Marriage decorator akshara Natik part 8


Rituraj sees A entering the house and stops her
everyone looks at Akshara
Rituraj: ” where were u?”
A: ” i m sorry….i had some work”
Rituraj: ” if i m not wrong…u r here to manage this wedding and what can be more important than the baraat”
A: ” but Rohan was here”
Rituraj: ” really….wow! thank u so much for not taking Rohan with u…..u both were sent here to manage the wedding not just Rohan is responsible for serving people”
N walks in too
BM: ” Moona?”
Rituraj claps loudly
” amazing…..Naitik Singhania where were u??”
N eyes him angrily
” Rituraj u have no right to ask me…don’t forget u r standing in my house”
BM scolds N
BM: ” Moona this house belongs to Rituraj too…he is my son like u”
N: ” sorry BM but i don’t find it important to tell him where i was”
Sneha walks to A
Sneha to her: ” Rituraj ji always said me that u r irresponsible and today u proved it… could u leave without telling anyone….my family didn’t get any respect in this wedding”
N comes between Sneha and A
N to Sneha: ” I took Akshara with me….to d hospital…i had an headache and i asked her to drive me to d doctor”
Devyani: ” Naitik sar mein dard tha toh mujhe bolte…”
Rituraj: ” ek minute…..headache can be cured by taking any medicine…what is d need to go to d doctor”
BM asks the same
N and A get speechless
N: ” i had headache since a week…so i thought i should go for a check up….but everything is fine….”
Rituraj takes out his mobile and makes a phone call
Rituraj: ” hello….is that Shekar Decorators? oh okay….i m Rituraj and i have a complain…your worker Miss Akshara left the wedding work in between and went to do her personal work….how can she be so irresponsible…r we paying for such people?? yes…please….yes fire her as soon as possible”
A is shocked to hear this
N takes d phone from Rituraj and ends d call
N holds his collar
A asks him to leave Rituraj
N: ” how can u be so selfish…..what was d need to calling A’s boss???”
A asks N: ” it is okay Naitik…my work was to handle d wedding and i didn’t do that well….i should be fired”
A folds her hand and apologize
She takes her luggage and leaves Singhania House
N goes after her
stops her
A: ” i can not stay here now…i will stay in a hotel tonight and go back tomorrow”
N: ” i m sorry…it all happened because of me”
A: ” it is okay Naitik….do not feel guilty…..bye”
A walks away
at night
Devyani shares her opinion with Rajbanna
” Rituraj did wrong…he should forgive A and ask her boss to take her back….we all know she is very hardworking and even today she went out for Naitik…..”
” u r right Devyani ji but we can do nothing……but we will surely go to see her off tomorrow at d airport….”
N was sleeping in d hall as Rituraj and Sneha were staying in his room for d night
N imagines A aside him on d mattress
he holds her hand
she disappears
Rohan walks to him
” bhaiya can i sleep with u???”
” han sure…come”
he lies behind Naitik
” bhaiya Akshara loves her job please do something…..what will her family eat if she is fired from her job?”
” Rohan i will talk to Rituraj tomorrow….Akshara proofed me innocent in my college now it is my turn”
Rohan gets naughty
Rohan: ” by d way….where were u and Akshara?? what were u guys doing??”
N smiles
N: ” wohi kar rahe the jo har jawan insaan karta hain doorse jawan insaan ke saath”
they laugh

Singhanias who come to d airport to see Akshara off finds N hugging A

Credit to: aHTAYYAB and Kiran IQra

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