Marriage life (Chapter 2)


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Here is the link for the previous epis ode ,
Chapter 1

The story ,
Swara was crying all night thinking this
Swara : why God why ….what wrong I did ?
Why r u punishing Me

Suddenly a small girl comes to the room and shouts suprise

Swara was suprised and composes herself
Swara ; nivi ….she hugs nivi the small girl
Nivi ; hi chachi I missed u a lot …u know here i’s the diary milk silk
Swara kisses her cheeks
Swara ; aww thanks u

“Only for her or also me” a voice of a man cane from behind

Swara runs and hugs him
Swara : I missed u bhai
Varun : even me princess ….aww …same habit
Swara smile’s
Varun : I heard my little princess is getting married so I immediatEly left everything and came
Swara smile vanishes ….Varun notices this
Varun : is everything alright
Swara gives a fake smile
Swara (diverts the topic) : anywas where is bhabhi
Varun : she is down helping ma….come na let’s go
Nivi come’s and tells Swara to carry her
Swara : aww cutie come ..
Varun smiles seeing them

All head downstairs

Dhanya Varun kapoor wife of Varun kapoor , mother of nivi and bhabhi of Swara

Dhanya hugs Swara
Dhanya : how are u Swara ?
Swara ; all fine bhabhi ….how r u ?
Dhanya : looking awesome na
Swara smiles
Dhanya : MA she na …now itself I can see the glow of marriage in Swara
Mishti smiles ; correct Dhanya
Swara gives a fake smile …Varun was noticing all this

Shekar : anyways …now why don’t u all sleep and talk the rest later ..tomor row we have to go to mandhir to decide marriage date na

All smiles except Swara
Nivi kisses Swara cheeks and wishes her good night and vice versa

@ morning at mm
Sanskar wakes up
Sanskar calls kavitha
Kavitha : hey baby ….enjoyed last night
Sanskar smiled : haa truly
Kavitha : come na today ….today is Sunday
Sanskar : haa but u know na …I will have to attend this stupid fake marriage rituals
Kavitha : if u r not interested then why r u marrying her
Sanskar : u know family is priority
Kavitha rolls her eyes
Kavitha : OK anyways …meet me at sunshine hotel at 6 sharp OK
Sanskar ; done baby …
Kavitha : bye sweet
Sanskar : bye cute

Both hangs up

Sanskar looks at himself in mirror
Sanskar : Sanskar how handsome u look ..any girl will fall for u instantly …

Saying this he goes to washroom to get ready

Kapoor family and maheshwari family meets
Ap : aww my bahu looks so beautiful

Swara was wearing yellow grand salwar with pearls and diamond necklace

Swara smiles
Laksh : bhabhi u look very beautiful and cute
Swara : thanks Laksh

Nivi comes and stands near Swara
Laksh ; hey cutey who r u ?
Nivi looks at him confused
Nivi : are u trying to flirt with Me Mr …

Everyone laughs ….Laksh was shocked
Sanskar also laughs ….he loves kids

Laksh : hello I am not that kind of boy OK
Nivi : OK Mr flirter. .chachi be careful from this flirter

Swara and Sanskar laughs while everyone does so ….Laksh was happy seeing his bhai laughing

Varun : nivi say sorry to Laksh chacha
Nivi : sorry
Laksh : array array it’s OK …she is very cute
Nivi : dad see he is again flirting

Everyone laughs

Sanskar : hi miss correcter
Nivi : hi ….u r very handsome

Everyone adores …Swara was not interested
Sanskar carries nivi in his hands

Laksh : then how do I look like
Nivi thinks
Nivi ; like a monkey …..ha ha ha

Everyone laughs

Swara comes and stands beside Sanskar ..
Whole some aged ladies were passing by ..they saw this couple

Lady 1 : array wah ! What a beautiful couple they look …..
Lady 2 : haan u r right the baby and the mother look exactly same …
Lady 3 : who gets a beautiful wife and a handsome husband like them

They leaves

Ap was overwhelmed even dp both look’s at swasan

Ap ; no evil eyes should fall on them

Sujatha smirks evilly

Precap : Swara faints ……Sanskar worried and panics …..Sanskar affectionate character
Laksh nivi bond ….

So guys done with the chappy …hope u all like it ..plz comment and don’t be a silent reader

Love u all

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