After marriage life is colourful episode-15

Thank u friends for ur lovable comments…. And also silent readers…. I have less comments only I think u all are busy with ur exams like me…. Its ok friends when u got a time pls try to read and also commented….. Sry for late update…. Let’s get into the story…. Happy reading…πŸ˜€πŸ˜

The screen starts with Rudy’s room,
Gauri and Anika argued who will specks to Rudy first,
Rudy says, bhabhi’s pls can u anyone speck na….
Finally Anika started to speck…
Anika: Rudra actually yesterday I prepared a coffee for Sivaye…
Rudra: oh this is the reason u are coming to speck to me… I know u specially prepared for bhai but I drank it…
Anika shockingly did u drank it…..
Rudy: yes bhabhi…I am really very sry bhabhi…..
Anika: Rudy I added xyz tablet in to it….
Rudy what….. And he stands….
Anika: I am really sry Rudy I prepared this for ur bhai only and also I added just two tablets only….
At the same in outside of the room near the door,
Sivaye opened his mouth widely…. Om pls close ur mouth bhai else our Rudy is going to ur mouth…
Sivaye like crying (by action) see ur bhabhi.. Om what she did for me…. Om consoled him and says see there my wife is balancing…..
Sivaye: she is not like Anika she is a good girl…
Om ohhh let see,

Rudy: Gauri bhabhi u also prepared milk for Om na…
Gauri: Rudy did u drank that milk also….
Rudy: yes bhabhi…. Why? U also added anything…
Gauri: yes Rudy me also added one tablet into it….
Om sees Sivaye…. Sivaye just smiles cheaply and says Gauri is better than Anika because see, she added one tablet only but ur bhabhi added two tablets…. Om: one or two effect is also same na…
Rudy: think Om’s words and Om u also know it na then y u didn’t said to me…..
Gauri: Rudy don’t misunderstood me I don’t do it any intentionally for u…… Pls I am extremely sry….
Anika and Gauri said together sry…. At the same time Sivaye tries to get inside but Om stops him and says don’t go inside Sivaye then they will came to know we are knows this truth….
Sivaye: you are right Om…. We will show them our Oberois brothers power…
Anika and Gauri tries to leave but Rudy stops them and says, bhabhis if u are doing like this again pls say to me also…. Then they leaves….. Om and Sivaye hiding and comes inside….
Om: thank u Rudy you are say like this to save me and Sivaye in next time na…
Rudy: no bhai I said like that to save myself…. Saying this he leaves…..
In night, after dinner all are goes to their rooms except our Sivom… They are sitting in hall…

Om: Sivaye its time for sleep na u go and sleep….
Sivaye: yes but I don’t get a sleep u go and sleep…
Om: me also…. And think if I go inside then tmr I will not come so better I go to Rudy’s room…..
Sivaye think Anika’s chasing scene (when Rudy says about Sivaye Anika chases with knife that scene) no I will not take risk in my life…. Today I will sleep with Rudy….
Sivaye and Om get up in sofa at the same time… And says to each other gud nyt and leaves….
They are walking together….first Om’s room is on the way, sees that he stops…. Sivaye turns back and asked y u are standing there u go and sleep…
Om: Sivaye I think to accompany Rudy because he is unwell na…
Sivaye: ya u are right I am also accompany u….
Om: its ok Sivaye u go may be bhabhi is waiting for u…. Sivaye deadly glares at him and says as u think so…
Om smiles and says oh u are afraid of bhabhi I am right…. Sivaye: u also scared of Gauri na….
Om nodes yes… And Sivaye also says yes…. Then they moves to Rudy’s room….
There Rudy is arranging a bed at the same time they enters and says we will help u… Saying this they taking a blanket to spread on the bed…..
Rudy think what they are doing here and also showing so much of concern….. Rudy don’t forgot because of them u are in this state….
Rudy: its ok bhai’s u goto ur room I will manage….
Sivom: no Rudy ur health is not good so we are accompany u….
Rudy think yesterday incident and says no bhai’s now I am alright so you can go now….
Sivom looking at each other and says….
Om: no no how can we are leaving u in this state….
Sivaye: yes Om is right….. Rudy are u forgotten in our childhood we three are sleeping together na… If we are fought and goto sleep separately u come to me and Om and said…
Om: ” bhai’s I cannot sleep without u two like” that…
Rudy: think now they are deciding to sleep here no I can’t let it happened because I have don’t strength….. And says to them…
But bhai’s u two are forgotten one thing now u two married so u must stay with bhabhis only… Saying this he takes them outside of the room and closed the room door…, and go to bed and turn off the lights…. And dozed off…

Sivom because of them he is not allowing to sleep in his room…. Then they decided to go guest room…. They also dozed off….. Next mng,
In kitchen, Anika prepared coffee for all Gauri also accompanied her…. At the time Rudy enters the kitchen…. Gauri sees him and takes the coffee mug and gives to him….. Rudy think that incidents… Anika says we are asked sry to u na now also u didn’t trust we….
Rudy: nothing like that bhabhi saying this he takes and he asked bhabhi this coffee is not for bhais na…. They glared at him he gives oops reaction and drinks it…. He asked how u two are did the same to me….
Gauri: not for u Rudy… Pls forgive we….
Rudy: its ok bhabhi pls say how u two are take same step for bhais….and whose idea is this…
Anika: this idea is Gauri’s only….and we planned to teach them lesson but it turns to u….
Rudy: ohh that’s gud idea bhabhi…. Till now they didn’t wake up…
Gauri: they are not in ur room….
Rudy: no bhabhi… They are come to my room only but I didn’t allowed them…. Then they didn’t come to their rooms….
Anika: no then where they are went….
Rudy: don’t worry bhabhi I will go to search them…. Saying this he leaves….
In guest room,
Sivaye dreams about Anika and Omkara dreams about Gauri…. (Their dreams are same but different faces) Omkara’s head is placed on Sivaye’s chest… They are hugging each other… That time Rudy enters the room and sees it smiles and controlled his smile and says to himself I should record it then he take the camera….he start to shots it….
Sivaye: he cares Om’s hair and says ur hair is so nice Ani….. (Om not tied his hair) ur hair is so smooth and also smell is good….
Om: you know Gauri ur heart is my safest place and now also it says Om only…. Ur heart beat is for me only….. It says me not to leave…. (They are in their own dreamland)
Sivaye: I want my mng kiss Ani…
Om: I want my mng kiss dr…. Saying this they moves towards their face…. Till now their eyes are closed….
Sivaye touches Om’s face and says y ur face are so rough and when ur face get beard…. om also said the same then they opened their eyes at the same time and shouted ahhhhh……
Rudy is laughed loudly….
Sivom wake up their bed suddenly and corrected their dress….
Om: what u are doing in my room Sivaye…
Sivaye asked the same….
Rudy laughingly said this not urs room this is a guest room…. Then only they remembered last night…. And get embarrassed…. Then they goes to their rooms….

I will stop here guys….. Pls give ur opinion…… And silent readers try to break ur silence….. One word is also essential for me…. Ok bye take care of u all till then bye this is from ur Maha…..



  1. Shraddha

    Oh no, ungalode postukku kathirunthen. Why was it late😭

    U maybe busy right, but it’s ok, I started reading ur story first in telly updates and later followed others,πŸ˜ƒ

    Superb scenes, please post regularly if you can dear.

    Super aayirukkenπŸ‘Œ

  2. sidd

    Ohhh my god so fantastic, funny nd interesting. I would like to see wht wll shiom do if rudy shows that video to ani nd gauri. Update soon

  3. Shrusvri

    Hahahahahahaa trust me it was really an entertaining episode😜😜😜😜😜😜

  4. Pallavi

    Omg….Hi maha i am silent reader of Ur ff….Today i thought to comment….Pls can u say the timings like when u will post….2days episode was hilariousπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„i hope u post the next part soon….Pls reply for my comment

  5. Rasika


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    hahaha ,lol i was laughing while reading the shivom scenes ,post soon waiting for the next update dear ,all the best for your exams

  6. shabnam

    Ha ha ha amazing πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ next post soon

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