made a pout face and followed her.

Radhika was on her journey to Mumbai.It was not her first Mumbai trip but the first one to follow her heart to live a life she had dreamt. For 8 years she enjoyed her vacations with Neil in Mumbai.Her eyes sparkled with a new hope and a smile played on her lips.It was her very first attempt to follow her heart ,to live a life she had dreamt .But she was irritated.How long a human being can sit saying nothing?Well..may be a normal one can sit calm for a long time..But she was Radhika the Great.She was different.But she was compelled to not open her mouth as per her mother’s instruction. Though Radhika was used to travel alone ,Mala always feared of her daughter’s extrovert nature.She believed that anybody could easily manipulate her choti as she was that much innocent and blindly trusting anyone. So Mala strictly warned her don’t be so close to strangers .This time Radhika was also adamant because she bet Mala that till Mumbai she would remain quite But being Radhika her tounge itched to talk.She can’t control her habit of talking and advising around every people around her.
But she had to keep her promise..But her every efforts became vain when fortunately or unfortunately the lady who sat beside Radhika ,asked her where she was going.From then on no one in the compartment got a chance to open their mouth but cleared their ears.The transistor was replaced by Radhika… An old lady was cursing her for being such an annoying tweeety while her son admired gorgeous Radhika.A teenage girl named Sarah came and sat beside Radhika.She was also longing for a perfect company. Soon they became best buddies.Radhika said Sarah all about her life and the intention of that journey.Now she was showing her a photo.
“And this is Neil.My best and best and beest friend forever”.she shouted.
“Di..he is adorable, how handsome!Uff..that dimple showing smile,its just killing.He is single,isn’t he?Sarah was superexcited.
“So sorry baby,I can’t help you, he is committed.” Radhika replied in a teasing tone and Sarah made a pout face.Then asked,”but Di..he is a Mumbai guy and how come you both friends?sorry bff di?”
.”He was born in and lived 14 years in Rishikesh. That too on our next door.Ankush bhayya and Neil were classmates also.So we were really close .Such a nostalgic childhood!How much I wish to bring back that days.Playing pranks,pulling legs..he know nothing but weird things .He always irittated Ridhima di.So she calls him MadJack.Everything were perfect until Raj uncle’s ,Neil’s fathers death.It was an accident when Neil was 12.Then Prerna aunty and Neil had gone to her hometown Mumbai.That was a miserable parting..Then onIy I understood how valuable he was.I thought we had separated forever. I lost my partner in crimes.I wanted to popped out whatever happening around me. I have no one else to say how much Saral taunted me and how tactfully he made Ankush bhayya his best friend. I was really frustrated. But distance never separated us .Every vacation I go to Mumbai and enjoy my days with Neil and Sam.Sam,I don’t told about her name?ut Iam not new in Mumbai. Every vacation I come here to enjoy my days with this idiot. Oh I forget it, only one person in this whole world has the right to call him idiot.And she is his one and only Samminder Singh!Another weird creature. When they are together seems like tsunami and tempest raising together.She is Neil’s lady love.They both will be in Railway station to receive me.Then I will make them meet you..They continued their train of talks.
“Sorry mam,it is really difficult find a flat for single woman in Mumbai.Atlady I found one,but you have to share that flat with another person.”
“It’s OK Amal,all I want is a place to stay,nothing more that..Just finalize it.I’m coming to Mumbai tomorrow.”, Nandini quickly replied and cut the phone.
Amal,program organizer of Nandini’s NGO foundation ‘A Helping Hand’,was confused.
Why Nandini Mam wants to stay anywhere when she has a big mansion here?And also why she said that she wants no one to know her real identity?Anyway its better that I stay away from this this things and just do my job.

And there in Australia Nandini was all set to return India.But she can’t just can’t face her Arjun,or the shadow of the little Arjun whom she had left.Feeling of guilty was killing her.17years,the precious 17years of his life was stolen by her,without being with him.A lone tear escaped from her eyes…

Precap:Grand welcome to Radhika ,Radhika Nandini in one flat.

Please pardon me for grammatical errors .From now on I will try to update regularly.
Please put your comments ,only it can give me confidence to write more.

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