Marriage life (Chapter 3)


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Chapter 2

So the story ,
Everyone goes inside
The puja starts …all were praying god closing their eyes

But sanskar was least interested …so he was talking on phone with kavitha

Call ,
Kavitha : sanskar u know what ….I have a suprise for u ?
Sanskar : what’s that sweet heart

Kavitha : come to the back side of temple ….
Sanskar was shocked and suprised

Sanskar : kavitha …u r here na ?
Kavitha : oh so u found my suprise anyways come na ..I am waiting
Sanskar : one sec baby I will be there

Saying this both hangs up

Sanskar : MA I will attend a call and come OK
Ap nods smiling

Sanskar goes back side

Mishti : swara go take round in temple …they say it’s good
Swara nods ….

Kavya : even I will come swara
Swara : no no bhabhi u r already carrying so plz need

(Yes Kavya is 4 month’s pregnant )

Varun : haan correct …nivi why don’t u join chachi
Nivi nods OK and goes with swara …

Swara and nivi goes around the temple ..
Swara hears sanskar aND a girls voice …she was startled …and tensed

Swara (tensed) : nivi …u go to MA and papa ..I will come after taking three more rounds ..

Nivi nods and leaves
Swara goes backside of temple and was shocked seeing sanskar and a girl in a intimate position

Tears starts to flow from her eyes …..

Sanskar and kavitha were kissing ….each other

She couldn’t take it anymore ….she started to breathe heavily…due to water and sadNess

With a nick of time swara falls done unconscious

Sanskar and kavita were shocked to see swara
Sanskar was even more shocked to see her unconscious. …

He goes towards her and keeps her head on his lap …

Sanskar (worried ) : swara swara …wake up …swara …..wake up
Kavita was fuming seeing sanskar

Sanskar sprinkles water on her face
Swara opens her eyes …..sanskar looks at her beautiful eyes .

Both share a cute short eye lock

Kavitha clears her throat …both comes to sense’s

Sanskar (worried) : swara what happened to u …why u fell ….did u had ur breakfast

Swara was shocked seeing his behaviour …

Sanskar (worried) : swara I am asking u something ….

Swara comes back

Swara (tears) : ya …umm …OK ….

Swara tries to stand …but was about to fall ..sanskar catches her hand ….

Kavitha : sanskar (jealous)
Sanskar (angry) : kavitha I will meet u later …u leave

Kavitha stamps and leaves

Sanskar takes swara by holding her both shoulders

Swara was looking at sanskar only ….

They both reach where parents were there …
All were happy seeing sanskar and swara together

Nivi : wow …both are made for each other na
Laksh : hmm ya ..u r right
Nivi : anyways lucky …will u give me a chocolate …I am hungry
Laksh smiles
Laksh : but on a condition ….u should peck my cheeks
NivI : u will never change na …Mr flirter
Laksh makes faces …
Nivi : ol OK …

She pecks his cheeks
Laksh takes diary milk silk and gives her

Nivi was smiling widely …all were enjoying seeing them

Shekar : anyways ji …let’s hurry up as priest said that a aupicious day is after an week …so

Dp : don’t take tension OK …we will have a grand marriage ….

Mishti : so from tomorrow rituals will start na ..
Ap smiles and nods …

Nivi : fI’ll enjoyment na lucky

Laksh : haan ..

Both gives hifi ….swasan looks at each other

Precap : sanskar slaps swara …….ragini and Laksh love interests

So guy’s done with the chappy …sorry for a small and boring chapter

Next one will be epic I promisee …anyway plz comment ..don’t be a silent reader it hurts ..

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