Our marriage is agreement ep 3

Sry guys last epi was short
I will try to make long epi
Thanks guys 4 ur comments

Let’s start

In hosp
Manohar cals twi . two goes there
Twi:sir how r u sir ru fn now
Manohar keeps his hand in twi hand
Manohar:beta will u marry my son
Two shocked:sir wat r u saying
Manohar:pls beta . don’t say no. Ur really very kind , nice, and I truly say tat u r
Prefect fr my son.
Two : sir now I can’t think abt my marriage I have to pay the debt which my father left
And I have to look after my family.now I can’t think abt my marriage
Manohar: beta this is u prbl means I will pay u r debt.I can’t lose u as my bahu
Twi thinks flashback

Some man comes to twi house and calls them.he ask leela when u will u settle
Ur debt
Leela:pls give me time
Man: how much time will u take
Just then twi and chikki comes out and the man wth his goon see them
Man:I will gv u 1month time u shld settle ur otherwise I will take u r daughters will means he leaves
Leela falls on the ground and cries vigorously two and chikki comes and console her
Flashback ends
Twi with heavy heart : okay sir
Manohar gets happy and thanks two
Twi fakes simple
Manohar tell her tat he will come and talk with his mother.twi says ok

Next day
Twi gets ready for office manohar comes there twi welcomes him
Twi:saisrikal uncle
Manohar:saisrikal beta
Where is u r mother twi
Just then leela comes
Leela : who is this twi
Two:mam he is my boss
Mahohar:leela ji I came with marriage proposal
I want to make twi as my bahu
Leela gets stunned to hear this
Manohar: u brought her up very well,
Leela: but we r nt up to ur status
Maohar:I don’t care abt status and I really like twi very much
Pls accept my proposal
Leela thinks fr a while okay
Manohar gets happy and tels her tat he will fix the date fr engagement
And leaves from there
Leela was happy tat her daugthers future is going to bright
Leela ask twi tat she is happy or not .twi tells tat if u r happywith this marriage
Means fr me also happy
While they were talking a uv claps and comes inside
UV: hi baby doll
Twi: who told u to come here. Just get lost
Uv:sasu ma u didn’t teach her how to talk to his to be husband
Leela: just lost from here u already ruined one of mydaughter life he dare u CME
Here and talk like this .get out

Screen freezes

Precap:a girl is shown tied in bed with rope

Sry guys
Soon I will show twinj moments
If u get bored pls tell me
Waiting for u r comments

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it Twinkle agreed for the marriage so Twinj marriage is On šŸ™‚
    I think the daughter UV is talking about is the one who is tied to the bed in the precap šŸ™‚ Post soon šŸ™‚

  2. Hey yogs fantastic episode…loved it to the core…hate uv he’s disgusting…precap seems scary…hope that girl is not twinkle…post next soon…

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….lovely episode…..awesome…..

  4. Shreya098

    I read all ur 3 episode’s today…
    Ur story is amazing…
    Reminded me of tei …how twinj did’nt wanted to marry each other…and how due to manohar’s pressure kunj agreed for the marrige….

    Looking forward to the other episodes

  5. Awesome post soon….

  6. Anam_sidhant


  7. Marvellous episode

  8. Simiyy

    Omg it was amazing…. Please make the next update longer

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi

  10. nice episode
    Ohhhh but the precap seems so scary
    this yuvi naaa
    he can never stop

  11. Romaisha

    Hey dear!
    Superb epi!
    Eagerly waiting for the next
    Precap seems interesting šŸ™‚

  12. Kruti

    The epi was amazing…..just that if u could make it a bit longer

  13. Kritika14

    Amazing one! Precap is damn interesting. Post soon. Loves xx

  14. Ramya

    Awesome episode
    Can’t wait fr next post

  15. Amazing epi.. hope that girl in the precap isn’t twinkle.. do cont soon ?

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