Our marriage is agreement ep 7

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Let’s being

UV was going near to twi by removing his shirt button one by one
Twi was trying to stand by die the drink she was unable to stand properly
But all went vain.
Twi:pls leave me uv pls……
Uv smiles evily . he goes near to twi and tries to kiss her.but she pushes him
And started to run towards the door when uv try to catch her her dress gets tear
Near her waist
Twi closes the naked area with her hand
Uv dragged her and he tried to rape her
Twi was shouting for help and struggling


Someone broke the door and started to beat uv black and blue
Twi say him and runs towards him and hugs him tightly
(Yea guys u r cet he is non other than our hero kunj)
Kunj cupped her face and clear her tears
Suddenly twi faints and kunj tap her dace to wke her
Then police arrive there to arrest uv
Kunj: sir pls no one shloud knw abt this and and make sure tat he(uc) come out put qatever case on him
Police: pk kunj don’t worry we will tc of him in our way
Kunj: thanks sir
Then kunj sees tat Twi’s dress was torn
So he put his coat over her and lift her in his arms and make her to lie in car
Then they went to home

In sarana mansion
Kunj carries two and goes to his room
and made her to lie down on bed
Then he called the doctor
Doctor came and checked her and said tat
She fainted due to stress and gives the medicine regularly
Doc leaves

At night
While kunj was sleeping
Suddenly twi started to shout help me
Then kunj got up runs towards her and tried to console her
But she didn’t stop
To make her calm he huged her tightly and careness her hair
And gave medicine and made her to sleep

Twi got up in the morning and finds kunj was holding her hands
She took her hands from his
Kunj also gets up by the movement
Kunj: now r u fine na twinkle
Nothing happened yesterday don’t get afraid
Twi sees him lovingly
Kunj snapped his finger and she came to sense
Twi: kunj thanks if u didn’t come time wat could have happen to me,
How did u knw tat I was in tat room only
Kunj: wen u didn’t came from restroom and starred to search u
but I couldnt able to find .as my frnd is the owner of the hotel and I requested him to allow to check the CCTV footage .then I saw tat uv was dragging then I found u
And sorry twi
Twi: why kunj
Kunj: I shouldnt left u alone
Tw: no its not ur fault .I was careless
Kunj: don’t worry twi now onwards tat uv will not distrub u
Police arrested him.he will not able to out easily

Both simles

Screen freezes

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  1. Adya


    |Registered Member

    Again hpy birthday yogs and the episode was really very nice and I just loved it……keep posting and keep smiling

  2. Franciee

    Hey I was waiting for your ff only 😀
    MINDBLOWING hai yaar! Nd one request kindly Can you post a bit longer update? Pleaseeeeeeeeee

  3. SidVee

    Happy belated birthday yogs.. epi was awesome.. loved how kunj saved n cared for twinkle.. do cont soon 💕

  4. Shikha

    its really a mind blowing chapter
    just loved the way this story is going
    and so sorry for not commenting on your previous episode
    I don’t know when you posted it
    I just read it when this part came
    once again sorry
    continue soon

  5. Chiku


    |Registered Member

    Awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Really liked it
    Olz post next one soon

  6. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Loved it 🙂 It was awesome 🙂 Kunj’s growing concern for Twinkle and Twinkle’s admiration for Kunj 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  7. Paavu


    |Registered Member

    Hu yogs kinna acha epi hai their hug pls aur padhna hai jaldi post karo aur haan tumhara bday 7 ka hota hai or mera 10 july arre yogs yaar mera ff bhi padh lo plsssss

  8. Baby


    |Registered Member

    hey yogs speechless the episode shooo cute kunj i really love him he saved our twinkle ooppss his twinkle in very inelligent way loved the episode to core…….u r fabulous…..

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