Marriage By Curse- 5. IT WAS NEVER A DATE


Sanchi smoothened the end of her dress for the millionth time as though removing some invisible dirt. She was nervous and it was evident in her behavior. Her fingers fidgeted and they were aching to scratch her hands but she was keeping them busy by dusting her already dry cleaned and ironed dress.

I: Sanchi at this speed you will surely dust the color of the dress along with the ‘dirt’.

Pragya rolled her eyes at Isha and sighed.

P: Sanchi, he is your would-be-fiancé. You have to get used to put up with him. At least he made an attempt just look at our fools, already forgotten that they are going to be engaged.

She muttered the last line under her breath but Sanchi heard it clearly. She turned away from the mirror where she was staring at herself since the last one and a half hours to face Pragya.

S: It was not an invitation to a DATE! It was more of a formal dinner invite where business is going to be discussed. So don’t you get upset at least you both know how to deal with them, I have to figure out the way eventually.

Sanchi’s attention was drawn towards her phone which was vibrating and the screen flashed an unknown number. She frowned but picked up none-the-less.

S: Hello?

K: I have arrived. I am waiting in the parking.

S: I will be there in five minutes.

Sanchi hung up and rushed towards the mirror. She checked herself once again to see that everything was perfect. She was wearing a black dress which had designs from the top until her bosom and it fell in beautiful flits and stopped just above the knees. She paired it with black flats as she did not want to wear heels and her hairs were left open. She also did not apply any make-up, just the compact and lip gloss.


She breathed a nervous sigh and started making her way to the door.

I: Enjoy your DATE!!

She winked at Sanchi and Pragya looked a bit cautious.

P: Just think before doing anything.

Sanchi smile in assurance and went to the living room. There she saw Jaya sitting on the couch and reading a book. Jaya, on noticing Sanchi, put her book aside on the teapoy.

J: You look beautiful dear. Just don’t be out too late, okay?

S: Yes Mumma. Bye.

J: Bye.

Sanchi hugged Jaya and went away. As the lift was descending, her heart beats were accelerating. She was a nervous mess and her actions gave abundant evidences. Once the lift reached ground floor, Sanchi took in a deep breath and steadied herself. She walked out confidently and went straight to the parking for the visitors where she saw a white Porsche and leaning against it was her soon-to-be fiancé. He was clad in a normal suit which was a dark chocolate brown color. He was looking through his phone when he heard the footsteps. He put his phone away and saw Sanchi approaching. He looked at her from head to toe and approved of her dressing sense. She really had a nice one, always knowing what to wear when and how to carry the dress. Even the flats that she was wearing did not fail to compliment her dress. Lastly he saw her face which was illuminated with a confident smile. He nodded and went to open the car door for her side. She slid in quietly and muttered a small ‘Thank you’.

He stopped after about twenty five minutes of driving and Sanchi looked around to find the place where they were going to have dinner. She saw a beautiful Villa with a well kept and lush green surrounding.

She gazed at the Villa in awe and her mental appreciation was stopped when she heard the door besides her open. Kabir was standing there with the door wide open and waiting for her to come out of the car. She obliged at once and got out of the car not without muttering a ‘Thank you’ again.

K: This is my house. I live here when I visit Pune.

S: It is beautiful.

K: I brought you here because what I wanted to discuss cannot be risked with anyone hearing it. I wanted privacy and safety and thus I brought you home.

S: I wonder what you want to discuss that it has to be so private and confidential.

K: Let’s get in first.

Kabir went inside followed by Sanchi. The interior of the house was the same as exterior. It was warm and cozy in here and she felt very comfortable. Kabir gestured for Sanchi to sit on the couch and he went inside, probably in the kitchen. Sanchi looked around as she thought of the time back. She remembered Kabir and his family to be a normal middle-class family with sufficient money. She thought about the immense hard work he must have put in to reach where he is today. Glancing around she noticed the absence of any family photos but she thought that the photos would be in his house back in Mumbai where he actually lived. Her chain of thoughts was broken when she heard Kabir call for her.

K: The dinner is ready. Come.

Sanchi followed Kabir through a narrow hallway into the lavish kitchen. She saw a small island with food dishes adoring it. Two chairs were laid on either side of square marble and a blood color cloth was laid on it. She was confused but she sat on the chair that was pulled out by Kabir. They had their dinner in silence. Sanchi did not understand that she was hungry until the first morsel made its way into her mouth. She savored the taste of it trying very hard not to moan.

Kabir watched her intently as she started eating. There was this grace that she had in all her actions. The way she slipped in and out of the car, the way she handles herself, her dress, it was just commendable. He was thankful that the grooming classes were now off the list of discussion. He had made up his mind to be honest with her and honesty was the only thing that he would expect from her in return. He saw Sanchi giving him a smile. He nodded and Sanchi stared at him with her head tilted.

S: Don’t you smile? I am not talking about your fake one but a real smile.

K: Honestly, No. I do not smile.

S: That is weird. Don’t you feel happy when something good happens to you or your loved ones?

K: I feel admiration.

Sanchi stared at him with an open mouth. She was speechless after hearing his response. He was very different from any other man that she had ever met before. She smiled an even brighter one and shook her head. It would be fun for her to have a conversation with him.

S: Okay, what were you going to discuss?

K: I wanted to discuss about our relationship.

S: Relationship? As in terms?

Kabir nodded and Sanchi frowned but still she decided to keep her questions to herself and listen to him first.

K: I want you to be truthful and honest with me. Also for the discussion that is going to be followed, I want us to be straightforward with each other.

Sanchi nodded as she fully agreed with him. If she was to carve her own path at least she should have some knowledge of the path.

K: First, I want to brief you about my world. It is very different from a normal world. People are always on your backs and they catch hold of you even for one slight mistake. They are sweet on your face and the moment you turn your back towards them, they spite your mere existence. It is a world where ego becomes so big that even crimes like murder are equivalent to pebbles that can be kicked off easily. Lastly, the one in power is the one who has maximum enemies, the one with whom everyone wants to have contact and the one whose position wants to be claimed by many. There is constant delusion around us and for this reason I want to have a place where I see honesty and I want that place to be my home.

S: You said that ego becomes very big in your world, so that means you have a big ego too.

K: We need to have one if we want to be the champions of this race. We cannot be grounded or down to Earth with everyone.

S: What if your ego comes in between our relationship?

K: I will not bring it in between us but if at times you feel that I am becoming egoistic, you have the responsibility to tell me and help me in improving myself.

S: The great Kabir Kapoor will need my help? That does not sound correct to my ears.

Sanchi joked and Kabir shook his head in amusement. At least he would have a sound minded wife to talk with not the bimbos, also known as wives that are commonly found in their strata of society.

K: Well then I will be needing help of the great Mrs. Kabir Kapoor at that time so it does very appealing to my ears.

Sanchi laughed lightly and grew a bit red on hearing him. He had some sane sense of humor.

K: Moving onto the next one, I will protect your dignity from everyone out there who does not like you and mind me when I say there will be plenty. Some will not dare to do anything to you but some people just like to angry me and hence they can use you for that purpose.

S: What about you?

Sanchi asked cutting in between Kabir. He looked puzzled and he raised his eyebrows in question.

S: My dignity from you.

K: From me? What do you mean?

He asked with a calm face. He knew by now that Sanchi was not a mindless girl. If she said something like this then there has to be a reason for it.

S: I have seen many men yell at their wives when they are alone and as soon as they have company, they behave as if their wife is the only one in their life. I cannot stand disrespect towards me especially coming from my husband in public or private. I have a self esteem and I would not stake that at the cost of satisfying my husband’s ego.

She explained calmly as she had a feeling that Kabir would listen to her as he did not shout on her for stopping him in the middle or for asking a question like this.

K: I give you my word Sanchi that I will not disrespect you in any way. Business runs on promises and here I make you one to always keep your dignity higher than mine.

Sanchi smiled and shook her head.

S: Not higher but equal to yours. I want a relationship where we stand side by side and not ahead or in front of each other.

Kabir was astonished as he discovered something new about her every time he conversed with her on a different topic. He was intrigued by her personality.

K: The last one is a bit intimate. I hope that you are not uncomfortable.

Sanchi took in a breath and nodded slowly.

K: I know that this marriage has been forced on us but we do not have any other option but to commit for a lifetime. I am a man Sanchi and I have my needs. I can control for months but to leave my pleasurable activities for a year, I will not be able to do it. I do not want to commit infidelity and I would love to derive this pleasure from my lawfully wedded wife.

Sanchi stared at him for a few seconds and then spoke in a very low voice.

S: I cannot be your s*x toy Kabir. I will give this relationship a chance from every possible aspect but I do not want to be treated as an object of pleasure and then an arm trophy to show the world. I want to have some place in your life and a respectable one.

K: I will never think so lowly of you. I know enough about you to draw that conclusion so do not worry. I will also give this relationship a chance from every possible aspect.

Sanchi gave him a small smile and her fingers fidgeted with the hem of the cloth on the Island. Kabir noticed her body form change from comfortable to tense. He waited for Sanchi to speak out but she just lowered her gaze and started admiring the tiles.

K: What is it Sanchi?

S: Huh?

K: I know that you want to speak something. Do not be hesitant.

S: I wanted to tell you that….. I am not experienced in the matter.

Kabir smirked and took a large gulp of his drink.

K: That’s good. I can mould you the way I want you to be.

Sanchi turned bright red and hid her face. Kabir gave out a genuine smile but wiped it off before Sanchi could see it.

K: Do you want to clarify anything else?

S: I want us to be who we are in front of each other. I do not want any charade to be put up in between us. A relationship is to accept the other half as the way they are, so I want a promise from you to be yourself with me and I promise you the same.

Kabir nodded his head in approval. He was already himself tonight with her. He has never been this straight and honest with anyone other than his friends but now even Sanchi was counted in the list.

S: Why did you want to discuss this in privacy?

K: You will know in due course of time.

Sanchi frowned but did not push into the matter anymore.

K: Why did you choose to become a wedding planner?

S: That’s for me to know and you to find out.


Kabir escorted Sanchi to his car. As soon as he was going to open the door of her side, Sanchi stopped him.

S: I am not handicap; I can do this by myself.

K: It is an unspoken tradition of a gentleman to open the door for the lady and hold it for her.

S: Well I appreciate your gentle manners but I like doing my work on my own.

K: Okay, but when we are in public you will not do it on your own.

S: Fine with me.

Sanchi slid inside the car and the ride towards Sanchi’s home was in silence again. On reaching, Sanchi came out and waited for Kabir to come out too. He accompanied her till the steps of her apartment. Sanchi stopped and extended her hand for a hand shake.

S: Deal Mr. Kabir Kapoor.

Kabir took her small palm in his large one and shook it firmly.

K: Deal Ms. Sanchi Mishra.

Sanchi turned to leave and waved a good bye before stepping inside the lobby which was reciprocated warmly. Sanchi was now confident and clear as she had a more refined picture of the new Kabir.

Kabir on the other hand was relieved and stunned at the same time. He was shocked to see the head strong personality of Sanchi and was relieved to know that she was witty enough to have a great conversation with his partners and not be his arm trophy.

Sanchi reached home and her friends were still at her house.

I: So how was the DATE?


P: Any advances?

S: Yes. I got to know him more personally and that helped me a lot to think positively about our future.

Isha and Pragya teased Sanchi and she shrugged it off. Jaya pulled Sanchi towards the corner.

J: I know that the dinner went well. Sanchi you must give this a chance with pure dedication. It will be good for the both of you.

Sanchi smiled and nodded her head in positive. Her phone started ringing and she saw the caller ID. It was Kabir. She excused herself and picked up the call.

S: Hello.

K: Sorry I forgot to tell you that tomorrow my sisters and their families are going to come see you. They have got the news so please be ready by one in the afternoon.

S: Okay.

Sanchi was shocked and nervous that his parents were going to come. His sisters were awesome as she had known them from school time but she was nervous about his parents. How would she cope up with everything happening so quickly?


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