Our marriage is agreement ep 13

Hi frnds
sry for late update

I knw all r waitng to knw thw 2nd couple
I think surely all will like them
they r also one of my favorite
ok now lets proceed to the story
the girl removes the helment and go towards her frnds
preeti:wow shona (yeh frnds she is our bubbly swara)
swara gives hifi with her

preeti:wat is our next plan
swara :preeti I got job in karma industry
so I am going to sweety’s house
pre :wat yaar y dont u help u r dad in his business
swara:no I want to achevie on my own
u knw how much drama I done to convince my dad
preeti:ok bye iam going to miss u take care
and they both bid bye to each other

sumi was wrkng in kitchen tat time swara entered
swara came and hugged her from back

sumi:shona, where u went did u do u r packing
did u informed twi abt ur arrival
swara:ma dont worry I things r packed
bus now I will call swetty(twi)
swara goes to her room and calls twi
twi was wrking in office tat time her
phe rings. seeing the caller id twi gets happy

phe conversation
swara.: hello sweety
twi :hai darling hw r u
swara.:I am fn twi happy news for u
I am coming to amister
twi:wat is tat true omg I am happy
swara:ya u msg u r address i will reach at 11am
twi.:no I will come to pick up u
swara:arry bhuddu if u come to pickup me
then who perpare my yummy lunch
twi tomorrow u shld prepare all my fav k
twi:okay madam

swara :k bye
twi:k bye darling
twi was very happy bcz her best frnd, sis,partner in
crime is coming to meet her after long four yrs
she was remembering her happy memories with swara
and she continued her wrk
kunj was passing her cabin he swa twi happy
a smile appeared in his lips
tat time his phe rings
he attend the phe
kunj:hi dude wat a suprise how r u

op:ya buddy am fn I called u to tell tat
tomo I am coming to india for a contract
kunj:dude I am so happy at wat time u r coming
op:10am. k bye
kunj:k bye take care
kunj(thinks) god pls make him happy
epi ends

k now u all the guessbwho is the op
i knw tat epi is boring and sry not showing any twinj moments
did u all like the 2 nd pair then give ur ans in cmt box
sry guys If I made anyone disappointed
bye take care

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  1. Sohi

    Miss yogs episode was nice Iiked second jodi
    But u didn’t post this episode in tei tu why?
    Plz post their too
    Do continue

  2. Hey yogs sorry I didn’t understand the story..I totally forgot about it..plzzz give me link for previous episode

  3. Mia12

    Hey yogs,,
    Missed ur ff yrr,, I love this episode so much,,????.. And it’s ok that today no twinj scean,,☺☺☺.. but plzzzzzzzzzz pzzzzzzzzzz I want twinj scean more instead of other couple,,?????.. But now post soon,,??.. and coz I don want to wait this time 4 ur post,,??..
    Load’s of love,,?❤?❤?..

  4. oh so swasan is there too loved it read it for first time

  5. SidMin23

    Finally you post the ff and hope u will post soon.

  6. Presha


  7. Simiyy

    Hey Yogs
    I am glad you posted
    Post soon now
    Loads of love

  8. Ramya

    Awesome amazing yogs
    N I think boy is sanskar
    Love u keep smiling

  9. SidMin

    Awesome …the new pair is also cute .. but not as much as Twinj are ?
    Love you post soon ❤

  10. Fatimaa.

    Heyy yogs…
    I m commenting first time i guess..but i have read ur all episodes before…this was also cute…
    Plzz post next one soon..
    Love u

  11. Shiksha

    Good one.. Continue..

  12. Baby

    Ohhhh yogs loved it…. 🙂
    It was cute…..ummm sanskaar….n swara I like dem dey r cute…. 🙂
    Loved d epi….
    Lods of love post soon…. 🙂
    Srriee m late…. 🙂

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