Marriage dreams- 3 Shots (1st part)


Note: this story is going to be in three parts. This story will swing from past to present and present to past. So, guys… don’t get confused….
The story is all about a simple girl who has some dreams….
Marriage dreams….

What is 18 years for a girl?
Well, there are lots of changes in her life…

That age is eligible for marriage, she will get voter right…a driving license…
And…she is going to step in any new degree college….

That day is Ragini’s 18th birthday. She has stepped into her 18 years. Now, she is very excited and overwhelmed about all that’s going to happen…

“A husband is taking care of his wife… he is giving her medicine while feeling sick… he is feeding food to her… when she is feeling tired to walk, he lifted her and carried till destination… he hugs her tells love you sweet heart everyday…”

Ragini opens her eyes dreaming that.
“wow…I would like to have such a husband…!” she thinks.

“Happy birthday Ragu….” Shekar Sumi come into her room with burst of happiness. Ragini hugs them and says,
“Thank you papa…mama…”

Ragini wears her grand new red anarkali dress, puts all matching jewelry and looks at herself in mirror.
“Wow Ragini, you are looking gorgeous… hmm, after all, this is your 18th birthday. You are a complete woman now… haha….” thinks Ragini in herself.

She comes out of the room.
Ragini: papa, first I have to apply for voter card. Next only cake cutting.
Shekar laughs.

While filling the form for voter card, Ragini feels like she is going for a war on world. She keeps her sign in utmost pride manner.

Evening…birthday party….
Guests will come, a big cake is kept,
Shekar and sumi will be telling to guests, “My daughter will become IAS officer, she will be a scientist, she will be a software engineer, she will join in IIT…etc…”

But God knows, what’s in Ragini’s heart. She comes near the cake. She blows all 17 candles, she is about to cut the cake. A guest asks,
“Beta, tell me your goal or your wish for your 18th birthday…”

Ragini thinks for a while. Guests are waiting to listen her answer.
She says an unexpected answer,
“I want to get married. I want a nice handsome husband.”
Guests including Shekar and Sumi get dumbstruck with her answer. There are no words…
After five years…..
Dressing table.. on that different necklace, chains, earrings, makeup kit, bangles are kept. Before that dressing table, Ragini is sitting with an expression less face. She is wearing a costly lehanga.
“Ragini….” Calls Sumi and comes inside.
“You didn’t ready yet, get ready fast…! Engagement is going to start…” she says.
Ragini with upset, “maa, I don’t want this marriage…”
Sumi looks angrily at Ragini and leaves.
Ragini looks into the mirror and goes into past…
Five years back again…. Fb

Ragini is getting ready to college.
“Yahoo Ragini…today is 1st day to college. Yesterday was your birthday and today is your college day, have a great day and enjoy the new life dear….”
Thinks Ragini and rushes to college on her new cycle.

On the way, she sees a marriage procession. She looks at the bride and groom in car.
“Aww…how sweet they are… don’t know, when I’m going to get married…” she laughs in herself and goes to college.

She makes new friends. It is her college. At first period a professor comes and asks students to introduce themselves and asks them to tell their goals also.

Everyone keeps telling IAS, IPS, engineer, professor, etc…

Now Ragini’s turn comes. Without any hesitation she tells,
“I want to be wife to my husband….”
Everyone including professor laughs with her answer. Ragini feels embarrassed.
Don’t know how but, Shekar and Sumi comes to know about this. They start scolding her.

Shekar: marriage…marriage…marriage… why are you always fond of it? However you will marry after some years…

Ragini: daddy, I’m 18 years old. I have right to get married. What if I say like that??

Sumi: I will slap you again if you talk about marriage.

Then their maid comes.
Maid: sir, madam, my daughter marriage is tomorrow. Please come…

Ragini: what is your daughter age?

Maid: 15 years beta…
That maid goes away.
Ragini: see, her daughter is getting married at just 15…

Shekar shouts, “Ragini…”
She becomes silent.

Shekar goes to her room and sees all books in her shelf. All are love stories books. Romeo Juliet, devadas, anarkali, etc….
Shekar: if she reads books like this, she will have only these kinds of thoughts. Let’s change all her books.

He says and puts all motivational books like Gandhiji, Bhagatsingh, Lincon, etc etc.,
Ragini looks at those books innocently.

Shekar: from today, you will read only those books. You have to focus on your career. He points finger towards her.
Shekar: you have to become IAS officer. IAS officer….!!

Ragini keeps looking at her father with big confused eyes….
Fb ends………..
Present again,

Ragini gets ready completely. She is very beautiful in all jewelry and costly lehenga. Sumi comes and takes her to stage. Ragini thinks, “I don’t want to get married…”
She sits on stage and starts performing some puja according to pandiji’s words. Ragini does puja and looks at Lord shri Rama’s photo.
Suddenly she goes into flashback again,
Same five years back,
Ragini and her parents are seeing T.V.
Shekar takes care to put only channels without any love movies and love songs.
He puts Ramayana serial every day. Ragini gets mesmerized looking at the serial. She really loved the way Rama loving Seetha every time. And he has only one wife, he loves only her. Ragini starts loving him.

Next day at college,
Ragini: aww…how sweet Rama is… I too want husband like him…

Ragini’s friend: why do you have always this marriage dreams…?

Ragini: what’s wrong? We have right to think about marriage… and marriage is only the beautiful dream…
Says dreamily.
Other friend: but career, education are also dreams…

Ragini comes out of her imagination, and removes her spects.
Ragini: oye book worm, just look beyond this spects. There is a beautiful world waiting for us… marriage… just imagine, you and your husband…. Aww…
Says Ragini, behaving shy.
Friend: stop it yar. Marriage means, tying your hands. Bending your head.

Ragini: I could have been in olden days, I could have married by now…

Friend: and cooking food at house…!
Says her friends and laughs.

Ragini: don’t laugh. I wish rama like boy should come in my life…
Friend: hello, men like him don’t exist in this world.

They suddenly hear a sound of beating. One guy is beating other boys. Ragini and her friends go and see the fight. They couldn’t see that boy’s face. That boy warns other boys, “If I find next time you teasing girls or misbehaving them… I’m not gonna tolerate it. No boy in this college should misbehave with other girl…!”

Ragini: who is he…?

Friend: you said know, he is one and only one Rama in this college. He never talked with any girl or he won’t see at any girl. He is a studious student. But, he is the dream boy for many girls…

Other friend: He is leader of ARS(anti raging squad) in our college.

Ragini: really…?
Ragini amazes and tries to see his face. But he goes away….
Now, present….
Ragini’s thoughts are shattered by the entry of groom. She didn’t see him. She didn’t see him once also. She doesn’t know how he looks like. Groom comes and sits beside her. pandiji starts reciting mantras.

Groom’s hand touches to Ragini’s hand. She moves her hand away. But that groom further moves his hand so he can touch her hand again. Ragini gets annoyed with his behavior. But she didn’t see his face.
“Men are men…!” she thinks.

“Okay…now time to change rings…” says Panditji.

“Now, what’s going to happen??” she thinks.
Ragini and groom stands. They held rings to exchange. Ragini puts ring to his finger.

Next groom holds the ring and asks her slowly,
“Will you be my wife…?”
Ragini suddenly surprises with his question. She raises her head and looks at him and gets even more surprised…!

He puts ring to her hand. Then, petals of roses fall on them as shower…
Ragini amazes whether it is dream or real…?
She goes into flash back.

She reminds telling to her friends, when she is in college.
“See, how my engagement should be you know… I have to wear pink lehenga, and he has to wear blue sherwani. Before, he puts ring he has to ask me… “will you be my wife…?” then after we exchange rings… a shower of roses should fall on us….”
Fb ends…

She reminds all that… and get amazed as everything was done as she expected(because, she never said that to her family).
And the most surprising thing is that groom. Why did she amaze…?
Ragini keeps looking at him, they are showered in rose petals….

1st part is over….. Now friends, think….
Why Ragini didn’t want to get married when she has marriage dreams from childhood?
Why did she change in these years…?
Why did she amaze looking at the groom…?
And how her engagement dream came as truth…?
All the answers will be in the 2nd part….

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    After some days she saw a boy fighting with another boy for misbehaving with a girl out standing. I think that boy is laksh. And in these years they meet with each other I’m just thinking. Why ragini is not happy to although her dream is becoming real. ?????? I think she must have love that boy. Any ways welcome back once again.??????? This shots part one is omg. You made me speechless. You nail it and you made me shock and you rock yaar.????? Update soon sorry for long comments but what to do I am very happy to see you again. ????????

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