Our marriage is agreement ep 17

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Next day morning

Twinjs room
Both were sleeping but not in each other embrace by hearing the alarm kunj gets up and sees a cute angle sleeping beside him and he went to bathroom to get ready of office after he went twinkle gets up saw herself on bed she is confused
Twi: how I came to bed I was sleeping in couch only na

At tat time comes out of bathroom and sees twi
Kunj: wat happend twinkle
Twi:how I came to bed I was sleeping in couch only na?
Kunj: u were uncomfortable in couch so nly I I made u sleep in bed
Twi( overwhelmed with his care): thanks kunj
Kunj smiles
Then twinkle went to get ready and both gets down

In sanskar room
Sanskar is thinking how to talk to swara as she is not even ready to see his face.he must do something fast as he can’t see her jann in pain
Tat time he hears opening sound of door and he sees her coming out of her room he was mesmerized to see her she was wearing plain white top and pink skirt her belly was slightly visible

link of the dress

Later he composed himself and went down
Soon al four were sitting in breakfast in table while eating twi and swara are talking some random thinks
kunjs food get choked in his throat and and he starts coughing twi gets tensed and gives water and pat his back and after sometime he gets normal
Twi(worried and angry):wat kunj how many times while eating don’t use mobile .wat if happen sometime ( lil strict) now onwards u shld not use ur mobile while eating
Kunj just nods him head while child gets scolding from his mother
Swara notices twi and starts to tease her to lightened their mood

Swara: twi how much u take care of kunj .now I am bit jealous tat now will share u r love with him also .
Twi blushes: swara shut up
Swara: wat iam saying true only na see from u r eyes telling tat he much u love him

By hearing swaras words kunj felt very happy but he can’t understand y he is feeling this much happy
Swara: I also wish my partner shld be like this caring
Sanskar: iam there na ( whisper)

Soon twi and Kunj leaves for office by saying tat they have impt meeting but actually kunj plan to give time to swasan

Kunj: okay lets go twi today we have impt meeting and sanskar can please drop swara as driver is on leave
Sanskar was cloud nine : with pleasure
Twi: s swara u with him as ur new here so no prbl shld be there
Swara: but twi I can manage
Twi: tat I knw but pls for me
Swara: k
Sanku smiles swara gives death glare to kunj he glups in fear

Kunj: OK twi u come I will wait in parking lot
Twi: hmm
Twi ( to swara): k bye darling all the best
Swara: thanks

Both binds bye and heads to their car

Twinj leads to office
And swasan goes to sanskar car
swaRa goes and sit in car
thn san drove the car and the car travel was silent no one talked but san was having a smile on his face which is didn’t notice by swara

Thn both reached karma company
She got out and went inside without seeing him
San: even now she didn’t change Sam attitude . jann don’t wry u will not suffer any pain but pls forgive me I am nothing without u

Sarana company
Twinj reached their off twi got down of the car and and he went to park the car when he came back he received a call so he was talking
Same time when twi was going towards the entrance she saw someone was approaching towards kunj with knife she gets shocked
Twi: kunjjjjjjjj……..( screamed)

But he didnt heard her as he talking in the phe
She starter to run towards him by screaming his name this time he heard her voice and saw her
Twi.: Kunj turn back and see
Kunj turned back just the person was going to stab before tat kunj twisted his hand backwards and gave a kick towards him tat person fell down soon guards came pick tat man. Twi came towards him and hugged him tightly and started to cry here kunj was stunned by this and he was very happy but when he felt tat his shirt getting wet he saw twi crying this pained his heart a lot
Kunj: twi… Shhh.. ( releases the hug and cups her face )Twi see me nothing happened to me she i am perfectly alright (pats her back )
Twi: kunj are u fine na nothing happened to u na

Kunj: see twi I am nothing to me
Twi:kunj I can’t live if something happen to me because u r… ( she relaise wat she came to tel)
Kunj: because I am wat twi
Twi: u.. u… R my friend. I can’t loss friend like u

By hearing kunj became sad as he expected more
Later kunj told to hand over the man to police
And both twinj went to police station and head back to their home

Same time in karama company

Swara was waiting for the interview she her name was called she went inside cabin
Swara:excuse me may I get in
A man sitting in chair he was facing his back to her
Man: of course jaan (yea tat man is sanskar)
By saying this he turns toward her by seeing his face she was shocked
Swara: you
San:( he smirks ) yes me .how is the surprise

Swara( thinks) oh god he shld not be the boss
San: don’t think much this god is in my side . I am your boss
Swara: omg now where I am stuck I can’t seeing the job then papa will call back there(thinks)
Swara: sir my interview

San: u r already appointed u r my personal secertry
Swara:(sternly) how can u select me without interview
San: I trust u .u will do your job better
Swara( stractstic smile) how can trust a stranger easily .
Sans comes near her she moves back and he comes closer she has no space to Move back but stops as she collides with the door sans comes and blocks her by keeping her hands on either side
Sans: next time if u say u r stranger to me then u have to face the consequence

By saying this he moves back but door gets open as his pa(male) opens due to the sudden jerk swara falls on sans in this swaras lips touches sans corner of his lips

After some sec she comes back to sense and stands up hurriedly and while going out she gives death glare to sans pa and storms out of the room
PA turns towards sans and says
PA: sir sorry actually I came to inform u tat xyz file is ready and u have to sign it
San : y r u saying sorry actuay I have to say thanks to u
PA(confused):y ru saying thanks sir

San: nothing u keep the file on my table and go and teach swara wat she have do
PA: OK sir and he went out
Sans touches the corner of her lip and smiles like idiotically

Swara cabin
Swara POV
Omg now what I do i thought if I come to office then I able to avoid him but now I have be with him in office and home also


She touches her lip and thinks about the kiss and slightly blushes
She comes out of her sense by hearing knoch on the door

PA: hi sorry I have urgent work so only
Swara: its okay
PA:hi I am aman

Swara: am swara
Like this they strayed to talk and he teaches her how and what is her work and inb/w he cracks some joke tat time sans passes tat way and seeing them freely talking with eo
And he was highly boiling in jealousy and he goes towards her cabin
San: wat is happening her aman I have send u here to teach her work but wat u r doing here
Aman: ssorry sir actually WO ……interrupted by swara

Swara: he was teaching me only SIR and as it is break time we r knowing abt eo
San: aman u go and bring my coffee
Aman: yes sir
And he goes swara also went behind him but sans pulls by her elbow and she lands on his chest
Sans: why r u talking with him freely
Swara: (attitude)so wat my wish I will talk with whom ever I want wat is u r prlm SIR
San glares and went out as he don’t want toinc her anger on him
Like this the day goes

And soon it became evng
Swara fastly packs her bag and goes out of her cabin same time sans also comes out
Sans comes out sees her going towards cab he goes towards her
Sans: swa stop I will drop you
Swara:no I will go by cab itself and she sat on cab on and went
Sans: (stamps his foot) and he also went behind cab
Both reached home and san went to park his car

swara enters the house and she is shocked to see the scene going before her
The hall is looking like storm came and went and our lovely couple twinj were playing running and catching
Twinkle is running behind kunj and twinkle is having cushion in her hand and kunj asking sorry countinously
Kunj: twikle I am sorry pls I can’t run

Twinkle: I told u na y u didn’t listen . I will not leave u today stop
Kunj: sry twinkle
Twinkle thrown the cushion on kunj but he bent down saWara who was confused saw hthe cushion coming towards her and sat down by covering her head with hands finally it went landed on sans face who just came inside the house
First he got angry but by seeing the surrounding he became confused then he went to swara who sitting down and patted her shoulder
Sans: wat is happening here swara
Swara : how I knw now only I also came

Then both swasan saw towards twinj
Swasan: STOP………..
By hearing the sound kunj stopped and twikle dashed on kunjs chest and both missed balance and fell down
Both were looking into eachothers eyes

Swaras sees this and she takes her phone and clicks a snap
By hearing the snap sound both look towards swasan then they both relasied their position and got up
Twinkle: shona when u came and sans why is your face is looking like this
Swara: sweety now only I came and wat is going here
Kunj: I well tell
Twinkle: no I well tell
Kunj: no I will
Twinkle: no I will

Sans who is already pissed off : both of u stop two u tell
Twinkle tells about the morning incedent
( I will tells as flashback guys)
After twinj came from police station both came to home and two went to arrange dinning table for lunch then both had lunch
Twi was upset by morning incident kunj who saw this thought to cheer her
Kunj: twi can we see movie
Twi: no kunj I am not in mood to see
Kunj: OK a least give me company

Twi thought for sometime : k let’s see
And both started to see movie after sometime he felt a weight on his shoulder
When he saw her she was peacefully sleeping on his shoulder
After sometime he too slept and both had a small nap
At evening two got up and saw their position when she tried to get up due to the movement kunj also got up
Twikle: sry i disturbed u sleep
Kunj: no prblm actually I don’t knw when I slept

Twi again got upset with the morning incident
Twi: kujnj who told the man to stab u
Kunj: don’t knw may be some business rivals and twi u don’t be upset
And he lightly pinched her nose suddenly twinkle started to snzee countinously
Kunj: wat happend twi
Twi: nothing kunj if someone pinched my nose then I will sneeze

Kunj (smiles naughtily): oh it is
And again he pinched her nose
Twi: pls kunj don’t do achuu achuu….I will get.achuu.. angry
Kunj: really then I want to see how u look when u r angry and again he pinched her nose and started to run then their running and catching starts

FB ends
Hearing her swara starts to laugh loudly and sans sees her lovingly and twi notices this
Twi: shona don’t laugh
Swara: twi hahahaha…. u didn’t change hahaha…. now also u get snzee
twi: pls stop shona o
Swara: sry sry but kunj u r too bad see my sweety nose it became pink color
Kunj: she is looking cute in tat na
By hearing this twi blushes swara sees this and teases her
Swara: see kunj now u made her cheek also pink

Kunj gets embarrassed
Kunj: I think some call has come
And he went from there
Sans: twi next pls aim crtly

Sans:(IN A funny way) u asked na y my face looking looks this because the cushion u thrown landed on my face . see twi my handsome something happens to this how will I impress my Japan and sees swara from corner through his eye this is noticed by twi

Epi ends

Precap: swasan FB

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