Marriage life (Chapter 1)


Hey guys it’s shanthi the writer of love like there is no tomorrow ..this is my second ff
Thanks for the responsors u gave me ….plz do give here

So this is a very simple yet elegant story

The story ,
A girl wearing pink top and jeans entered the house full on the peak of tired after a tired day in collage
But was shocked seeing her house
(She was swara kapoor )

The house was decorated and there were many people …
Most importantly everyone were looking at her amused but one was busy in his phone
Mishti (swara mother) : swara come fast …need to get ready
Swara : MA but what’s going on ?
Mishti : I will say u first get ready
Swara confused nods and leaves

The ladies presentry were talking
Lady 1 : she is very beautiful ap u are very lucky
Ap smiles
Lady 2 : she even respects her mother
Ap : after all going to be my bahu na
Ladies smiles
Sujatha was fuming seeing this all
Sujatha (in mind) : I choosed this girl for my laksh but u choosed for ur sanskar na …how cruel

Dp : we like the girl
Shekar smiles

Swara comes wearing red lehenga grandly worked with pearls and stones
She was looking dazzling and very beautiful

Ap goes and makes her sit
Ap : I know ki u r shocked …but don’t worry we r here to get u committed
Swara smiles
Ap makes her wear her pallu even sujatha with a fake smile

Laksh : bhai look bhabhi for one na
Sanskar who was busy in call
Sanskar : u know right I am not interested …don’t disturb me
Laksh frowns

Dp : so shekar and Mishti ji we really liked ur daughter ….we can proceed
Shekar and Mishti wereally very happy
Sujatha wad fuming jj jealous

Mishti : even we liked sanskar ….
Ap : what is the use of us ….let then speak
Swara felt nervous

Mishti : take sanskar to ur room
Swara nods …sanskar follows her talking in phone

@swara room
Sanskar and swara were sitting on the bed
Sanskar disconnects the call and looks at swara
Sanskar (uninterested) : listen miss kapoor …this marriage is just a compensate for my family nothing else ….by the way I am not interested in this ok
Swara was shocked but nods her head
Sanskar : in front of my family u should good and all OK ….anyways I won’t come night to home as I have to stay with kavitha my ex
Swara was shocked tears were flowing from her eyes
Sanskar : it’s good i am saying u now …so that cry how much ever u want ….because I hate crying in my house …but don’t worry I will treat u like a queen even my parents will treat u like an queen
U can ask me anything …except the husband right’s
Swara was disgusted
Sanskar smiles and talks on his phone
Swara in mind : what a disgusting men ….I can’t be with him ….how cheap he is talking……I will have to say this to mom and dad

Saying this she rushe’s down but finds both parents exchanging the plates …and the roka is done

Swara felt bad and sad …..she started to cry silently

Ragini comes and keeps her hand on swara head

Ragini : swara what happened
Swara hugs her and cries (Ragini is swara’s beat friend from childhood)
Swara says everything to Ragini ….Ragini felt disgusted and ashamed

Ragini ; swara say this to ur parents right now
Swara stops Ragini
Swara : no Ragini I can’t do that ….see how happy my parents are …I can’t betray them
Ragini felt bad for swara but was proud of her
Ragini : but swara ur life
Swara wipes her tears
Swara : nothing is important in front of my parents
Swara smiles faintly ……Ragini also smiles seeing her bold

Swasan comes together ..laksh comes
Laksh : bhai bhabhi …plz stay there …I will click a pic
Sanskar was gicing angry glares to laksh …but melts seeing his pout face
Sanskar keeps his hand on swara’s waist ….both felt current shock passing on their body

Sanskar whispers in swara ears : I don’t want to do but still for my brother only ok
Swara nods OK faintly

Laksh : bhabhi smile plz
Swara gives a fake smile……

The screen freezes

So guys done with the first chapter ..hope u all like …squeeze ur brain to know how they will fall in love …lol
Its simple but elegant

Plz shower ur comments don’t be a silent reader

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