Marriage decorator Natik Akshara parts 7 AND 8


Marriage Decorator Akshara and Natik Part 7 and 8
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In the garden
N slides A’s hair on one side and takes out the earring
N: ” u dropped it when u were hugging me”
N comes closer to her
A runs away
she forwards her hand
” give it to me”
” naaa….that so easily…i will make u wear it myself…with my lips”
A blushes as N walks to her
she pushes him away and runs out of d main gate of d house
N shouts after her
” hey…come back…where r u going??”
” u can’t get me Mr. Naitik Singhania”
she turns around and makes a teasing face and begins to run again
N: ” is it a challenge?”
A: ” maybe….”
N: ” fine then i will play this challenge well”
A hides behind a tree
N puts his hands on d either sides of d tree blocking her escape
they breath heavily
A notices tears in N’s eyes
A: ” Naitik why….r u okay???”
N holds her hand and kisses it gently
” tomorrow…. u will go back…”
” do not think about tomorrow….think about tonight….aaj hum saath hai Naitik… this moment..”
” i need you again tonight Akshara…..can u give me this last gift?”
she stands on her toes and kisses on his forehead
A makes N sit on d grass and sits next to him
N puts his head in her lap
she brushes her fingers in his finger
he closes his eyes and a river of tears fall down his eyes
as if all d tears were filled in his eyes and they r waiting to be pressurized
A: ”sssshhhh….no please…..i can not see u breaking like this…this will make my journey back home more tough”
N: ” toh mat jao na…please”
he sits back and holds her hands and starts begging to her
N: ” i will start job along with my studies…i will earn and even study…then ….then u and ur family will agree for d wedding….??”
A cups his face and wipes d tears with her thumbs
A: ” it is not practically possible Naitik and i m just going to another city….that doesn’t means we would not talk or stop loving each other…….i will love u till my last breath……till d last drop of d blood in my veins…..and i know u will love me too…..forever….”
N and A begin walking on d road
A had completely forgotten about the wedding going on in Singhania House
N stops near a shop
A: ” kya howa?”
N’s hand glides up A’s back….. fisting in her hair as he pulls her up and against him…….
almost aggressively….
with her back fused to his front…….
N points at d mirror hanging outside d shop…..his darkened gaze roaming languidly as A slot her arms around his neck….
N: ” do u like the mirror?”
one hand pointing at their reflection in d mirror
and d other one securing her back…
A puts her head on his shoulder…..eyes closed
N whispers: ” look at us”
N softly touches her nipple through her shirt at which her eyes pop open
N was never that touchy and s*xy in public
Akshara a little ashamed…..
” never again Naitik”
” if u don’t listen to me…and if this is d only way of making u open ur eyes…then i find it not that bad”
A blushes and looks straight into d mirror
N wraps one arm protectively around her shoulder……pulling her nearer
A puts her hand on his chest and d other behind his back
A: ” wow…..we look so….so….”
N: ”perfect?”
A nodes
Back at Singhania House
Rohan is not able to serve so many people alone and d people complain as they do not get food on time
some children start crying
d condition get worse
Sneha scolds Rituraj that her family is not being treated d way they should
even the boy’s side taunt them that they r not being given d respect they should get
Devyani takes Rohan aside
” where is Akshara… her…..if u both work together everyone will get food on time….2 waiters and u r not enough”
” aunty Akshara is not here…i don’t know where she is…i will call her”
” no wait Rohan…..if u go and call her….it will waste more time….i will help u serve food to d baraati….come we do not have time”
Rohan asks his waiters to work fast
Rituraj insults Rohan
Rohan thinks where is Akshara
Rashmi notices that N is not there as well
she gets thinking
N and A sit under d same tree again
it was silent there and nobody was around there
N looks at A for a second before sealing his lips to hers
she kisses him back
that kiss was a kiss which was a perfect kiss….a kiss to remember…..
His arms around A draws tighter………..crushing her to him….she buries her face in the curve of his neck
his unique Naitik scent soothing her…….
N: “I love you too, more than I can ever say…… I’m so…”
he searches for the right word
N: “relieved you’re mine again……”
N whispers in her ear
” i have something for u”
A pulls her head back
N takes out d earring from his pocket
A bites her lower lip
N places d earring hook in his mouth as he spins her
her back now touching his chest
N puts d earring in her earlobe by his mouth
N gives his charm bracelet to her

Still under d tree…..
N: “I believe I have something that belongs to you”
from the pocket of his jeans…. he produces a small box…. no logo…. no distinct features that give away any clues to the contents…
A thought
”Apart from my heart, what can he have that belongs to me?”
she smiled ….. He takes A’s hand and…. places the box on her palm …. his gaze still mysterious……..
A’s eyes flick to the box then back up to him.
A: ” What is it? ”
N: ” my charm bracelet…..”
N himself laughs at it
A: ” charm bracelet and that too of yours…naitik charm bracelets r wore by girls….”
N: ” i didn’t knew that when i was 4… and Gayatri ma were in Nepal with boji and there i saw this bracelet…..i insisted ma to make me buy this….she said girls don’t wear it…but i was too young to agree to her….so she bought me this….and u know what Akshara i used to wear it in school…..everyone laughed at me but i liked it….i thought it was unique as none of d other boys wore it….it was very special for me… a lucky charm… every exam…race competition i used to wear it….till i was 8 and i knew it was a girl thing…..but it was like a friend to me so i put it in this box and locked it in my cupboard and never wore it again….but today i want to give this to u….because for me this is very unique and special…..and i want to give this to u”
A was seriously in tears now
she forwards her wist and N makes her wear it
A: ” thanks Naitik….that is very special for me….i will never remove this”
she hugs N
A: ” OMG…..shadi…..Naitik ghar pe Rituraj ki shadi ….God i should be there…..the wedding was my…my responsibity….now we should go home…..please….God knows how Rohan will be managing everything alone”
Rituraj calls A’s manager asking her to fire her

Im sorry everyone exams coming soon so not a lot of updates will let you guys know

Credit to: Kiran AND aHTAYYAB Iqra Zainab Umer

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