Marriage decorator Natik Akshara parts 15,16,17 AND 18


PART 15:
Naitik asks BM to invite A’s family at home
she refuses
Naitik asks Devyani to convince BM
Devyani: ” how can i?”
N: ” please choti ma….i can not live without Akshara….why don’t both families accept each’s been a week me and Akshara r trying to make both d families happy…..please choti ma Akshara’s family is very sweet….it is just that they r different from us”
Devyani: ” fine i will talk to BM and ur dad”
BM refuses Devyani

” they insulted us so much….do u still think i will invite them home?”
Rajbanna: ” Devyani ji bhabhimaa ghar ki baari hai….i will with her….because whatever she will decide will be the best for us….”
Devyani: ” we r have seen how nice Akshara is…she is Rajshri’s daughter so she will be just like her mother….that means Rajshri is also nice…it is just that they r different…they live in another city….so they have different life style…and we have class difference but people should be nice….class and status does not matter”
A calls Naitik

N gets worried hearing she crying
N: ” Akshara don’t worry…i will convince my parents…..”
A: ” Naitik leave it…i think our families will never agree…u work on ur exams…they r near….prepare well….please”
N: ” don’t worry Akshara…i m studying well…but if u get tensed like this i wouldn’t be able to study…promise u wouldn’t cry again”
A wipes her tears
A: ” Naitik i promise…i wouldn’t….but u please focus on ur exams…make ur parents proud”
N: ” take care….i will come to meet u at night… miss u”
A ends d call
he opens his books and begins to study

Rajshri and Vishabharnath talk against the Singhania family
they see Akshara hearing them and they get silent
Rajshri walks to her
Akshara acts if she has not heard anything
Rajshri makes her sit beside her
” Akshara that family is not good for u….Naitik is a nice guy but his family…i can not believe that Naitik is their son…he is so well mannered but his Bhabhima what does she think of herself….? how can she give us gifts…what does she think we can not buy such expensive gifts”
A shouts: ” just stop it ma….for God’s sake….please stop it…i beg u….if u don’t like them…fine! but please do not talk against Bhabhimaa…i know her….she is not bad….in fact she is very nice….and the gifts u know what was inside d gift boxes….wait lemme tell u…there was an engagement ring in one of those boxes…and d box which u threw on d floor had ”Geeta” in it and the 3rd one had a God idol in it”
Rajshri feels ashamed

Vishambharnath: ” what? God…how could we do this???”
Rajshri: ” i will apologize them”
Rajshri calls BM
BM: ” what did u called?”
Rajshri: ” actually we wanted to invite u for dinner…..tonight with us….at a Golden Bird Restaurant”
BM: ” i m busy today”
Rajshri: ” behen jee…..please for Naitik…we should try to accept each other for our children”
BM agrees to come
the call ends
Akshara hugs her mom
at night Naitik comes to meet Akshara
Naitik asks Rajshri: ” aunty…can i take her with me for some time please?”
Vishambhar signs Rajshri to let them go
they leave

Naitik drives the car
Akshara turns on d music
she puts her head on his shoulder
Naitik stops d car

A looks up at him
” why did u stopped??”
” because i can not drive like this….”
Akshara pulls her head back…
Naitik puts his head on her shoulder
” i hope everything goes well tomorrow…..”
A takes his hand in hers
she gently kisses his hand

Naitik pulls his hand back much to A’s surprise
N: ” lets go for dinner”
A: ” i already had dinner”
N: ” but i haven’t”

Naitik and Akshara’s candle light dinner

PART 16:
Naitik removes d blindfold from A’s eyes
she opens her eyes slowly

WOW……They were standing in front of a pool
The poolside was a sight to behold.
It was decorated completely with fairy lights…… a small table with chairs are on either side and decorated with candles held their dinner…….
Akshara: ” Naitik!”
Naitik gives her a box
she opens it…..
Naitik asks her to go and change

she comes back wearing a beautiful black saree…… embellished at the borders with black and silver crystals….. N looked at her from top to bottom making her blush……..
her milky white skin contrasting with the black of the dress…
she walked to him and hugged him
” i love u”
He hugged her back holding her firmly to…. him his hands resting on her bare waist……… He reached over and tucked an errant strand of hair behind her ear and then leaned in
and kissed her on the spot where her shoulders and neck meet..
Naitik: ””You look beautiful. Can dinner wait?”
Akshara blushes
” i have already eaten my dinner”
” ….and i m no longer hungry for food”
A turned her back to him

Naitik slide her hair to one side
he planted a quick kiss on her back……..She turned around and looked into his eyes.
N tilted his head and leaned forward to kiss her lips…..but she blushed and hugged him quickly…..hiding her face on his chest….
she moves a step back and smiles at Naitik
her lips looking more prettier with that shocking red lipstick
A turns to run away but Naitik holds d end of her pallu
she asks him to leave it
N pulls her backwards by her pulling her pallu
until she hits his chest
Naitik kisses under her earlobe
she closes her eyes
she moans
Akshara: ” Naitik food is getting cold”
Naitik: ” ssshhhh…..let me love u”
he moves his hand to the pin which glued her saree to her body
he pulls out d pin

the pin drops to d floor and the ”tuck” of it races A’s heartbeat
N slides his hands down her shoulders
A: ” Naitik mom dad asked u come back soon….we should go back”
N: ” just 5 minutes more”
A: ” but…..”
before she could argue N pushes her pallu and it drops down
he spins her around staring at her stomach
it looked prettier and fairer in d orange glow of d candles
A leaned closer and placed a kiss on his lips and whispered against his cheek………
“I can’t wait to cuddle up with you in a blanket in front of a warm fire.”
A paused
and rested her head against his chest ………snaking her arms around his waist…….
“I love you.”
N smiled……

the families meet again

PART 17:
Naitik goes for his exams
it goes well
Akshara calls him
” how was ur paper??”
” it was good….aur? ready for our family fight again?”
” oh please Naitik don’t say so….i m praying a lot that this time our families like each other….maybe this would be our last chance….to try”

the families meet
Rajshri folds her hand and apologize to BM
” i m very sorry…i didn’t know that there was Bhagwan idol in the gifts…and…and Geeta”
BM holds her hand and lowers them
” please….do not apologize but yes u should have opened the gifts once before creating such a big issue”
Naitik: ” BM please let it be….forget it”
BM: ” moona it is not easy to forget”
Rajshri: ” i agree it is not easy…..but please try to”
BM nodes
Akshara asks everyone to sit down
Rajshri: ” we will order chinese this time”
she smiles at BM
BM: ” no please….order what u like…i will eat it”
N and A smile
N holds her hand from under d table
N: ” i think this meeting will go well”
A: ” me too…..but now leave my hand”
N: ” no i wouldn’t”
they stare at each other

Rajbanna cough purposely
N and A leave hands
Vishambhar to Rajbanna: ” after graduation, what are Naitik’s plan? he will do a job or continue ur business?”
Rajbanna: ” business what else??? it is my forefathers business….all our sons will work on it”
Vishambhar: ” that is not fair….i mean if anyone does not have interest in this business….u will still force him to work on it just because it is ur forefather’s work….i mean what if Naitik wants to do something else??”
Naitik: ” no uncle….i will work on with Singhania Diamonds…..i have seen my daddaji and dad working on it…..even Naman works there….and i will also work with it….not because it is our business but because i m inspired of it….i have seen my daddaji working so hard on it….i want to fulfill his dreams”
Vishambhar gets impressed
Akshara smiles
she thanks God that everything is going well
the food comes
BM serves Rajshri

she smiles and thank her
Devyani: ” Naitik is still studying….his exams have started….he will soon complete his BBA….then we can decide his and A’s….i mean if everyone agrees….their marriage shall be fixed”
BM and Rajshri gets quiet
BM: ” we need some more time to think”
A: ” aur itna time….oops sorry.,…take ur time…..i m sorry”
BM eyes her angrily
A thinks
” pagal….itni besabari agar BM ko meri baat boori lag gai toh….yeh shadi kabhi nahi honi phir toh”
BM: ” beta i wouldn’t take much time…just a day…..theek hai na Rajbanna?”
Rajbanna: ” as u say Bhabhimaa….ap baari hain”
Rajshri: ” we will also give our answer in one day”
they get up
N and A get worried
N: ” what do u think….yes or no???”
A: ” can’t say Naitik…..lets hope for d best”
N holds her hand and looks at her lovingly
Rajbanna asks Naitik to come
he nodes
A: ” bye….love u”
N: ” me too…..bye….”
he leaver her hand and walks away
A tries to figure out Rajshri and Vishambhar’s opinion about N’s family
but they do not say anything
they walk to their room
A bites her lower lip
” Please God….it should be a YES”
N tries to study but he just couldn’t
he kept thinking what will be his family’s answer
he closes his books
” God….what to do????? how to study!!!”
N beats his head on his book

N’s exam goes bad
will he be able to pass??

PART 18:
Naitik makes coffee and tries to study
the moments of last night with A beings floating in his head
he washes his face
and sits back to study
” does a bouncing ball posses SHM??”
N reads the answer
the ”YES and NO” floats in his head
he closes d books
N: ” agar meri family ya Akshara ki family ya dono families ne iss rishte ke liye ”NO” bol diya toh……phir hum kya kare ke…..”
N sees A’s name flashing on his phone
he takes d call and walks near to d window looking at d moon outside
A: ” r u studying well? do not think about the answer so much….jo bhi hoga wohi hamari kismat hogi….u just study”
N: ” i m trying to…..bus dua karna pass ho jao”
A: ” ho jao ki….aur woh bhi bohut ache marks se…i m sure….”
N: ” have u seen the moon tonight???”

A: ” how to u know? i m standing in front of d window”
N: ” even me too……m looking at d moon…it is just like u so shinny…so bright…so beautiful and so far away just like u”
A: ” Naitik,… this romantic talks…and go study…bye!”
N: ” ek minute…wait… u toh bol do”
A: ” go Naitik study…jab pass ho jao ke toh love u bolo ki”
she ends d call and blushes
N walks back to his books
Next morning
Devyani feeds N sugar and yogurt
he goes for d exam
A calls him after paper
” kesa howa naitik??”
” Akshara meine nahi pass hona….bohut boora paper howa hai….18 bhi nahi ane”
” Naitik…Naitik…sshhh…please do not say that…i m sure 18 toh a hi jae ke…..please Naitik do not worry”
N ends d call
and he sees A in front of him
she hugs him
N: ” how did u come here so soon??? i mean u were on phone with me and now here/?”
A: ” i was on d way while talking to u….”
she pulls herself out of his embrace

she notices him worried
she cups her face……stretching her body she kisses on his forehead
A: ” I LOVE U”
N: ” mera paper acha nahi howa phir i love u kyun bola??”
A: ” paper ka mere pyar se koi rishta nahi hai….mein toh hamesha tumse pyar karti thi…aur karo ki….koi paper….koi test…koi answer mera pyar kaam nahi kar saaktha….jo bhi hoga kal….yes or….or no….i will always love u only….only u”
she hugs him again
N’s phone rings
he takes d call
A: ” kon tha??”
N: ” boji….he was asking about d paper…i said acha nahi howa”
A: ” pass ho jao ke… not worry so much”
N: ” lets go….”
Next day
it was the day of answer
YES or No???
Mahesawaris come to Singhania House
both d families looked very serious
A goes to stand with Naitik
Rajshri asks her to come here and sit with her
she nodes
N gets tensed as his result was about to come home
actually his result was to come on parcel
N thinks
” agar mein fail ho gaya toh Akshara ki family ne mujhe reject kar dena hai…..please result late ho jae….aaj na parcel ho….”
the door bell rings
N gasp

he goes to open d door
it was his result
he signs on d sheet and brings d paper inside
N hides it behind his back
Rajbanna: ” open it…lets see how much u scored”
N: ” we will see that later…..”
Vishambhar: ” open it now..even i want to see how good u r in studies”
Vishambhar takes d parcel from his hand
he opens it
N closes his eyes in fright
A looks on

Vishambhar reads N’s result

Credit to: Kiran AND aHTAYYAB Iqra Zainab Umer

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