The whole day passes like that lifelessly and at night she prepares dinner .
Ani waits for Avi till 12:00 am but still he didn’t came . Suddenly door opens and avi comes . He was drunk .
Ani (rushing towards Avi : Avi what happened to you?
Avi: ( in drunken state): Don’t show your care and concern to me . I don’t need it. I think you are just a showing your care because you also want money and riches which I can give you .
Ani: No I don’t want anything . I was just carrying as you are my husband .
Avi leaves from there and tires to go upstairs but falls in middle of it. Ani runs and make him walk towards their room . Ani removes hos shoes socks and make him lie in the bed .

Ani comes dowm and thinks as I am already married to him I have to face the reality and accept him as my husband . I am very happy when he came to see me and we talked .at that time he was very kind and humble but what happened now…
(FB Starts…..
Ani Mom: Ani get ready in that yellow and purple saree. You look good in that abd do light make up also .
Ani: yes mom . Please you come after 5 mins .as you know that I don’t know how to wear a saree.
Ani mom : Yes I am coming after giving lunch and tablets to your dad.
Ani was getting ready by her mom.
She had done light make up and wore saree in an Indian attire.
After half an hour

Guests came . Ani mom : Sit beta I will call ani .
Ani came with a tray of water and gave it to the boy his parents her parents.
Ani mom: Ani go and sit with Papa .
Ani papa : So Avi what do you do?
Avi: Uncle I have my own BUSINESS in Mumbai and leave there only . My mom and dad live here in puna and come to visit Mumbai every month.
Avi papa: so Ani what are you doing?
Avi: I am a student and now preparing for civil services from next month.
Avi mom : Do you know cooking?
Ani mom: Yes actually she is best at cooking. And actually today’s food is also prepare by her only.
Ani: Yes aunty I love to cook . Whenever I am happy I make food at home.
Ani dad: Ani take avi to your room and talk .
Ani and avi went to ani”s room to talk.
Avi: Do you love anyone?
Ani: No . And you
Avi: No not at all.
Avi: Why are you doing thia marriage ? DO you know about me. Do you believe in love marriage or arrange marriage .
Ani: I am doing this marriage because I believe in arrange marriage I always believe that my parents will always select a good boy for me. Who Will keep me as my parents are with love amd care . I always think that I will love the person to whom I am married and will except the same from him . I am believing that my husband should be like my dad caring loving and always full of life.
Avi and ani came down they had lunch and avis family went hone. In evening ani papa got a call. And he said they are ready for this marriage and they also agreed to do this marriage in one week .
So from that day I felt that only Avi is like ny dad who can be my soul mate and with whom I can live my whole life. …………………..

Ani heard a sound from avi”s room so she went ther and saw that avi broke the mirror and blood was coming out from his hands. Ani hold his handa to bandage but he jerk his hand and push her on other sidw and she fell on the floor and her both hands werw injured due th mirror on thw floor and she tried to get up but her hands were injured .so avi came towards her lift her and made her ait on the bed did her bandage and said prepare bf for mom and dad they are going to come tomorrow to stay with us for a week so behave properly in front of them and no need to say anything about our relationship to them . Behave normally with them .
Next day .
Avi” s mom and dad came. Ani went to touch their feet but avi”s mom stoped and said first touch your husband”s feet them you both touch our feet. Ani touched avi’ feet and then anvi touch mom and dad” s feet to get blessings.
All werw doing bf and avi mon: ani did you made bf?
Ani: yes mom something is wrong in the taste. I am sorry …..
Avi mom: No dear the bf is fantastic but you don’t know that avi don’t like pooha.
Ani: no mom I was not knowing . From nest timw I’ll take care about it.
After bf avi and dad went to office and ani and mom at home .

Precape: Ani and avi were fighting and Avi”s Mom heard their talk and came to know that they are behaving like husband-wife in front of them …… avi” mom making them lock in a room .

Hey friends thanks for commenting . MB , CUTEEPIEE , RHYTS, AANYA AND HIMA and all the silent readers. Please do comments . Bye take care. And ao share views about the story I just wrote in one go. If anything you find that I should improve please tell ne . I am neq na so .. thanks for your love . …….

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