Marriage decorator Natik Akshara parts 10 11 12


PART 10:
Next morning
Naitik and Rohan wait outside Naitik’s room for Rituraj to come out
he opens d door and coming outside yawning
he gets surprised seeing them there
Rituraj: ” tum yahan?”
N: ” it is my home….and that’s my room so i can be here any time”
Rituraj: ” kya kaam hai?”
N: ” yaad dilana tha tumein ke aaj tumari wapisi hai….bohut ra liya mere ghar ab jao….aur yahan janne se phele Akshara ke boss ko phone kar aur bol ke tu apni complaint wapis leta hai….”
Rituraj: ” i would not call him”
Rohan: ” please Rituraj….this job is everything for A”
N stops Rohan
N: ” why r u begging him….he does not deserve to be talked to with respect…lemme handle him”
Rituraj and N look into each other eyes with anger
Sneha wakes and comes hearing their voices
Sneha to Rituraj: ” oh dear….call her boss and take d complain back….why to take her job from her…..where will she go if money stops coming in her home…please for me…take d complaint back”
Rituraj agrees and goes to make d call
N thanks Sneha
Sneha: ” always be with her….Akshara is a very nice girl….”
N goes to d airport unknown that his family has also planned to come to d airport
A was waiting outside d airport
N reaches there
A throws her handbags and runs to him
he opens his arms and A hugs him
N takes her face into his hands
” i will miss u Akshara”
” me too….”
N sees d charm bracelet on her wist and smiles
” take care of it”
” i will Naitik….it is like a diamond for me”
he takes A’s handbags and they walk inside d airport
they sit in d waiting area
N notices A is worried
N takes her hand in his
N: ” your boss is not firing u….everything resolved”
A surprised asks him
” but how?”
” they way u solved my college issues”
she puts her head on his chest
N looks around and whispers naughty
” Akshara everyone is seeing us”
” but nobody knows us here….”
N smiles and wraps his arm around her
Singhanias reach d airport with boxes of home made food for Akshara and Rohan
they look around for them…
N: ” Akshara u know i never thought Rituraj’s wedding could be so much fun…i mean we met….then we fell in love….then we romanced….and that was because of Mohit….i mean agar uss din usne mera dil na tora hota toh shayad mein itni weak feel na karta aur yeh sab na hota….but as it is said whatever happens…happens for good….his one lie and i got d best gift of my life”
A was by now in tears
N pushes her gently away from his chest wiping her tears by his thumbs
” no please Akshara…..”
” i m sorry….please…don’t be so emotional….”
N takes her hand in his and kisses it
Singhanias reach d waiting room and look around
N and A hear d announcement of d flight ready
they stand up from their seats
N: ” Rohan is coming….he will reach by d time loading starts”
A nodes
A hugs N
N wraps his arms tightly around her……
A too secures N’s waist tightly into her arms
she pulls herself out of his embrace and stares at him for a second..before again hugging him
they both could not just let it go
they wished this hug never ended……they never had to separate
Singhanias see N and A hugging and get shocked
N brushing his hand in A’s hair
N: ” please…..please do not go…cancel it…..please….Akshara i cannot live…….please..”
A tries to get free from his arms but he gripped his arms more tighter around her
A’s body ached by his grip but this pain was nothing in front of d pain her heart was bearing
her heart was hurting so much as if someone had put its foot on it and was smashing it
she wanted to scream and shout
shout that she loved Naitik so much
but all she could was just sob
Rajbanna to Devyani: ” what is all this??”
Devyani was just speechless
Bhabhima: ” i can not believe this….what is all this? and since when it is happening?”
Rashmi: ” i had a little clue of all this….i mean i had seen them staring each other during d wedding….but i thought it is just…my mistake”
BM walks angrily to N and A
BM: ” Moona?”
N and A free each other from their embrace
A: ” bhabhima….???”
N was holding A’s hand which he leaves as Rajbanna eyes him
N: ” boji….i was just saying her goodbye….”
Rajbanna: ” come home…we will talk about this at home”
he drags N away from A
N begs him to let him stay there until A does not board d flight
Devyani gives d food boxes to A
and the Singhanias walk out of d waiting room….taking N along them
N looks back as he was being dragged by his dad one last time at A
she too looked at him with tears
N waves at her
but before he could make her smile Rajbanna notices him waving
he lowers his hand and walks out
outside d airport
N frees his hand from Rajbanna’s hand and runs back inside d airport
the family follows him
he runs to where he had left Akshara
she was still there along with Rohan
N hugs her
she does not move her hands to N’s back
as she kept looking at his family behind him
she whispers: ” Naitik…..leave me”
he leaves her
Rajbanna: ” agar ho gaya ho toh ghar jale”
N goes
music plays
as Akshara and Rohan move towards d airplane and
N sits in d car with his family!
Seene mein, dhadkan ki
Zaroorat hai har ghadi
Jeene ko saanson ki
Zaroorat hai sabko hi
Usi tarah nadaan dil ko zaroorat hai
Mehboob ki, mehboob ki
Mehboob ki.. mehboob ki
Mehboob ki, mehboob ki
Mehboob ki.. mehboob ki
Will Akshara and Rohan survive?

PART 11:
Singhania Family comes home
Mishti was watching TV in the hall
Rajbanna: ” beta u go to ur room…elders need to talk”
she steps on d remote and changes d channel as she walks to her room
Rajbanna turns to face N
Rajbanna: ” what shall i ask u? how can u do this?? have u lost ur mind…u r just 21 Moona….u r still studying…focus on studies….not love”
BM: ” Moona humein love marriage se problem nahi hai….phele bhi ghar mein love marriages hui hai magar yeh waqt theek nahi hai….abhi tumein perhna hai….kuch banana hai”
N: ” i know BM…and even i m not asking u to marry me now….me and A has decided that we will wait until i don’t find a job…..we would not even think of marrying before that ”
BM: ” but what about Akshara’s family? Moona she belongs to a middle class family….we have no problem with that too…insaan acha hona jae aur kuch nahi….but we have never seen her family…pata nahi woh shadi ke liye mane ke ya nahi?”
N: ” i m sure they will agree….A will make d agree….do not worry…”
” Rajkot se Mumbai jane wali flight DE14848 has fallen in river….90 Passengers died, 150 are badly injured while 16 are lost”
Naitik gets shocked
BM: ” Akshara aur Rohan bhi iss flight mein the na?”
N runs taking his car keys
Naman follows him
Naman: ” bhaiya…i will drive”
Naitik: ” no….i will drive…..”
N sits on d driving seat and starts d car
they reach d airport
N tries to know about Akshara
a police officer tells him to go and see in d hospital….all dead bodies and injured r there
N and Naman reach d hospital
Naman finds Rohan in a ward with a bandage on his forehead and a plaster on his arm
Naitik: ” tum theek ho na???”
Rohan: ” yes…..”
Naitik: ” where is Akshara?”
Rohan: ” bhaiya i haven’t seen her….i just got conscious…i don’t know where is she and how is she”
Naman and N rush out to find A in other wards
they don’t find her anywhere
N breaks down
Naman hugs him
Naman: ” do not worry….we will find her…..”
Naitik: ” where is she???”
N hears a doctor telling d nurse to take the dead body to d MORTUARY
Naitik is asked to identify d dead body

PART 12:
Naitik shows Akshara’s picture to d doctor asking if he has treated her
Doctor looks at A’s picture
doctor: ” sir i think we have lost her…. u might find her in d mortuary”
Naitik moves a step back….Naman holds him
” bhaiya don’t lose hope…maybe he has mistaken someone else as Akshara”
they come to d mortuary
Naitik opens d door
he stops near a bed
he thinks of Akshara……
Naman holds his hand and brings it to near d sheet
they pull d sheet and that was not Akshara
Naitik smiles
the same happens with all d other bodies
none of the dead bodies was of Akshara
they walk out of d mortuary
Naitik goes to d temple
he prays for Akshara’s well being
Naman gets a call from home and he informs them about d situation
Rohan comes to them
Naman: ” u should rest…why have u come here?”
Rohan: ” i will help u guys in finding Akshara…i can’t lie there when my friend is in need”
the three join hands
Naitik talks to A’s picture
” we will find u…don’t worry…i will get to u very soon..i know u r alive….now i will come and get u from where u were lost”
N begins to leave
Rohan: ‘ where r u going?”
N: ” to the river….where d plane crashed…u guys still here….if she comes here call me….i will alone go there and find her”
Naman: ” but police has surrounded that area…how will u go?”
N: ” i will…..kese bhi per jao ka….aur apni Akshara ke saath wapis ao ka……”
Naitik walks out of d hospital
Naitik looks around d river
the police man stops him
” u can not enter here…..we r doing search operation here…still 16 people r missing”
Naitik folds his hands
” please sir….i need to go….she is there waiting for me….please”
the police stops him but he pushes d away and dives into d water
N swim in d water
finding Akshara everywhere
he gets d charm bracelet
” yeh Akshara ki hai”
he puts d bracelet in his pocket and swims further
N finds Akshara

Board exams are now dancing on my head!
I got my roll number today and now I will be busy in my exams
now I want to discuss the future of OS with u guys
I can do two things:
YOU GUYS WAIT TILL 11TH MAY 2016 because my exams will end on 11th may
Before also Os was incomplete due to this

Even Ahtayyab has school to attend

Credit to: Kiran AND aHTAYYAB Iqra Zainab Umer

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