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Part 3:
Ragini puts her mobile in silent as he was calling her many times. She doesn’t know when, but she falls asleep. Around 4’o clock she wakes up again. She looks at her mobile and amazed to see Laksh’s missed calls and messages. All the messages are just, “lift the phone…”
Ragini: all men are same….
She goes into fb….(this is the last fb scene)
After Rajat and Sahil incidents Ragini started hating men totally. She knew everyone aren’t like that… but, she decided like that…
Sumi and Shekar started looking alliances for her.
To annoy her more, the grooms used to tell silly reasons to reject her. Some used to tell, ‘she is unemployed.’ Some, ‘her star isn’t matching’. Some says, ‘we want much money and property’. Some, ‘we want a girl with 5’5 height. She is just 5’4…’ (silly reason right….!)
Some says, ‘we want traditional girl, she is modern.’ Some says, ‘we want modern girl, she is too traditional…’. Some says, “she is chubby… she is thin…” etc..etc…

Ragini annoyed with all these. She dropped from the dream of marriage.
“Fed up with all these things…!! I think, these boys have horns. What kind of girl they want still?? I think they all won’t get married until they turn to 30… I don’t care about them. It’s unfortunate fellow who missed me. No one is proper, but they put many objections to girls… girl have to be beautiful, she has to be taller, she should be smart, she should be clever, she have to be traditional with modern outlook, she should know cooking, she should know singing, she should be employed, she shouldn’t have any boys as friends, she have to be white, she have to be thin, her nose should be like nail, her hair should be like waterfalls, her eyes should be bright… and at last… as soon as the marriage she has to give birth to beautiful kids….!!! She has to prove herself as greatest bahu… I’m amazed, these days people are looking for a employed bahu…! But surely, if I was working, they would have said, I should stop working after marriage… those boys won’t be handsome, but they want beautiful girls with sarva guna sampann…!! How proud these boys and their parents are…!!”
Keeps thinking Ragini.

Being fed up with all dreams, Ragini starts her preparation in civils. “Yes…! I will become IAS officer”. She starts reading all the motivational books.

Sumi and Shekar amazes with her new behavior. Whenever they show a photo of a boy, Ragini used to shout madly, “I said I will not marry…! I don’t want marriage…!”
Shekar who once filled her cup board with inspirational books once, now removes them and fills with love story books.
Ragini: whatever you do dad. I don’t change my mind!
Sumi: but, you like to get married right…!
Ragini: not now…

Sumi and Shekar are fed up with her weird behavior and make her forcedly agreed to an alliance they saw. It is Laksh’s alliance.
That’s how all that happened. And the match came till engagement. Ragini happened to see Laksh at engagement only.
Flash back completed.

Ragini comes out of her thoughts. “Laksh, I thought you are Shri Rama… but… you had a lover already???” she keeps crying.

Then in balcony she sees some shadow. Her mobile gets Laksh call again. She cuts it. At first she feels afraid to see the shadow in balcony. She slowly goes near the door. That man knocks the door. “Ragini…open the door.”
Ragini amazes: laksh…?
She opens the door and amazed to see Laksh there. He is smiling at her.
Ragini: go away…! Why did you come? If my papa see you…
Laksh closes her mouth with his hand. She shocks. Never ever a man was such a close to her.
Laksh: shh…! I’m your half husband now. No one will reject my entry. I came to answer your questions.
He removes his hand.
Ragini: you would have answered them in phone also…
Laksh: you were not lifting the phone right…!
Ragini: then, why didn’t you answer me?
Laksh: I was about to answer….
Ragini: you were thinking what to answer. Only liars take time to talk… you have a lover I know….
Ragini is about to go inside laksh holds her wrist.
Laksh: Ragini, give me chance to speak….

Ragini holds her hand and says, “ok…speak.”
Laksh remains calm for a while and clears his throat and wipes his sweat.

Rag: why are you so tensed to talk? Talk fast… I have to go and sleep.

Lak rubs his neck and looks at her.

Lak: I love you….

Rag amazes with his comment. Breeze blows…
Lak: this is first time I’m telling this word. I never said this word to any girl. Why I won’t feel tensed??

Ragini feels shy. But she covers her feelings.

Ragini: why should I believe you?
Lak: I know Ragini. No one believes these simple words. That’s why I came on myself. Just look into my eyes and read it…
She looks at him.
He gives a red rose to her. she remembers on their last farewell party day, when she gave rose to him. Unknowingly her eyes get teary.
Laksh keeps telling, “Ragini, I will answer your questions now. My parents showed me your photo and I liked you. Then itself I didn’t remember you as my junior. After seeing you in engagement I have started loving you. Believe me Ragini, this is my first love. And this never happen on other girl…”
Ragini turns other side and she is feeling happy in herself, but she doesn’t understand to believe him or not.
Laksh: you may get doubt why should you believe me…?
Ragini amazes and looks at him, as he said what she is thinking.

Laksh: I respect your decision always.
He is about to go away…
Ragini: laksh…can we go to shopping tomorrow?
Laksh looks her amazingly.
Ragini: I never went out with any strange boy. If I’m asking you means, I believe you…
Laksh smiles… he is about to go away, Ragini drags him. He is about to fall on her, but balances himself.
Laksh: what…
Ragini: papa…. She shows her finger downstairs. Shekar is awake and roaming here and there.
Laksh: your dad wakes this early every day?
Ragini: yes. That’s why, he is IAS officer and asked me to become like that…

Shekar is coming upstairs.
Ragini: oh no… dad is coming here. Let’s go upstairs.
She says, holds Laksh’s hand and takes him upstairs. They hide behind a wall and sit beside each other.

Laksh: dad won’t come upstairs?
Ragini: probably no. He just roams in balcony for some time.
Laksh: till how much time we have to stay here?
Ragini: my papa stays in balcony at least for half an hour…
Laksh looks at time. It’s 5’o clock.

He puts his head back.
Ragini: so…yesterday morning. During our engagement, you sat beside me…
Laksh: yes…
Ragini: you have touched my hand…
Laksh: yes…
Ragini: I moved my hand…
Laksh: yes…
Ragini: but, you moved further to touch me again right.
Laksh: yes…
Ragini: how could you do that? Is this is the way you behave with a girl? We aren’t married yet right…!
Laksh keeps looking at her. They are sitting close to each other. She looks at him. The breath he is exhaling is touching Ragini’s head and her hair is falling on her face. She keeps looking at him.
Then Laksh gently moves her hair from her face with his fingers. Ragini blushes.
Laksh: I didn’t know, that was wrong or right. But, I wanted to do. Because, I love you…
She bends her head.
Then again she looks at stars. They are slowly disappearing due to twilight.
Ragini: I love this place. I sit here every day and enjoy looking at stars.
Laksh: you know, even I love looking at stars. But in TV. Bollywood and Hollywood stars.
Ragini laughs.
Laksh: Ragini, do you like doing job?
Ragini: you want me to do or no…?
Laksh: I’m just asking what you want to do?
Ragini: what you want me to do?
Laksh: come on Ragini…
Ragini: ok..ok.. I don’t like to do the job… I love to cook to my husband. And I just love taking care of him…
Laksh: umhmm… then what can you cook??
Ragini remains calm.
Laksh laughs.
Ragini: actually, I’m lazy to do job. I wake up at 10 O’clock every day. But, I sleep early at night 10…. If I wake up at 10, when should I go to office?
Laksh laughs.
Ragini: I know, if I wake at 10, your family won’t agree. I will make myself habituated to wake up at 6…
Laksh: no one will say you anything Ragini…
Ragini: you will say like that only. But Sasural is different from mom… you don’t think about this…
Laksh laughs.
Lak: Ragini, tell anything. What do you want from me?? Like, what are you expecting from me?

Ragini keeps looking at him silently and thinks in herself,
“I want to feel secured in your embrace…
I want strength with your hand on my shoulder….
I want love, when you put hand on my waist…
I should wake up with the kiss you give me everyday…”
She says these words in herself.

Laksh: why are you silent? Tell me something…
Ragini: girls can’t say everything in their heart. Boys have to understand it…
Laksh: oh ragini…come on tell me na…
Ragini: that’s ok. You tell me, what you are expecting from me….
Laksh looks at her…
He says,
“I want a hug, which makes me out from all pains…
I want your sweet smile which makes me happy…
You have to bear my all craziness… and at last,
I should wake you up with the kiss….”

Ragini gets amazed as he said same as she thought. She suddenly holds his face and kisses on his cheek.
Laksh smiles….

After few days,
The grand marriage of RagLak is done. As, Ragini dreamt the stage is in shape of flower… as she wished, she came on chariot, and Laksh came on horse…
Sumi: beta, did you like these all arrangements…?
Rag: yes maa… but, the real happiness is not this. Marriage means not decoration and grandness, but the start of relation. A relation between hearts. I have realized it. and, I’m feeling lucky to get Laksh…
Sumi smiles and kisses on her forehead.

At last, our dream girl’s marriage is done as she dreamt to have a nice boy as Laksh as husband….

Raglak are alone in room on that marriage night. Ragini gives him a gift.
Laksh: what is this?
Ragini: actually, I wanted to gift this at farewell time…but, I felt scared to give you…
Laksh is busy in opening it…
Ragini: laksh, can I ask you something…
Laksh: hmm…
Ragini: on fresher’s day, why did you give me rose…?
Laksh: I saw your empty hands and I saw your sadness. I thought to make you happy.
Ragini: so, you just felt pity and gave. You didn’t like me then?
Laksh: why are you asking about then? You are my heart’s queen now….
Laksh sees the gift and amazes like anything. That gift is frame of all Laksh’s childhood photos.
Ragini: did you like it?
Laksh soon holds her waist tightly and kisses her deeply.
Ragini moves him back after few seconds.
Ragini: why senior sir is so happy with the gift? Did he like it that much?
Laksh puts her both hands on both her shoulders. She feels heavy with hands and bends slightly.
Laksh: tell me truth Ragini… you have loved me then itself right…!
Ragini: loved…! Not love, but a kind of attraction or infatuation whatever you think… but, I’m sure I didn’t love you then….
Laksh: then, you gifted me such a nice thing. I think you struggled a lot to collect my childhood pics. Why would you take this much risk if you didn’t love me?
Ragini thinks for a while.
Laksh: Ragini… if you would have really gifted this to me on that farewell day, what would I have done you know…?
Ragini looks at him.
Laksh: this kiss scene would have happened there…
Ragini closes her mouth. “What…! You would have kissed me in front of everyone. Our friends, lecturers. Oh my god…. That’s such embarrassing. Thank god, I have not gifted you then…!”
Laksh: now tell me. You have closed this gift all these years just like this… why? Did you hope that I may come back in your life ever??? Tell me… I was your crush?
Ragini looks at him. “Laksh, I don’t have answers for your questions. I don’t know whether I have loved you or not. But, the truth is…. I love you very much now…”

Laksh hugs her gently. “ok. I can understand. This love was started long back. I’m such a lucky fellow…” he says. Ragini gets buried in his lovely embrace.

After 1 year….
Time is 10’ o clock. Ragini is still sleeping. Laksh comes and kisses on her cheek. She smiles. He says slowly in ear, “good morning dear…”
Ragini wakes up and hugs him. “I love you Laksh…”
He too hugs her, “love you too Ragini…”
They both look at each other… laksh looks at her smiling lips and kiss them lovingly.
Ragini: why this special gift today…?
Laksh: did you forget? Today I have lost my freedom. It’s been one year.
Ragini puts her face confusedly.
Laksh: today is your husband’s marriage anniversary….
Ragini beats him… laksh holds her waist and takes her nearer. They both keep hug till they are disturbed….
So… Ragini’s marriage dreams are fulfilled..!!! She got the husband she wished…
So, girls… do you have any marriage dreams like this…? if yes, share and comment…

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