After marriage life is colourful episode-18

Thank u to all my dear friends and silent readers…. I replied all of ur comments pls check it in previous episode…. Let’s get into the story… Happy reading….???☺☺☺
The screen starts with sivika…
After dinner they are in car to return home…
Anika: Ansh can’t sleep without me and I don’t know if he ate anything or not.. I totally forgot about him how could I do like this… If any mother did like that I am not a good mother… Anika cries…Sivaye stops the car….
Sivaye: Anika pls stop crying… who told u like that u are the world best mother Ansh is very lucky to have u as his mother….
Anika: no Sivaye u are wrong I am not a good mother… How can I leave him lonely… And pls start the car Sivaye, Ansh will be crying without me and he can’t sleep without hearing my stories…
Sivaye: Anika who says he is in lonely today he is with Omri’s room… Gauri only take care of him…
Anika looks at him shockingly,
Sivaye: this is planned by Gauri, (small fb) after breakfast Sivaye sat in a study room with Anika’s and Ansh photo…
Gauri comes there, Gauri knocks the door and says may I come in jiju,
Sivaye: pls come inside Gauri why u are asking permission… Gauri smiles and come inside..
Gauri: jiju I want to speak u…
Sivaye: how many times I told u don’t ask permission u are like my sister you can talk to me anytime…
Gauri: thank u jiju.. I know u are upset now because didi is angry on u… And I am also reason for it… Sry jiju..
Sivaye: I considered u as my sister but u didn’t consider me a brother right that’s why u always saying thanku sry ect..
Gauri: not like that jiju…
Sivaye: then why.. U are not a reason for it I am the only reason… All the wife’s are behaved like that only when their husband closed with another girls.. If I am in Anika situation I am also do the same.. Now Anika is angry on me but she can’t angry on me for long time… And all the husband’s are like wife’s possessiveness towards her husband’s…. Me also loved it… Don’t worry it will be alright…
Gauri: ya jiju but all wife’s are excepted their husband’s do something to decrease their anger.. And also prove that he is only hers…
Sivaye: ok so I have to gift her right…
Gauri: yes jiju but think differently…
Sivaye: shall I give her a Jewels’…
Gauri: wow jiju till now I don’t see it.. Its new.. All are fall for it… Sivaye proudly smiles…??
Jiju if u did like that definitely didi will (till that she said it surprise and happy tone) never forgive u (in a normal tone) Sivaye face get sad why this idea is not gud… Gauri: this idea is old trend but we try something new… Again they thinks that time Gauri shouts ahhh.
Sivaye: what happened if u see ur face itself… Gauri: jiju I have one idea and explained him then she helps him after that all preparation Sivaye says I take Ansh alone with us….
Gauri: jiju I am with him na don’t worry today he will sleep with our rooms so u enjoyed with didi…(fb ends)
And he shows him a watts app video which is record by Gauri…. In this video Ansh playing with her and finished his dinner and does his home work and one image which is Ansh sleeping… Sees that Anika smiles… I have to thanks her but Sivaye u didn’t planned it said in fake angry…
Sivaye says himself, I am giving my mouth to caught myself… (En vaya kuduthu naane matikiten) Anika hears it and smiles and now we can leave na… Then Sivaye started the car..

In morning,
Om wakes up first, one thing made his lips covered with bright smile… (What is made him smiles like that) After he open his eyes he feel one head is placed on his chest and hugged him tightly (whose this let’s see) that person is Gauri… She sleeps like hugging a teddy bear… (All are thinks how is this happened where is Ansh like that only na let see) in the middle of night Ansh wake up to take water that’s make Gauri also wake up Gauri, Ansh what u want..
Ansh: chachi I want water… Gauri takes that jug but it was empty.. She says to Ansh, I go to take a water for u till then u just lye here…
Ansh: chachi its late nyt so u may get fear so I am accompany u… Gauri smiles and they leaves… After drank the water they comes outside of the kitchen that time our Sivika enters seeing that Ansh runs towards them Sivaye lifts him and kisses Anika also did the same… Anika: Gauri u go and sleep we take Ansh with us to our room…
Gauri: its ok didi..
Sivaye: Gauri Anika is right and she can’t sleep without Ansh and Om also didn’t sleep without u so go…. Then they leaves to their rooms… Gauri enters the room and pleased the jug in table then she decided to sleep on couch so she goes to take a billow at the time Om holds her hand tightly she tried hard but can’t take her hand… And she also don’t want to disturbed him… So she sleeps there..

Om can’t explained how he feels happy because his world is lying on his chest and he want this moment freezes itself then he also hugs her and kissed her forehead and cares her hair… After twenty minutes Gauri slowly wakes up but now our Om sleeps (just acting) Gauri can’t move because he tightly hold her…. Gauri sees Om’s smiles when tries to leave him through the mirror…
Gauri thinks oh Mr.Omkara was acting, now see my game… She slowly moves towards the dressing table and takes hair colour…Om sees that because she comes very close towards him this made him doubt so he looks at her action…then she takes that hair colour and tries to applied before that Om shockingly gets up from the bed and asked why u are always eye on my hair u also have long hair na… And i know my hair is always beautiful that’s why u want to make my hair like that… And adjust his hair and sees through the mirror….
Gauri: Mr.Omkara u didn’t sleep I think u are in deep sleep…
Om: think u finished now… Actually.. He stammers… And says I had a dream like u come applied a colour on my hair that’s why I wakeup… But u really doing this…
Gauri: smilies loudly and says in this dream also ur hair only come and laughs…. Seeing this Om lost and goes near her and touches her checks…. This made her shivered…. And Om comes near her and tries to kiss her but the correct time they heard Anika’s voice… Then they comes to sense Om leaves to restroom… Now also Gauri is in shock….

I will stop here guys… Sry I can’t give rumya scene today…. Tmr I will give it… Pls give ur feedbacks… Till than bye this is from ur Maha…


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  1. Excellent

    1. B.k.maha

      Thank u Charitha… Keep reading….

  2. Kriyaina

    Superb update ….om being possessive of his hair hehe
    and both omri and shivaay -gauri scenes were awesome

    1. B.k.maha

      Thank u Kriyaina… Keep reading….

  3. What a beautiful ff
    Just wow ???
    Can’t express my feeling about how much I likeed it
    No no no
    Not liked it
    Actually luved it
    Ansh is so cute
    Nd his parents toooooooooo
    Waiting for de next 1 eagerly
    Hope u will not separate any of them like the show

    1. B.k.maha

      Thank u Amaya… Keep reading… Sure dr I am also want them together…

  4. Can I suggest u something
    If u not take otherwise then

    1. B.k.maha

      Sure Amaya… Waiting for it…

    2. Please add some oberoi family moment
      Especially in kitchen nd dining hall
      Nd 1 more thing
      Never ever think 2 stop this beautiful ff
      Okkkk di

      1. B.k.maha

        Thank u Amaya for giving ur suggestion…. I will add it… I will not think to stop it….

  5. Maha di really awesome epi waiting for the next???

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      Thank u Vishnusri… Keep reading…


    1. B.k.maha

      Thank u Uf…. Keep reading…

  7. Verna

    wow maha such a romantic morning for my Om.. really awesome and loved hair color part 🙂 🙂

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      Thank u Sri…. Keep reading…

  8. Surbhi Sharma


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      Thank u Surbhi Sharma…. Keep reading….

  9. Superb yar Maha …I liked it….No ib till 2days….So boring weekend yar…Dying of suspense…Pls post a longer EP tmrw…Do reply

    1. B.k.maha

      Thank u Pallavi… I am really sry dr because Mon I havehave a last exam (models) so I want revised it…. After that I give u a long episode…. I think u can understand my situation…. I am really very sry dr because first time u asked me but I couldn’t fulfilled it…. Pls forgive me…. But I try my best to post it…. I am sry sry sry 1000 times sry with my hands on ears… And I will accept what u gave a punishment for me….

  10. Maha di awesome epi waiting for the next??
    B.k.Maha can I can call u as di pls..

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      Its my plusher…. Because I don’t have any sister… I am little bit jealousy when my friends talking about their sisters… I am really longing for it… But now I got a sister… Thank u dear chotty…. Can I call u like that…

  11. Rasika

    Nice….. ??

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      Thank u Rasika…. Keep reading….

  12. Wow..chow cute and lovely episode…Want some more Rikara’s scene and Ansh’s too

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      Thank u Adhya… Keep reading….

  13. Excellent

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      Thank u Palak…. Keep reading….

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      Thank u Saina… Keep reading…

  14. Awesome epi

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      Thnk u Lilly… Keep reading…

  15. Alekhika20

    Fab updt

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      Thank u Alekhika20… Keep reading…

  16. It is awesome dear… Waiting for the next update…

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  17. Yes yes u can call me as chotty maha di.I also don’t have any sister maha di now I also got a sister?????

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      Thank u and I am also happy to have sisy like u dr… Nice nickname, and I will call u pandu ok dr…. Ya sure dr today I will post it….. Ok dr pandu….

  21. Deepika Edward

    ? Supah ? #GauriKa Scenes ??? Keep it up ??

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    ?? super. I love it

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