Marriage decorator Natik Akshara parts 13 AND 14


PART 13:
N swims in the river
the police shouts via louder speakers warning Naitik to come out otherwise they will have to take action against him
Naman and Rohan arrive there as well
they get worried hearing N is in d water
N swims more and sees a body near a broken boat maybe that boat had stopped the body from swimming further away
N didn’t know who it was but he could tell she was a woman
as her long hair were floating on d water waves
N swims to her
he turns the body and hugs it happily
N puts her head on his chest
” i knew it i will get u back Akshara….i m so happy”
he takes her wist in his hand and checks her pulse
” thank u God..thank u so much…my Akshara is alive”
N takes A out
everyone gets glad seeing them
N puts her on d land
and shakes her body
Police: ” well done man…but it was risky….kya lagati hai tumari jo tumne itna kiya iske liye….biwi hai?”
N: ” biwi bhi ban hi jae ki”
police: ” take her to d hospital….she needs treatment”
N lifts A in his arms
Rohan and Naman help him put her in d car
doctor examine Akshara and appreciate Naitik that he saved her on time otherwise she could have died….
N: ” can i meet her?”
Doctor: ” sure….go”
N walks to her
A: ” Naitik….come to me”
N with tears walks to her
he sits on d bench beside her bed….
he looks at her for a moment
and then places his head on her shoulder
A: ” Naitik…..please don’t cry….”
N: ” i was so scared….the last 20 hours were like death for me…i missed u each second”
A takes his face in her hands
A: ” Naitik ghar pe sab theek hai…what did ur parents said after what happened on d airport?”
N: ” u rest….we will talk about that later”
A holds his arm
A: ” tell me….did they asked u to stay away from me???”
N kisses her forehead
” no Akshara….they r ready for our marriage after my graduation and yes job….i mean dad ka business but they want to meet ur family and ask their permission”
A smiles
A: ” i will ask my family to meet ur family….do not worry….as long as we r together nothing wrong can happen…..look i m back…and it is all because of u..u r my life saver….i m so thankful to u…Naitik u r like a God for me….thank u Naitik….everyone can not do this….mujhe toh pani se wese hi darr lagta hai”
N smiles
Rohan and Naman knock
A asks them to come in
Naman: ” BM and Devyani ma were praying for u since they heard abt d news”
A: ” i m back because of Naitik and your prayers
Rajshri and Vishambhar come there
A gets surprised seeing her parents
Rajshri hugs her and cries
” theek ho na beta??”
” han ma boji mein theek hoon”
” meri toh jaan hi nikal gai thi”
” mein theek ho…..Naitik hai na mere saath…”
Rajshri looks at Naitik
” Akshara who is he???”
” Ma i love him…..”
N and A’s family meet
singhanias dislike mahesawaris

PART 14:
2 weeks later
Naitik and Akshara’s family meet in a restaurant
singhanias decide to order chinese food
but Naitik knew that Rajshri does not like chinese
so he asks Naman not to order chinese
N: ” rajshri aunty u tell what shall we order?”
Rajshri: ” why not south indian?”
BM: ” what south indian….ek kaam karte hain thora sa chinese aur thora sa south indian order karte hain”
so finally chinese and south indian food is served
N eats south indian with Rajshri
while A decides to accompany Singhania family and eat chinese
Singhanias ask their driver to bring gifts from d car
A: ” BM gifts ki kya zaroorat thi??”
BM: ” small gifts hai…accept them”
Rajshri: ” we can not take gifts from u….i mean why shall we take gifts….that too from u….we still haven’t said yes for this relationship and jab tak koi rishta nahi hota gifts nahi leye ya diye jate”
A: ” ma please it is okay…..Rajkot mein sab ek doorse ko gifts dete hain….people here r very caring Mumbai ki tara nahi”
Rajshri looks at A angrily
” does that mean Akshara we r not caring as we didn’t bought gifts for them”
Devyani tries to control d situation
BM: ” that is strange….we r giving u gifts because we were happy to meet u…if u don’t want to take d gifts fine do not take”
she asks d driver to take d gifts back
Vishambharnath: ” behen jee….we know u r rich people but that doesn’t mean u give us such expensive gifts without any reasons”
BM: ” i was not giving u these to show i’m rich…..we don’t believe in such things…..”
A and N get worried
BM asks N : ” chalo ghar chalo…..”
N: ” BM please do not get angry…..uncle aunty please take d gifts….please”
Rajshri gets angry and throws d gifts away
A gets shocked
Rajshri: ” we do not need ur expensive gifts….Namaste”
she and Vishambharnath begin to leave
Rajshri: ” Akshara? will u come with us or not??”
A walks with them and turns back and sees Naitik
BM asks N: ” lets go….this marriage can not happen”
N gets sad
N and A on phone
A: ” Naitik we have only 4 more days to convince our families…..after 4 days me and my parents will go back to mumbai”
N: ” Akshara mere toh exams bhi shuru hone wale hain…yeh na ho apni shadi karwate karwate mein fail ho jao”
A: ” awww…Naitik do not worry…..i m sure my boyfriend will top in d exams”
N: ” thanks Akshara….but before those exams i need to pass my ”best son-in-law examination”
they laugh
A: ” Naitik i m sorry on behalf of my parents’s attitude….mom said so much to BM….she must be angry”
N lies saying she is not angry at all
while he see through his window that BM is talking against A’s family down in d hall
he ends the call
N talks to Gayatri’s picture
” ma help me….i can not live without Akshara…how to make both the families together… to make them like each other”
N and A try to bring the families closer

Credit to: Kiran AND aHTAYYAB

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