After marriage life is colourful episode-31

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Hello everyone… I know all are angry with me na…. I really really really sorry for that…. And also I really really really missed all of you guys… and I think many of you forgot me that’s why I didn’t get many members comments…. It’s ok guys but please try to comment it… please be angry with me…. I can’t reply you all for that in last I give you a thank you notes for all who commented me… I am really sorry for not reply you all….. Now get into the story…
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The story starts with Omri…
Om asked can I accompany with you… Gowri smiles… Gowri says I will come within ten minutes saying this she leaves from that place…. Om goes near those children and hugs them by saying thank you so much…. One boy jiju no thanks between friends… it’s our first step only… one girl next step is very very important… Om happily says we will do our next step tomorrow now I will enjoy this time… one boy no jiju we don’t have more time so now itself we have do our next step… Om can you all please give me one day leave for our plan… One girl you yourself decide you want one day leave or soon you want our didi always in your life… Om sadly says I want your didi always in my life… one girl then you have to do our next step… Om what is that… one boy next step is you can accompany her but don’t start to speak to her… Om what? You all know na after a long time I get a chance to speak to her in these days she is near with me only but I will not speak to her and also I didn’t even see her also…. All angrily looked at him… Om ok I had seen her…. but I am really longing for speak to her… one boy that’s the reason jiju… Om seriously looked at them…. If you start’s to speak to her then definitely you will say our plan to her… and also if you speak with in this excitement sure she will get to know it’s all, our plan only…. Om how? One girl because all know na you can’t get this brilliant ideas… Om angrily looked at them and says if I know it’s our next step then sure I will accept her to accompany her… one girl why? Om I will not speak to her then she will get hurt na…. one boy who said you will not speak to her… Om you all only said… one girl oh jiju we said you don’t start to speak to her that means after didi speaks to you then you can speak to her… Om excitingly can I speak to them… all says yes… then Om asks if she starts to speak to me then what I will do… one girl if she didn’t start to speak then we will get to know she didn’t any feelings upon you… Om gets sad… all goes near Om and says don’t worry jiju definitely she herself start to speak to you first… Om asked really… one boy yes but before that you will not tries to speak to her… Om nods… at the time Gowri comes and asks till now you all didn’t sleep by looking at children… Om without seeing her says if they sleeps then who will give this super idea to me saying this they hugs… Gowri ask what idea then only all are get to reality then turns back and gives oops reaction… Gowri asks what idea… Om silently sits beside them… one boy asks Om in husky voice jiju say something na… Om also says in husky voice you all say na I will not speak to her before she come speak to me… all angrily looks at Om… Gowri I asked you only na then why you all are looked at Om uncle… all says in husky voice because he only reason for this… but Om puts his head down like a small kid… one boy actually didi first we all think to sleep only but at the time Om jiju only says we have to sleep after you two are leave from that… Gowri why is that so… one girl because jiju gets scare of darkness… Gowri laughs… Om angrily looked at them… they are also laughs… Gowri now you all go and sleep… they also does the same… Gowri asks shall we move by looking at Om… Om nods… outside hospital… Om says to Gowri, you wait here I will come with my car saying this he tries to move parking area…. But Gowri stops him by holding his hand…

Om surprisingly looked at her… they shares an eye lock… Gowri can we go by walk… without thinking anything Om nods… then they walks on the road… there complete silent continuous between them… their silent breaks by Gowri… did you like this climate… Om nods yes and thinks to himself who will not like this, no one is around us only you and me; for us the cooling wind plays romantic song for us; that moon gives such a romantic moment; his thoughts are disturbed by Gowri Om what you’re thinking… Om again thinks what else about us only and says nothing…. Gowri says sorry… Om stops and asks for what… Gowri if I hurt you…. Om nothing likes that… Gowri then why till now you avoid me… Om hearing this gets happier and says himself it means she also having some feeling upon me that why my absence affect her… at the time Gowri says yes… Om surprisingly looked at her… Gowri yes, It’s my fault only because till now I didn’t hurt anyone but for the first time I had hurt you na… Om happily not likes that Gowri I think not to disturb you that’s why I didn’t speaks to you… if anyone think there friends presence as disturbance… Om shockingly asked friends… Gowri you will not accept me as your friend… Om thinks to himself oh my god today is most special day to me… thank you so much children because of you all it’s happened… Gowri asks shows her hand for shake hand… Om also gives her hand towards hers… they shake their hands…. Om asks can we eat anything I am so hungry…. Gowri says yes in few more distance one small road side stall is there we can eat there… they reached there and eats their favorite… after eating again they starts to walk at the time starts raining…. Om starts to run but Gowri stands there by unrolled her hand… Om shouts Gowri come inside if you stands there they you will get fever… but Gowri didn’t hear him… she starts to dance seeing this Om gets memorized and he goes near her…. and they starts to dance romantically….

In morning,
Gowri comes early to hospital… she looks so beautiful…. Children seeing her like this gets happy and eagerly waiting for their jiju even Gowri also but she didn’t showed it…. but till lunch time Om didn’t come to hospital…. Gowri gets sad…. In lunch break she goes near those children and asks why you all are getting sad… one boy says Om jiju gets fever… Gowri what? One girl yes didi tomorrow he drenched in rain that’s why he gets fever…. Hearing this Gowri gets sadder and asked his address…. After that she goes to Om’s house… those children gets happy and gives hi-fi… fb disturbed by Rudy, he checks Om by putting his hand on Om’s forehead and really you’re getting fever at the time… Om says I got high fever at the time…. Shivaay then why you didn’t say to us… Om says sorry I think to not hurt you two… Rudy it’s only hurt us Om… Shivaay yes Om how could you think like that if you said to us then we will come to help you… Rudy at the time you feel so uneasy na… Shivaay yes because no one is near with you at the time to help you…Rudy yes Om and who told you to play with rain, in the small age itself you’re didn’t like rain na…. Shivaay in small age itself you will get fever if you drenched the rain…. Om oh my dear lovely brothers please give me a chance to speak na… Shivaay says say… Om yes Rudy I will not like rain but at the time I start to love rain because it’s only the reason for our closeness and also because of that fever we gets more closer… Rudy what? Fb starts…
Gowri stops her scooter inside Om’s mansion… she straightly goes to Om’s room…. There Om sleeps down on the bed by covering fully… she goes near him and takes that blanket and checks the temperature, Om surprisingly looked at her and tries to say something but Gowri stops him… and injected him on her hand goes to kitchen and prepared some dishes for Om and feeds him… like this she take care of him till he completely cured… Om really loved there closeness and also her presence… after one week Om completely cured… and their friendship bond also gets stronger… one day Omri goes for shopping there Om purchased sari for Gowri… Gowri bought one watch for Om… without knowing each other…. After purchasing it they leaves from that place… in main road one car comes with high speed at the time they tries to cross the road… Om first tries to cross at the time that car comes near Om for hitting him but Gowri pulls him… Gowri falls on road Om falls over Gowri…
Shivaay who tries to hit you, if Gowri is not with you then what will happen to you… Rudy if you note the car no… Shivaay did you complained to police… I will not leave them who try to hit you…. Om oh chill guys at the time I am didn’t get any hurt… no one can do anything to me when my bros are there with me… then they hugs…

I will stop here guys… if you all didn’t get interested on this please say this to me… if you like this story then I will post it on my weekends and free times… please give your valuable comments upon this story… love you all and take care of you all…. I will meet you all in our next episode… till then bye this is from your maha….
It’s for you my dear friends who waste their precious time to read this ff…
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