Marriage By Curse- 11. THE FIRST EXPERIENCE


(Warning: The chapter ahead contains EROTIC SCENES and SMUT. Please do not read if you are not comfortable.)

It was almost 2:00 am when the reception was over. The management company was winding things up and cleaning the area. Sanchi and Kabir got in their car and went home. Sanchi sighed as she relaxed against the soft car seats and took her heels off. Her legs were aching from all the standing and her cheeks were also aching from the fake smiling. She closed her eyes to relax a bit when a sound brought her out of her small nap. It was Kabir’s ringtone. He attended the call without an ounce of irritation audible in his voice. Sanchi turned her attention towards the passing night scenery but she could still hear their conversation. From the talks it seemed to be from one of the guests who were invited to the reception but could not make it due to one reason or the other. They reached their house and Sanchi waited for Satish to open the door as she needed help with her heavy dress. She collected her dress in her tiny fists and as she was about to step out of the car, a hand came in her view. She looked up to see Kabir who stood with his hand outstretched to help Sanchi while still talking on phone. She passed him a grateful look to which he replied by nodding. He gestured her to go inside the house while he stood near the door, conversing with the third guest who could not come to their party.

Sanchi silently walked inside the house and was instantly greeted by a maid in her mid forties. The maid showed her the room where all her luggage was already present. Sanchi smiled at the maid and asked her help to remove the tiny buttons on her back. Once Sanchi was free from the dress, she grabbed a violet colored night gown that lasted up to her mid thighs. The material was silk and it was loose and comfortable.

Sanchi went inside the washroom to change. She removed all the makeup and freed her hair from the intricate and beautiful bun. Sanchi then hesitantly opened the door of the washroom but found the room empty. She was thinking that Kabir would be present in their room but it seemed like his talk had not yet ended. She sat down at the soft king sized bed and began to worry over things that were not in her control. She fidgeted with the hem of her gown as she kept thinking about the night ahead. Some part of her brain was scolding her for accepting his proposal and the wild side of her brain was excited. It made her feel nervous and jittery all together.

She felt her mouth go parched and she wanted water at the moment to calm herself down a bit. She searched for the jug of water on the night stand only to find it empty. She took the jug with her and opened the door slowly. She made her way down the stairs towards the kitchen which she had seen while entering the house. She opened the fridge and gulped half the bottle down her throat and sighed. It felt good. She filled the jug of water and turned to come face to face with Kabir. He had removed the coat, tie and waist coat of his three piece suit leaving him in his pants and plane white shirt. He had rolled the sleeves of his shirt up till his elbows showing off his vein adored muscles. Sanchi gulped as she saw him staring at her from top to bottom. She suddenly felt self conscious. He took a step forward towards Sanchi and she lowered her gaze but did not move from her place. She felt Kabir’s hands hold her forearm and slowly slide down to her wrists. He took the jug of water from her shaking hands and kept it on the kitchen counter behind her.

Sanchi felt his hot breath on her neck as he leaned to keep the jug filled with water on the kitchen counter. Her breathe hitched and she closed her eyes as she felt the warmth radiating from his body. She kept her eyes closed and tried to calm her wildly beating heart as she heard him move. She opened her eyes after a while of not hearing any movements. ‘Had he left?’ was her thought as she opened her eyes but as soon as she did so, warm pair of lips descended on hers. She gasped at the unexpected and Kabir took the advantage of her surprise to slip his tongue inside her mouth. Sanchi had kissed before but never had she allowed them to cross the line. She had never tried to French kiss someone and hence she did not know what to do! She lost all the ability to think rationally as she felt Kabir’s tongue explore her mouth. His hands held her face in a proper angle and her hands were on his chest. She thought about how good his tongue felt and she tried to imitate his actions. She urged her tongue to touch his.

Kabir was enjoying the kiss as he hastily moved his tongue inside her mouth. He wanted to taste everywhere in her mouth. She tasted of sweet roses and he just could not get enough of her. He was amused as he felt Sanchi’s tongue meet his, stopping his demonstrations. He realized that she was trying to imitate his actions. He was the one who liked to control in situations like this but he let her try for he knew that this was her first time. He pulled his tongue back and Sanchi nibbed at his bottom lip and he opened his mouth for her. Not having to worry about the angle anymore as she seemed to be fast learner, Kabir’s hands left her face and wrapped around her waist as he pulled her closer.

Sanchi hesitantly meet his tongue only for him to pull back. She seemed confuse as she could not understand why he did that. She still thought to carry on thinking that Kabir would stop her if she did anything wrong. She kissed his bottom lip as she remembered him doing so before entering her mouth. As soon as she did that, Kabir opened his lips and Sanchi slipped her tongue inside his mouth. He tasted of mint and Sanchi just iterated his actions. She felt his hands travel down from her face to her waist and pull her closer. She felt him move her till her back touched the wall. She was starting to get breathless and Kabir sensed that. He immediately let her go but his lips descended down her throat to her neck.

Sanchi tried to regain her breathe but Kabir’s lips on her neck and throat were of little help. She moaned as she felt him suck on a certain part near her neck. He then descended to kiss her collarbone and Sanchi closed her eyes as soft moans escaped her lips and her grip on his chest tightened as she held small fists of his shirt. Kabir’s hand moved from her waist to her hips and down to the length of her dress. He slipped his hand inside her loose night gown and roamed them over her soft thighs which earned him a gasp and a louder moan from Sanchi. His urge to take her against the wall was strong but he knew that she was not ready yet. This was her first time and he wanted her first time to be on a comfortable soft bed. He gathered his wildly running emotions and gently picked Sanchi up in bridal style.

Sanchi squeaked in surprise at his sudden gesture and tightened her hold on his neck. She did not question him as to where he was going as she had lost all the ability to speak. All she could summon from her mouth right now were breathless pants and moans. She saw that he was climbing the stairs to go their room. She took this time to calm her ragged breathing. She inhaled and exhaled deeply for two times before she found herself in their room. ‘How did he reach so fast?’ her thoughts were cut short when he placed her on the middle of the bed and pushed her on her back gently before getting on top of her. He unbuttoned his shirt with such a speed that Sanchi was left gawking at him. In seconds his shirt was thrown across the room to a dark corner. Next he unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. He was only left in his boxers that were tight as hell. He tugged at the hem of Sanchi’s gown and pulled it over her head and threw it on the floor along with his shirt and pant. Sanchi felt conscious as she was almost naked in front of Kabir with her undergarments only. She saw him staring at her body and a look of appreciation was evident in his eyes as his mouth turned into a smirk.

Kabir smirked as he stared at Sanchi’s perfect body. She was not too skinny and not too busty. She was just the correct fills in the proper area as he had imagined. He bent his head down to hers and kissed her again. Sanchi roamed her hands through Kabir’s soft black hairs as she kissed him back. Her moans muffled as their lips were connected. Kabir broke the kiss and let his lips roam near her collar bone and down at the top of her br*ast. Sanchi shivered as she felt Kabir’s lips near her mounds. He slipped his one hand on her back and skillfully unclipped her bra. He threw the silky black piece at a random corner of the room and saw her beautiful bosom. Her mounds were full and her buds were also tightened and pink. He cupped her full mounds as they fit into his hands perfectly. Sanchi moaned as she felt Kabir press his hands and massage her br*asts. She gasped as she felt him suck at her nipples. She moaned loudly as he continued his sweet torture. She felt his hand travel down towards her body and more down till they reached the ends of her silky black panties. He tugged them down with his hands till they reached her thighs and then kicked them off with his legs, all the while his lips never leaving her bosom. She moaned loudly as she pulled his hairs from pleasure.

Kabir’s hand skimmed over her sensitive womanhood. He felt Sanchi’s already hoarse breathing dishevel as he stroked her clit with his fingers. He then entered his fingers into her folds and started to move them slowly as he gave her time to adjust. Sanchi’s pleasure reached new heights as she felt his hands touch her where no one had ever touched her. She felt his hands go inside her and she moaned loudly while she arched her back causing her chest to push out. Kabir slowly moved his finger inside her and felt that she started to get wet. He added a second finger and increased his pace as he moved them inside her. Sanchi felt a strange sensation build up in her stomach. She felt as though a ball of pleasure was forming inside her core. She just moaned loudly and her hands gripped the sheets tightly as she felt that the ball inside her explode and submerge her in a tsunami of pleasure. Kabir knew that she was losing herself and just as he plunged his two fingers inside her and curled them, he felt the hot liquid inside her spill. He knew now that she was wet and prepared for him.

Kabir pulled his fingers out as he allowed Sanchi to relax before the climax. He pulled his boxers down and saw Sanchi stare at him with wide eyes and horror. Sanchi saw Kabir standing in all his naked gory with a certain part of his standing straight in attention. She looked down to see his huge part. ‘How was it going to fit?’ Was her first thought as she stared at him in fear. He leaned down again as he adjusted his position. He felt Sanchi’s body go tense. It would hurt more if she was not relaxed and so he tried to calm her.

K: Sanchi just relax.

He said but nothing seemed to work. He had never taken anyone’s virginity but he knew just what he had to do if he wanted this to hurt as less as possible. He bent down and kissed her fully on the lips again. He then trailed his kisses down to her sweet spot that he had discovered a while back. He kissed her on the spot and he instantly heard a moan indicating that her mind was hazy with other things. He took this opportunity and thrusted inside at once, filling her with him completely. Sanchi was so lost in the kisses that she cried out loud when she felt him break her innocence and fill her fully. She dug her nails into his shoulder as she cried from pain. Kabir wiped her tears with his thumbs and kissed her softly. He waited for Sanchi to adjust to his size and when he saw that she was at a little ease, he started to move.

Sanchi felt the pain dull out as pleasure surged through her body. She moaned loudly to the point of almost shouting as she felt him move inside her. Kabir cursed as he felt himself inside her sleek heat. She was so tight and so silky that he could not help but grunt as he moved inside her. Sanchi felt the ball of pleasure build again as her moans grew louder. After a few thrusts, she had the familiar feeling of the explosion and this time she moaned loudly as she felt darkness consume her for a few seconds.

S: Kabir…

Sanchi moaned as she orgasmed and Kabir’s speed picked pace. He loved how his name rolled from her tongue and this made him to push harder. He could feel that he himself was on the verge of losing and he quickened his pace. After some thrust he felt Sanchi orgasm once again and he also spilled himself inside her with a low groan.

Sanchi felt him move faster and she could feel that she was going to lose it for the third time tonight. She spilled herself and felt the warm release of Kabir inside her.

Kabir lay on top of her for a few minutes with their labored breaths filling the silence of the room. He pulled out of her and rolled to her side. He had never been with such naturally responsive woman before. All the bimbos that he had his way with before would just be stiff as board and here Sanchi was who melted in his every touch. He had liked it today. It was his first experience of taking someone’s virginity and he was glad that that someone was his wife. He turned to look at Sanchi and found her fast asleep. He smiled a rare one and covered her naked body with the sheets as he got out of the room as sleep was far away from him.

Sanchi caught her breath as she thought about her recent activities. She blushed a little and remembered the feeling of him; inside her, touching her and kissing her. She felt happy and contented. Her first experience was awesome but at the same time tiring as she felt her eye lids get heavy and soon she dozed off to sleep.

Sanchi groaned as she opened her eyes to the soft melody of music. She roamed her hands on the other side of the bed but frowned on not finding Kabir near her. She got up and blinked her eyes to remove the last winks of sleep as the sounds got a bit louder. She looked around but on not finding any signs of Kabir, she decided to follow the path of the music. She pushed the silky sheets aside and exposed her naked body to the chilly winds. She threw a glance around to find her night gown but it was far away from her sight in a dark corner. Her lower abdomen ached a bit but she moved around and found a white robe in the bathroom. On wearing it she realized that the robe was Kabir’s as it was very big for her and his natural smell of musky wood and unknown spices lingered on it. She quickly tied the knot on the robe and made her way outside the room and down the staircase. The sounds got more prominent as she went to an unknown portion of the hall. While searching for the sound, she realized that she had not yet had a tour of the house in which she was to spend the rest of her life! She shook her head and approached a hollow in the hall where the moonlight was streaming in from the large floor to ceiling windows. She saw Kabir playing a piano while he was in his trek pants that hung low on his hips.

She was amazed as she did not know that he could play a piano and that too this well. The only time she had ever seen anyone playing a piano live was when she had visited Rishub and he had taken her to a five star hotel for dinner. She had absolutely loved it and had expressed her desire to learn one. Now she saw her wish coming true. She silently stood at the entrance and watched him play. His eyebrows were furrowed in concentration and his fingers glided skillfully on the keys as he played a soothing tune. She saw that the muscles on his back and hands ripped as he moved his fingers and felt something deep inside her steer. She ogled at his heavenly built upper body with desire as she let the music carry her to a different world. She leaned herself against the wall and watched her husband as he played. She saw that his face looked calm and relaxed as he play and that brought a smile on her face.

His eyes meet with her hazel brown one after a few minutes of her standing and staring at him. He stopped playing as he took in his wife’s appearance. She was leaning against the door with her hands in the pockets of the oversized robe which was his. She was staring at him with desire and her lips were curved in a small smile. Her eyes were distant as though she was lost somewhere and her trance broke as he stopped playing.

Sanchi was brought back from her world when she did not hear the music. She looked to stare straight at Kabir’s black eyes with green visible in them due to the shine of the moon light. His eyes were beautiful and she could stare at him for hours at stretch.

K: Did I wake you?

He asked as he stood up from his seat and walked towards her. Sanchi got the full view of his muscled chest and she drooled over it for a few seconds before folding her hands over her chest and standing straight.

S: No.

She replied as his eyes bent down to her cleavage which was visible due to her current actions. As the robe was much bigger for her, the neckline of it reeled near her br*asts and her hands had unknowingly further pushed them out.

S: I didn’t know that you could play piano!

She exclaimed as Kabir’s eyes were still on her and a certain part of his was starting to gain attention. He moved towards her and closed the distance between them and stood right in front of her. Sanchi looked up in his eyes as she saw his hand reach out for her and caress her check in a slow and sensual way. She closed her eyes and sucked in a breath at his touch as it tingled her skin. Kabir looked amused as his simple touch drew such a response from her. He leaned forward and nudged her neck with his nose as he whispered in her ear.

K: There are many things you don’t know about me.

He took her earlobe in between his lips and that earned a moan from her. He then descended down her throat to her neck and to her collar bone. Sanchi arched her back as he bit on the soft spot near her neck. She felt a strange mixture of pleasure and pain surge through her body as he continued his assault. He tugged at the knot of her robe and it slid down her shoulders and pooled near her legs. Kabir then filled her shoulder with kisses. His hands cupped her mounds and kneaded them as Sanchi ran her hands down his shoulders in pure delight. She opened her eyes and saw the large windows were not curtained and she pulled herself back towards the wall as she hampered Kabir’s movements. He looked up confused and saw Sanchi’s hesitant face which demented him further.

S: Not here.

Sanchi spoke in a low voice and pointed towards the unshielded windows. He nodded in understanding and picked her up again as he could not wait to eagerly get in his room. He pushed the door shut with his legs as he made his way towards the bed. He put Sanchi on her back and then flipped her onto her stomach. Sanchi gasped in surprise as her heart beat accelerated. Kabir pushed his pants down and he stood at his full length. His certain part was begging to be inside her heat and he wanted to take her in another way. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back so she sat on her all fours. He then pushed his fingers inside her and found that she was already wet. He pulled them out and without warning slammed into her from behind. This caused Sanchi to scream out ecstatically. She moaned as Kabir thrust inside her and every time it seemed as if he inched deeper into her. She shivered as an orgasm hit her body but Kabir continued his pounding. He himself was on the verge of release when he slammed into her and touched her g-spot which caused Sanchi to orgasm again and the feel of her juices around him became the reason for his hot cum. Kabir let go of Sanchi as she fell on her stomach and tried to catch her breath while Kabir lay beside her. He then turned to go thinking that Sanchi was fast asleep but stopped when Sanchi held his hand and pulled him back. She covered them with the sheets and kept her head on his chest as she mumbled sleepily.

S: Go to sleep Kabir. You need it.

Kabir stared at her for he felt her breath even out and then he placed his one hand on his chest and the other around Sanchi and pulled her close. He had never shared his bed with any of the bimbos but now he had a wife and he wanted to keep her near him. Sanchi snored a bit that indicated just how tired she was. Kabir smile and Sanchi’s snores worked as a lullaby and he fell asleep.


Hello everyone,

A super long chapter as I was getting bored before exams. Please do tell me if you liked it or not because I have planned to add more adventurously erotic scenes in the story later.

Thank you for reading.

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