Marriage Proposal – A Twinj os- Happy Birthday Sameera

Hello guys.

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you Sam.

I hope your all wishes comes true and you always stay happy.

This os is specially for you dear.

Love you.

Keep Smiling.



Twinkle Pov

I stood infront of mirror. I wore a red floor length frock, by a famous fashion designer who is a friend of Kunj. It is flowing flawlessly on my lower body while at upper it looks like it is attached to my skin. I wore minimal makeup. My eyes are shining brightly like they always do when I get ready to meet Kunj and liner is giving a perfect look making them more attractive. My lips are painted with pink colour lipstick. I gave one last look to myself. My phone beeped showing a message. I opened it.

“A car is waiting for you at your doorstep.” – Kunj.

I smiled at it and started descending the stairs. When I returned home from office, there was a pack on my bed with a note. I opened it to see.

” This dress is for you. Wear it and increase it’s beauty. Get ready in 30 minutes.”


I reached my door step and as said, a driver was waiting for me with a car. He opened backseat for me and nodded. I returned the gesture. I sat inside and car came to life. Trees and houses are pasiing slowly. I closed my eyes and remembered our first meet.


I enetered my college and instantly liked it’s ambience. I walked towards my block when a group of seniors called me. There was already a girl who is looking younger to them. Maybe she is also a junior. I went towards them slightly feeling scared.

“What’s your name?” asked one among them.

“Twinkle.” I said,

“oh. Twinkle Twinkle little star twinkle.” said another and all laughed.

“come here.” said the same one. I took a step forward. He smirked at me.

“lovely ear rings.” he said and tried to touch me but I backed off. He tried to touch me again but at nick of time a guy came and stood infront of me.

“Leave her Raman. She is my person.” said that guy to that Raman.

“ok.” he surrendered his hands in air. He grabbed my hand and stopped a few feet away. He turned around and I looked at his face. My face still held fear.He is tall and handsome. His features are perfect. His black eyes are shining in the sun light. I realised that I’m gawking him shamelessly and averted my eyes. He cleared his throat.

“listen…” he stopped as he was obvlious to my name.

“Twinkle.” I said. Firstly, his lips curled into small smile which in next moment turned into stern look.

“Listen Twinkle. You should be brave. If he was touching then you should have reacted. Don’t you think so?” he asked.

“I got scared.” I replied truly.

“There was nothing to be scared. You need to give them a perfect answer, so that no one can use your goodness. I know you must be wondering that why I’m saying all this things to you?” he stopped and I nodded my head.

“Raman is a playboy and spoilt brat. So, be careful.” he said.

“Thankyou.” I replied.

“Mention not. By the way I’m Kunj your senior.” he said. I smiled at him and went to my class.


He was the one who came there to save from that stupid person. I liked him with growing time. He was my crush. Whenever we used to cross each other’s path, he always used to smile at me which I used to return with my own. With passing time my crush increased more for him and finally a day I realised that I’m fallen for him deeply and madly. Slowly our conversations increased and our friendship is growing. We used to hangout a little and those moments were always special to me.

Days went and the time came when Kunj got graduated. We juniors arranged a farewell party for them. I decided that I will confess all my feelings to Kunj.


I got ready in purple colour floor length frock. I recited my words for atleast thousand times in one day that what I’ll express to Kunj. I reached college, party was on full swag. I looked around to find him and finally I noticed him. He is wearing a white T-shirt with a purple jacket looking handsome as always. He looked at me and smiled. He was about to come to me when a girl asked him for a dance, so he went towards dance stage. I stood at a corner noticing all these people. A guy came and asked me for dance and he is Raman. I hesitated as he was drunk but gave in when my friend presurized. We went towards stage and he slipped his hands around my waist. I felt uncomfortable and his breathe making me feel nauseous. As song completed I went towards cafeteria side to have some fresh air. Someone grabbed my hand and I thought it as Kunj. I turned around and my smile dropped instantly. There stood Raman with his evil smrik. I tried to remove his hold but, damn he was strong. When he came closer to kiss me I slapped him hard on his face. His expressions turned into anger. Before he can say a word someone punched him hard on jaw and he fell down leaving my hand. He blacked out due to alcohol effect. I turned around to see an angry Kunj. I ran to him and hugged him as tight as possible. He hugged me back and whispered sweet nothings. After a while I calmed a little and broke our hug unwantedly.


“forget it. Let’s walk around.” he said and we walked for a while. We both reached garden area. There was complete silence.

“Twinkle.” I turned towards Kunj only to find him on his knees. My eyes widened at sight.

“Twinkle I don’t know it’s right or wrong but, I want to express my feelings to you. I have fallen for you at very first sight. I thought it as a mere attraction but with passing time I realised that it’s not a attraction, instead it’s more than that. I realised that I have fallen in love with you and with the time I had spent with you, I had fallen more and more. Your every action made me fall for you. Till the time I realised, I have reached so far. So, will you be my girlfriend? Will you be love of my life?” he asked forwarding a rose. I lokked at him and smiled. I took rose from his hand and made him stand on his feet.

“I love you too Kunj and I’m waiting to propose you but, you did it. I love you so much.” I said hugging him. He hugged me back.


It was the best day of my life. I always waited for that day like anything. I never thought Kunj will also fall me at very first sight. After that we went to many dates inspite of being busy in our personal life’s. Some arranged by him while some by me. Kunj is one of the best thing that happened to me.

“We are here mam.” said driver bringing me out of my thoughts. I opened door and stepped out. A pair of palms closed my eyes.

“Kunj.” I whispered smilingly.

“come darling.” he said and took me to some place keeping his hands still on my eyes. He opened my eyes and I gasped at the sight. It’s decorated beautifully. Laterns are hanging to tree and rest of place is decorated with shimmering lights. There was a table at centre with two chairs and a cake and champagne bottle. He slipped his arms around my waist back hugging me.

“Liked it?” he asked.

“loved it.” I kissed on his cheek. He looked at me with bright smile. I noticed his attire. He is wearing blue shaded jeans with a pure white shirt. His hairs are gelled. He is looking like a greek god. I looked at his eyes which are already staring at mine.

“you are looking heavenly beautiful.” he complimented and I blushed at it.

“you are looking handsome.” He took me to table and looked at cake. It’s our three years anniversery. I thought he forgot as he was busy with some meetings. I looked at him surprised.

“you remembered?” he asked me.

“ofcourse. How can I forget the day when I got an angel in my life.” he said and I smiled at him. Again I gave a kiss on his cheek. He took my palms and kissed it.

“come, let’s cut the cake.” We both had cut the cake and feeded each other.

“Kunj but I didn’t brought anything for you, I mean any gift.” I told him what was running in my mind.

“hmm. I know what you can give me at this moment.” he said and I rose my brows asking him what.He gave me a small velvet box which is of blue colour.I looked at him and he motioned me to open the box. I did it. There was a beautiful diamond ring. I gasped at it. I looked at him to thank him only to find him on his knees.

“Twinkle I know I had already said ‘I love you’ to you for million times and you always know that I mean it. We were in this relationship for three years and we have faced many hurdles. In every situation you were on my side no matter what. You always supported me, beared my tauntrums and my anger. You always encouraged me whenever I felt low. I can’t ask god more than this. So, today I’m asking you..” he paused and took ring from velvet box.

“Twinkle will you marry me? Will you allow me to promote you from my girlfriend to my life partner? Will you become Mrs.Twinkle Kunj Sarna?” he asked looking into my eyes. Already my eyes weld up with tears.

“I would love to.” I managed to say. He slipped ring in my left hand ring finger. I got on my knees and hugged him with my dear life. He hugged me back. I broke hug after a while and kissed his forehead. He closed his eyes leaning into it.

“but Kunj I didn’t gave you any gift.” I said.

“you gave me yourself Twinkle. I can’t ask you more than this. This is the most precious thing I can get,” he said. My heart swelled in happiness.

” You know what Kunj? You are the most beautiful thing that happened to me. I love you more than anything.” I said.

“I love you too.” We joined our foreheads.

“Let’s dance.” he said standing and pulling me with him.

“no music.” I said.

He moved his fingers like he is playing a piano with his right hand and music started from no where.

Jitni Dafa Dekhoon Tumhe,
Dhadke Zoro Se,
Aisa To Kabhi Hoota Nahi,
Millke Gairon Se

He asked my hand for dance which I readily placed in his. He pulled me closer. His one hand is on my waist while other is interwined with my other one. I placed my other hand on his shoulder. We moved with beats. And this song perfectly suits the situation.

Jitni Dafa Dekhoon Tumhe,
Dhadke Zoro Se,
Aisa To Kabhi Hoota Nahi,
Millke Gairon Se

I placed my hand on his heart which is beating fastly. I kissed it slowly inspite of my increasing heart beat.

Durr Jaana Nahi,
Tumko Hai Kasam,
Khud Se Jayada Tumhe,
Chahte Hai Sanam..

He turned me around and backhugged me. He bent slowly and placed a passionate kiss on my neck and I shivered at his touch.

Durr Jaana Nahi,
Mujhse Ae Sanam,
Khud Se Jayada Tumhe,
Chahte Hai Sanam.

He turned me around and we moved with beats slowly.

Dil Mein Jo Bhi Hai,
Tera Hi To Hai,
Chahe Jo Maang Lo,
Rooka Kisne Hai.

His gaze went to my lips. He started leaning in and I closed my eyes giving full acess. In seconds his lips met mine and I closed my eyes feeling all those sparks travel down my body. He pulled me moe closer moving his hands on my waist. Now I’m standing on his feet rubbing his nape and hairs. Still both of us not dared to break it.

Katal Agar Karna Ho tho

Karna dheere se

Uff tak nahi niklege

oothon se

We broke it after moments. My eyes are still closed feeling his lips on mine. I don’t know at what rate my heart is beating. I’m blushing like hell. He kissed my eyes and I opened them only to get lost in his.

Durr Jaana Nahi,
Tumko Hai Kasam,
Khud Se Jayada Tumhe,
Chahte Hai Sanam..

He kissed my forehead and I leaned to his touch savouring this moment. I placed my both hands around his nack and rested my head on his shoulder. He placed his hands around my waist and his head on mine. We moved with beats.

Durr Jaana Nahi,
Mujhse Ae Sanam,
Khud Se Jayada Tumhe,
Chahte Hai Sanam

I promise you Kunj. No matter what , I will always love you to eternity and will never leave your side. You are my life Kunj and I love you more than anything. I know our married life will not be easy but you being on my side will give me hope to face every situation. Once again I kissed his heart and closed my eyes savouring the moment.


Once again wish you a very Happy Birthday to you Sam.


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