Our marriage is agreement ep 8

Vry vry sry guys
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I was busy with my skl test and coaching classes
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Epi starts

1 weeks passed
Twi fully recovered she didn’t have any stress
Twi goes to leela house
Lee!a sees twi and gets happy and hugs her
Twi:maa how RU
Leela: I am fine beta . r u happy with kunj
Is he taking care of u
Twi: ahhh maa she good
And they have some talk
Chikki comes there and hugs twi and ask why kunj don’t come
Twi tels tat he has some meeting so only he didn’t came
After sometime she leaves from there

Twi comes to sarna mansion
Mahohar was waiting for her when enters
Manohar hands over 2 tickets to her
Twi; wat is this papa(two calls manohar papa)
Mano: this is ticket for shimla u and kunj are going for honeymoon
Just then kunj enters and hears this
He gets shocked as well as twi
Kunj: wat is this dad
Mano: wat u both r newly married so spend some time together
And don’t excuse tat u have meeting I will take care of it
Both accepted bcz there is no other way

Next morning
Twi and kunj gets ready and comes down
Both get blessing form manohar
And they leaves to airport

They checked in and after 5 hrs they reached shimla
They went to their room which was already booked by manohar
It was a suit room it was decorated beautifully
They get freshed up came down
Kunj: twi I knw tat u don’t like this trip
But we can just relax from office work

Twi just smiles and tells tat s kunj u r rite
Kunj: OK shal we go for dinner
And they go for dinner

Next morning
Twi gets up and goes to freshup
Suddenly she screams
twi: ahhhhahhhhhh
Kunj was sleeping and when he heard the sound gets shock
He get up and goes near to the bathroom door
opened the door and he was shocked
Twi fell down and her leg got twist so she was screaming in
Kunj runs andpicks her in birdal style
And places her in bed
Kunj: wat happened twi how u fell
Twi :the floor was slippery and when I tried to hang my saree….
Suddenly she takes the blanket and put over her body
( frnds actly when she was trying to hang her saree
She fell and she was only wearing blouse and skirt)
And she was screaming in pain
When kunj tried to touch her leg she started to shout
Kunj goes near her and tels her tat I want to tel u something
Twi was seeing him lovingly
Then suddenly tikk kunj twist her leg
Kunj: now u see the pain has gone
Twi smiles happily
Twi thinks wat happend to when he came near to me
why iam feeling bbutterflies in my stomach
Why my heart is beating faster
Why I always feel secure when he is with me
I like him?
Oh no no nothing like tat
we r just fends
Then y got angry in airport when tat girl hugged him
When two and kunj was checking a girl
Comes and hugs kunj
He turned back and saw her
Kunj: hi Maya how r u i
Maya: I am fine . how r u kunj
And they were talking
Twi was fuming in anger
Flashback ends
Wat happened. To me god
Iam totally confused

Screen freezes in twis confused face

Thanks for ur comment
I think u all will like this epi
Bye take care

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  1. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Yogs it was fab … reading your for the first time and it’s Awsome
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    It was a nice episode! Hope you post the next one soon. Lovess x

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  4. Nice episode! Post next parts Asap

  5. Awsome episode…..?waiting for the next one

  6. Kruti

    Amazing epi
    Continue soon

  7. Amazing epi.. loved it.. do cont soon ?

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    it was fab… please post next one soon

  9. Amazing plzzz post nxt asap

  10. Ramya

    Hi yogs awesome episode twinkle have started falling nice
    Plss cont soon

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    Yogs…….. beautiiiiiiifuuuuullll episode……..it was very nice…….soooooo nice………..

  12. SidMin

    Loved it it was too good Twinkle has started feeling for Kunj how sweet 🙂 Sorry for the late comment 🙂 Busy with exams 🙂

  13. Baby

    yogs u r rocking it jelous twinkle uff..loved it but a request can u show a bit of kunjs feelings for twinkle please vaise just amazing fabulous marvalleous…luv u sis…

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