Hi guys..This is Saanvi back with another SwaSan one shot..

Hope my dear SwaSan fans would be satisfied with this effort of mine 😉 😀

Sanskar Maheshwari is a successful businessman who is also a kind hearted and sweet person whereas Swara Gadodia is bubbly, fun loving and carefree person.
Other characters include:
Durga Prasad Maheshwari and Annapurna Maheshwari-Parents of Sanskar and Uttara.
Uttara Maheshwari – Sister of Sanskar
Laksh Maheshwari – Brother(Cousin) of Sanskar
Ram Prasad Maheshwari and Sujatha Maheshwari- Parents of Laksh
Shekar Gadodia and Sharmishta Gadodia- Parents of Swara

Coming to the Story:
The story takes place in Kolkata. DP and Shekar are business partners as well as best friends. One fine day DP and AP discuss to get Sanskar married. DP asks Shekar to suggest any prospective bride who would be perfect for Sanskar. Shekar says Sanskar is a very good guy and he would be happy if they get Sanskar married to Swara.
Although DP gets shocked at the beginning he says to first discuss it with Sharmishta and Swara and then inform him.

When Shekar says about Sanskar to Sharmishta and Swara..Let’s see what happens:
Swara-Dad how can you even think of getting me married to a person who is 7years elder to me?
Shekar- Marriage is about how two people can stay happy for lifetime and it doesn’t have rules about age, caste and religion.
Swara tries to argue but Sharmishta and Shekar say “Keep age difference aside and meet Sanskar. Even then if your decision is ‘No’ we’ll not force you.”
Swara reluctantly agrees.
For Sanskar he believes his mom and dad so much that he doesn’t even cross question them..Without even knowing the name of his bride he goes to meet her.
Swara’s POV:
I should find some or the other fault in him and reject this proposal. I should not get convinced by mom n dad.

SwaSan Meeting:
Sanskar sees Swara(dressed in pink saree with silver border with slight makeup and loose hair) and gets mesmerized by her looks.
They are provided privacy to talk. Before Swara could say anything Sanskar says “Are you comfortable?”
Swara instantly falls for his charm and says yes.
They have a casual talk and then Sanskar along with his family leave.
Swara agrees to get married thinking Sanskar is handsome and rich..What else should a girl want!
After few months Swara and Sanskar get married in a grand wedding.

On their first night together:
Where Swara instantly says “I need sometime Sanskar to get into a comfort zone with you and then we’ll think about this relation.”
Sanskar who had lot of dreams about his first night gets disappointed but feels he should adjust with Swara for their better future.
Sanskar secretly helps her in household works and they start developing a bond of friendship.
It’s been two months of marriage- a lot of incidents happened and now Swara started to fall for Sanskar unknowingly but soon reciprocates her feelings to Sanskar by telling him to take this relation ahead.
They consummate their marriage.
Sanskar and Swara spend lot of romantic moments together until Laksh enters their life.
After one month Laksh returns to Maheshwari Mansion after completing his Masters in London.
Sujatha introduces him to Swara and tells him to touch her feet.
Swara opposes as Laksh is 6months elder to her but Sujatha tells it is a gesture of respect towards bhabhi by devar.

Later Swara and Laksh become good friends. Swara doesn’t pay attention to Sanskar and is always busy with Laksh.(for example when Sanskar asks for his clothes, files, etc Swara tells him to find them himself)
One day Swara and Laksh are caught by Sujatha on terrace at night time.
Sujatha makes a scene of it and yells at Swara, questioning her ethical values.
Swara cries listening to her harsh words..Seeing that Sanskar supports Swara and tells “She will not give any explanation to anyone”.
Later in their room he asks her whether she has to say something? Is she hiding any truth? To which Swara says “Nothing Sanskar!” This upsets Sanskar.
Next day when he tries being romantic Swara cuts him off saying she is feeling weak. This irks Sanskar more but he doesn’t let that frustration affect their relation and is still treating Swara well.
This continues for weeks and one day Sanskar overhears Swara’s conversation with Laksh of her reports and Swara’s pregnancy. Sanskar thinks may be this is the reason for her weakness but he thinks Swara should have shared this news with me first but she told Laksh first.

Next day, even though Sanskar is happy for their baby he avoids Swara but she doesn’t understand his sudden change of behavior.
In evening, Swara says I have a good news for you Sanskar.
Sanskar without hearing anything says I know about it Swara.
Swara happily says “How?”
Sanskar: You prefer telling anything to Laksh first so it doesn’t matter when and how I get to know anything related to you.
Swara (angrily): So you are believing what Sujatha chachi said?
Sanskar (calmly): You said about your pregnancy to Laksh first..Am I right?
Swara: Yes but..
Before she can complete Sanskar says- My heart is saying something and mind is saying to believe something else. Please give me some time and leaves from there.
Swara’s POV: I understood Sanskar you feel this baby isn’t yours and I cheated on u. If I try to defend it you won’t be listening to my explanation. So I’ll better sort few things and then talk to you.

Two weeks later:
Laksh enters with a lady and informs everyone that she is Ragini Sengupta and he is going to marry her.
Everyone are shocked but Swara explains that Ragini is a Bengali. Laksh knew you people will never accept Ragini and thought to run away with her. I caught him on terrace when he tried to escape through pipe. He told me about his love story. I asked Laksh for little time to sort out everything and later met Ragini and found her to be really good. I trained Ragini to be a perfect marvadi bahu. Even now if you people cannot accept her then Laksh will decide about his life.
Sujatha reluctantly accepts Ragini for Laksh. So do other family members.
Swara assures Ragini that one day things will get back to normal but says “You have to win everyone’s shortcuts no cheating.” and both of them smile.
Laksh comes to Swara and says- Thank you Bhabhi..Because of you my love is with me..
Swara- Like your name even you are Lucky..(looks at Sanskar) Not everyone gets their love..
Laksh- Waise Bhabhi did you follow my plan?
Ragini- What plan?
Laksh- I told you na that bhabhi is pregnant..She was little confused about how to share this news with Bhai..I gave bhabhi a excellent plan to make that moment memorable..
Ragini(Laughs)- Dii..Don’t take this idiot’s idea..Just follow your heart and tell Jiju about this good news..
Laksh gives death glares to Ragini while she chuckles..All the while Swara is just staring at Sanskar with sad face.

Sanskar realizes about what he saw and what actually happened and goes to his room to talk to Swara but finds a letter left by Swara.
He reads it-“Sanskar I love you a lot but you couldn’t trust my love. At least you must have trusted your brother whom you know since childhood. Trustless relations can’t exist so I am leaving. Divorce papers are in the cupboard. Stay happy and don’t doubt your future wife this way.”
Sanskar breaks down..He cries a lot saying Swara “I can’t live without you..I trusted you more than myself..I was quiet because I needed answers for few questions.. Please come back to me.”
Immediately he feels a pat on his back. He turns around and finds Swara.
He takes her into a bone crushing hug and later kisses her all over her face.
Swara: Sanskar you should have asked me everything then and there. Why did you keep all the pain inside?
Sanskar: Sorry Swara. I (before Sanskar could say something Swara places her lips on his)
The soft kiss turns out to a passionate one as Sanskar pours in all his love for Swara..After sometime they break the kiss as they are out of breath and Swara slowly bangs her fist on Sanskar’s chest and says your silence hurt me a tell me why you kept quiet?
Sanskar: If I ask you something it would seem that I am doubting you my dear..If you would have told everything by yourself then it would be an act where you are not letting any misunderstanding creep in between it!!
Swara: Now I understand why dad told me to marry you..He knew I am childish and would have silly fights with my husband..He chose you who is mature enough to handle, trust and love me.
Sanskar: When nails grow long, we cut nails not fingers. Similarly when misunderstanding grows, we should cut ego, not relationship. How could you think of me leaving you and our baby.
Swara: Sanskar our marriage happened because I felt you are handsome and our pair would be perfect..but later I fell in love with you for infinite reasons but now this relation with last forever because of the bond of trust we have established..(she smiles and hugs him)
After few minutes they break the hug..
Swara: By the way Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari I would have fallen for you even if you were 20years elder than me(chuckles)
Sanskar pouts childishly and turns aside.
Swara makes him turn and says: I love you Sanskar ..I love u so much..I realized age difference or any other factor is not a barrier for love..Thanks for coming into my life!!
Sanskar (Bends down) Kisses her tummy and says thanks to you too for making my life beautiful and giving me the best gift of my life.{Indicating about the baby}
Sanskar and Swara make love to each other and Swara sleeps in Sanskar’s embrace.

After 8months:
Laksh and Ragini are arguing over something saying it’s your mistake…no it’s your mistake.
Sanskar and Swara come there with their baby and laugh seeing RagLak fight..
Swara takes Ragini aside and Sanskar takes Laksh aside and thereby make RagLak understand relations are based on trust, love and understanding.
After that SwaSan say to RagLak- So sort your differences and come down fast..

They name their baby as Shreya..SwaSan happily ever after 😀

If you felt it boring I am sorry but if you liked it please comment 🙂

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  9. awesome os di and yup true said relation may it be brother sister daughter mother or father with grandparents or with life partner trust is needed in everywhere in every relation and it don’t think about age and all as atlast swara got to know about that herself and sanskar understanding her but swara thoughts are somehow other but she also knows about this and raglak entry clear everything which is in mind of family and it is true that we don’t discriminate on caste and true line that everyone will win everybody heart by truth and love not with cheatings and shortcuts and swara letter part and sanskar condition but atlast everything sort out and shreya come in their lifes and they also tell raglak how to handle relations first u try it on raglak and now on swasan its really awesome di loved it and the morals in it and we have to understand each other in a relation and trust eachother as relations r based on trust loved it di?????

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    2. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Myna??
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