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Hey here is one short for u all . Under pen name mannat ..

Here it starts..
She rechecked everything, cake ready – house clean – candles lit – decoration done. she wanted the arrangements to be perfect. It was their anniversary after all.

Usually husbands are said to be the ones who forget about the anniversaries, birthdays and all but it was contrary in her case. She was remembering how she forgot about their anniversary the last time, and how he managed to surprise her with all the arrangements and the gift. He wanted to make her happy , he wanted to make that day the most memorable day of her life. Indeed it was, for many reasons.

She took a deep breath and glanced at the clock right in front of her. It was 11:55. “5 minutes to go baby”- she said with a cheerful smile. She spend that time rearranging the wine glasses on the table, took out her I-phone 5 from the brown coloured limited edition Mochi bag and a picture that was beautifully framed. She typed a long Whatsapp message mentioning each and everything that she wanted to tell him but never did. She wrote about the time when they first met, their first date, how she fell in love with him the moment she saw him in the park. she thanked him for all that he has done . She thanked him for taking care of her, dealing so well with her mood swings , she thanked him for those ice creams at 1:00 am that he brought because she was suffering from severe tooth ache , for those 23 hundred roses that she found in her garden on 23rd November(her birthday).

As I said she mentioned each and everything and her heart ached all this time. She waited for another 3 seconds to send the message. It was 12 exact-23 march. She pressed the send button knowing that she won’t get a reply. “Happy anniversary love” she whispered and a tear drop fell on the picture that was beautifully framed.

On the picture of her dead husband .Then she start thinking about her past and her hubby .

Before 5 years
Twinkle’s life was cold, dull and grey, until Kunj Sarn moves in with his mother next door. His bubbly attitude and fun-loving ways convince Twinkle to lose her glasses, smile, have fun, party and live life to the fullest while he slowly starts solving the problems of twinkle ‘s family and friends. Kunj helps with Twinkle’s family business and from there on Twinkle starts to fall in love with Kunj . However, when Twinkle goes to tell Kunj, she is told he is married to Priya, who fled to New York to live with her parents after an argument with Kunj. Heartbroken, Twinkle leaves, teary-eyed and on reaching Brooklyn Bridge Park, she breaks down. It is now revealed Kunj isn’t married, and Priya isn’t his wife but his doctor. Kunj is a terminally-ill patient, suffering from a fatal cardiac disease, and his chances of surviving are low, as he needs a transplant. Kunj was dying, there was no hope for him, so he lied to Twinkle about being married, so that she never realises that he also loved her just as much as she loved him . ……. ….. Twinkle confronted by the truth married him ……. And passed most happiest moments with him .

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  1. Sad story but love is truly eternal

  2. Awesome yaar….Very Emotional

  3. Ria

    It was amazing.. buy, is the basic story of kal ho naa ho?

  4. Kal ho na ho?? One of my fav movies n u did a fantastic job using kunj n twinkle to ‘act’ the roles of preity and SRK i loved it yaar very emotional n touching ..

  5. Kruti

    Nice os

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG this is so heart touching loved it dear reminded me of SRK’s kal ho na ho i was imagining twinj with the kal ho na ho background music after i read that kunj have heart disease

  7. really emotional epi…osm dear loved it….

  8. Saby

    Mast yaar…. Just like kal ho na ho….???

  9. Truly amazing

  10. yr mannat really emotional n touching story line

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