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I am back but this time with an os..I hope u all like this little effort of mine..Thank u so much for the response u all r giving on my LOVE AFTER MARRIAGE-SEASON-2..I will post the next part of that ff soon…Till then enjoy this os..

This os is continuation from the serial track when Ragini’s truth is out but with some changes…Here Sumi didn’t go back to Gadodia house..She hates shekhar and Dadi for not trusting swara..Now let’s see what is gng to happen next.



Whole MF and GF are shocked after knowing Ragini’s truth…They r unable to believe that most innocent looking Ragini can try to kill her own sister…Silence prevailed in the whole maheswari mansion..Soon all came to senses hearing slap sound…They saw towards that direction and found Laksh looking towards Ragini with blood shot eyes…He held her shoulders tightly and spoke…

Laksh:Why did u do this Ragini..U know that i love swara then why did u do that..

Ragini(shouted):Becoz I love u laksh..Ha I did all these to get ur love..I can’t see u with this girl (pointing towards swara)…that’s why i did this..

Laksh:Ohh love right..u love me right..then I am telling..u won’t get ur love..not in this life..

Saying this he held her hand and throw her out of the house..Dadi caught her and helped her to get up..Dadi is abt to speak smthng but laksh closed door on their face…

Inside MM

After throwing Ragini out of the house laksh cane towards swara and spoke

Laksh:I am sry swara for not trusting u I am really sry..that time I was so angry on u that I married Ragini..But still I love u only swara…I love u so much (*Huhh love my foot*)..pls forgive me and come back to my life..we will forget our past and move on in our life..

Sanskar who is watching all the drama silently is now looking shocked completely listening laksh..but he kept quiet thinking that swara still loves laksh as he is her first love..But what he heard next made him happy..

Swara:Laksh I forgave u long back..but coming back to ur life is never gonna happen becoz I am married to sanskar and I am his wife now…

Laksh:But swara u love me right…

Swara:No laksh u r mistaken I don’t love u…infact I never loved is jst my attraction towards u..The day u left me and married Ragini I had cut all my ties with u..Now for me u r my husband’s brother and nothing else..

Saying this swara went towards her room angrily…Sanskar also followed her silently…All family members r happy listening swara’s words…Sumi who heard her daughter is smiling as she knows that sanskar will be perfect partner for her daughter as they have trust for each other with is most important in a relation..Soon she also bid bye to MF and went to her home with dida with peaceful and contented smile on her face…

Swasan Room

Swara entered the room and sat on the bed angrily…Sanskar also came behind her and saw her sitting on the bed angrily…Sanskar locked the door and went towards her..He sat on bed beside her and started speaking

Sanskar:Swara there is no need to do all these…I know we both r married but this marriage is just to prove the truth right…Now when the truth is out I will apply for divorce swara…Then u can go back to ur life..

Swara immediately stood up from the bed listening him and spoke:No Sanskar I know we both r married due to circumstances…But I don’t want divorce sanskar…

Sanskar:But swara I don’t want u to force urself for being in this marriage swara…

Swara:Sanskar for me Marriage is a promise ..marriage is a pious relation b/w husband n wife…marriage is understanding…(*Thank u deepu for these beautiful lines*) and I am not forcing myself in this marriage sanskar..I sincerely want to give this marriage a chance Sanskar..Sanskar I know i don’t love u at this point of time but I really love u as my best friend and I know that it won’t take much time for me to love u as my hubby…So I want to wait till that day sanskar..I want to have u by my side for my whole life as my life partner…will u give me that honour sanskar…

Sanskar is overwhelmed listening her and tears of happiness started flowing from his eyes…He took her in a bone crushing hug unable to withstand this happiness..Swara stumbled due to sudden hug but managed to balance herself and hugged him back..Soon sanskar realised their position and broke the hug…He started to speak to her..

Sanskar:I am sorry swara..I am so happy that I was unable to control swara…But seriously i love u so much swara…And coming to give time..I am ready to wait for my whole life to get ur love swara..Even if u don’t love me then my love is enough for both of us to stay happy swara…Saying this Sanskar kissed her forehead..Swara closed her eyes feeling his touch..

Soon both composed themselves and changed into their night clothes…Sanskar is going to sleep on couch asusual but swara stopped him

Swara:Sanskar woh..woh no need to sleep on couch…u can sleep on bed…I mean bed is big enough for both of us na..

Sanskar(amused):Swara r u sure

Swara(smiled):Ha sanskar I am sure…

Sanskar smiled at her and went towards his side of bed and slept…Swara also slept on her side of bed with a smile on her face thinking abt the days events…

Next Morning

It is again a beautiful morning for our swasan who r sleeping peacefully with smile on their face…Sunrays fall on our sanskar leading him to open his eyes…He opened his eyes wife seeing their positions…His head is in the crook of her neck and his hand is around her waist holding her tightly…His lips curved seeing his love sleeping peacefully like a child…Sanskar is admiring his wife’s morning beauty…His trance broke when he felt swara is waking up…He immediately closed her eyes to know her reaction seeing their position…

Swara opened her eyes and is about to get up but unable to get up due to weight on her waist…She saw in that direction and found sanskar holding her tightly as if she will go somewhere if he leave her…She blushed slightly seeing her possesive hubby…She slowly freed herself from his grip and pecked his cheek and ran towards washroom feeling shy…

Sanskar opened his eyes as soon as swara left…He touched his cheek with his hand and is smiling like an idiot thinking about her kiss…Soon swara came out of washroom after bath looking beautiful in her pink saree…..Sanskar is lost seeing her and is staring her like an idiot…Swara blushed feeling his gaze upon her…She went towards mirror and started wearing her accessories…When she is about to fill her maang sanskar stopped her and told

Sanskar:May I

Swara jst smiled and passed sindoor to Sanskar…He filled her masng with sindoor and adored her neck with mangalsutra…Then he kissed her forehead showing his love towards her..Swara closed her eyes feeling her hubby’s love upon her…After smtime both composed themselves and swara spoke..

Swara:Sanskar shall we go to temple..we both r gng to start our new life from I want to start my new life with u by taking the blessings of God..

Sanskar(smiled):Ok swara…just give me 5 mins..

Saying this sanskar went towards washroom to get ready while swara is cleaning the room…Soon sanskar for ready and both went down together…Whole family is happy seeing swasan together…They took blessings from elders…Laksh approached them and started speaking to swara..

Laksh:Swara I am sry for yesterday and also for everything…I did mistake by not trusting u..May be we both r not destined to each other..that’s why we r unable to marry…from now onwards I will not disturb u with my love swara..

Swara:Thank u laksh..

Laksh:But swara we can be friends na..

Swara:Sure laksh..

Saying this she smiled at him…Sanskar is also happy that everything is sorted…Soon swasan informed family and went to temple…

After some days..

Days r passing but with each passing day swasan are coming close to each other…Laksh didn’t accept Ragini and applied for divorce..Court asked them to stay together for 6 months so she is staying in MM..She is not changed and still feels jealous of swara…Sumi didn’t go back to Sekhar and is living in Bose house with Dida…Sekhar and Dadi being blind in Ragini’s love forgive her…Now after some days one day evng..

Evening time..

It is evening time and it is time for gents of the house to return from office…Ladies r busy in preparing tea and snacks for gents..Soon gents arrived home and sat in living room…Swara served water to everyone…After drinking water they retarded to their rooms to get fresh…in all these swara observed that sanskar is looking dull and pale…She thought he is tired and prepared ginger tea for him..

Swasan Room

She went to room with his tea and found sanskar sitting on bed with his head resting on headboard…Swara went towards him placed her hand on his shoulder…Sanskar opened his eyes feeling her touch…Swara started speaking…

Swara:Sanskar what happen…u r not looking well..

Sanskar:Swara I am fine…just little headache..

Swara:Whatt headache..Sanskar u could have told me before only na..Now lie down on bed I will apply balm so that u will feel btr..

Sanskar:Not on bed swara…I will lie somewhere else..



Saying this he made her sit on bed and placed his head in her lap..Swara smiled and started applying balm..Soon sanskar slept with smile on his face..Swara saw him sleeping and smiled…She ruffled his hair and pecked his forehead lovingly…Then she placed his head carefully on pillow and went down not before closing door…

MM Hall

Swara went down after making sanskar sleep…Seeing her coming down Ragini started her blabbering

Ragini:Swara where were u till now..u r daughter in law of this house swara…u shld be responsible na..u shld help maa and chachi in preparing dinner..instead of that u r taking rest in ur room..

Swara:Ragini i know very well what i shld do…no need to teach me..Understand..u concentrate on ur own life..

Ragini:Maa chachi ji did u see firstly she is not fulfilling the responsibilities of being daughter in law of this house and now see how she is speaking with me…Maa i am telling u in future she will speak like this to u also..that’s why u send her out of this house now only..

Laksh:Bas Ragini..u spoke a lot till now..but now pls stop is not swara it is u who must be gng out of this house within somedays..u r just an unwanted guest here so pls stay in ur limits…

Ragini:Laksh for this girl u r talking to me like this..

Laksh:She is not any girl Ragini she is my bhai’s wife and my bhabhi..understand..

Saying this he went from there angrily…Ragini also left from there feeling insulted..Swara turned towards Ap and sujatha and spoke

Swara:Badi maa mom I am sry woh sanskar is not feeling well so I stayed with him…

Sujatha(tensed):What happened to sanskar…

Swara:Mom nothing to wry jst little headache..He is sleeping now..

Ap:Take care of him beta..

Saying this Ap and Sujatha went from there..Swara went towards kitchen and preoared dinner for sanskar..She served his dinner and took towards their room..

Swasan Room

Swara went in their room and found sanskar sleeping like baby..She smiled seeing him and went towards him…She placed the plate in side table and started waking him..

Swara:Sanskar get up…u have to eat dinner..

Sanskar stirred a little in sleep and spoke:Swara let me sleep..

Swara:No sanskar get ur dinner and then u can sleep..

Saying this swara make him sit on bed forcefully and started feeding him..Sanskar is eating silently but suddenly smthing striked his mind…

Sanskar:Swara did u eat..

Swara:No sanskar first u eat I will eat later

Sanskar:No swara u eat with me..

Saying this he took a bite and forwarded towards her..Swara smiled at him and are from his hand..Soon they finished their dinner feeding each other…Swara went down to keep the plates in kitchen while sanskar is waiting for her..Swara came into room after sometime..She changed into night clothes and sat beside sanskar..Sanskar again placed his head in her lap and told

Sanskar:I love u swara…pls don’t leave me..I can’t love without u..

Swara(smiled hearing his confession):I will not leave u u sleep..

Swara started caressing his hairs lovingly..Soon he slept in his wife’s lap..Swara after confirming that he slept placed him on pillow carefully and slept beside him wrapping her arms around his torso…

After 6 months

6 months have been passed from the day Ragini’s truth is out…In these days many things have been changed..Ragini changed herself to old Ragini and laksh accepted to give their relation a chance as he don’t want to make marriage a joke by divorcing her…Swara also forgave Ragini but they r not SWARAGINI any more…Swasan’s relationship also have grt development..Swara loves sanskar a lot but didn’t realise yet…Sanskar’s love for swara increased and he also know that swara loves him but didn’t recognise her feelings yet..So he made a plan with the help of laksh to make her realise her feelings..


Morning 8 a.m

Swasan Room

Sanskar is seen getting ready for office while swara is cleaning the room…At that time sanskar called her and started speaking to her..

Sanskar:Swara today evng I will be late i am gng to meet my best friend..

Swara:Sanskar who is ur best friend..U never told me abt him

Sanskar:Arey swara my friend is not HE it is SHE..Her name is kavya..

Swara felt jealous hearing girls name for Sanskar’s mouth..but she composed herself and asked..

Swara:Sanskar are u both close to each other..

Sanskar:Ha swara we r so much close..u know we used to be together always when we were in our college..ev1 thought that we r in relationship with each other…(*Swara is burning with jealousy hearing him while he is enjoying her jealousy..He continued*)Acha swara I am gng..need to attend meeting..After that I should go for meeting kavya also

Saying this he went out of the room leaving jealous swara behind…After sanskar went out swara sat on the bed and started thinking..

Swara (to herself):Why am feeling jealous when sanskar is talking about a girl..why i am feeling so much possesive abt him..

While she is busy with her thoughts she heard a voice from behind..

Voice:Bcoz u love him..

Swara turned towards that direction and found laksh standing there with smile on his face…

Swara:Laksh what r u talking..

Laksh:Ha swara u love him..Acha we can do one thing to make u one thing close ur eyes and tell me whose face u r able to see

Swara closed her eyes and saw sanskar’s smiling face…Her lips curved into a big smile..She opened her eyes and looked towards laksh..


Laksh:No need swara..I understood u saw bhai’s face right..

Swara(smiling happily):Ha laksh I saw sanskar’s face..

Laksh:See I told u na..u love him..

Swara:Ha laksh…I love him..I love my sanskar..I will confess my feelings to him today only..

Laksh:ok swara..Btw I forgot r tell u we all r gng to papa’s friends attend his daughter’s wedding..As sanskar bhai can’t come u stay here with him so that u both can spend sometime together…

Saying this he went from there…Soon whole family left to attend the wedding…Swara also got busy in preparing surprise for her hubby..Like this time passed and it is evng..

Evening time

Sanskar reached home and found the door locked..He opened door with duplicate key as he knowams that whole family went to attend wedding(*He don’t know that swara stayed back *)…

Sanskar came inside and directly went towards his room to get fresh..He opened the door of his room and is shocked to see his room..Whole room is decorated beautifully with rose petals and aroma candles creating a romantic environment…Sanskar is looking around the room still in shock..

He came to senses on feeling a person hugging him from behind..He broke the hug and turned back only to see his wife standing there looking beautiful in her saree (*imagine the same saree which swara wore on her suhaagraat in serial*)..Sanskar is completely lost in her while swara is blushing feeling his continuous gaze…soon swara composed herself and went on her knees and spoke


Sanskar had tears in her eyes hearing her confession..He bent on his knees infront of her and spoke


Saying this he hugged her tightly..Swara also hugged him back…They broke the hug after sometime..Sanskar kissed her forehead then her eyes which r closed due to shyness..Then he kissed her both cheeks…Finally he gazed her lips and he looked towards her eyes for permission..Swara nodded her head in posetive and closed her eyes.Soon their lips met and they kissed each other passinately…They broke the kiss when they r out of breath..They joined their foreheads and told together

Swasan:I love u…

Soon they had their dinner feeding each other and sanskar stealing some kisses from her…Then they danced romantically..After dance Sanskar picked her in his arms and placed her on bed carefully and came on top of her and started kissing her…swara also responded to him equally..They broke the kiss when they r out of breath and sanskar looked towards her..Swara understood what he wants to ask and hugged him tightly…He smiled at her and started kissing her neck..Finally they consummated their marriage and their souls became one in all means…



Uff!Finally done with the os..this is the longest part I have written till now…

Thanks a lot my dear Kakali_SSC for helping me to write to this I and specially for giving such a beautiful title for this os…without u it could have been impossible for me to do this…Thank u so much kaku…Love u loads???

Let me know ur views abt this os through ur votes and comments….Posetive or negative comments accepted..

Take care:-)
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