Our marriage is agreement ep 10

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Next mrng

In sarana mansion

Twi is getting ready for office she was standing before the mirror
and combing her hair
When she about vermilion on her mang wind starts to blow heavily
So tat box falls down from her hand at the same time
kunj photo also falls and breaks down
Twi,, ohh babaji wat is this its seems like a bad omen,
pls god nothing shld
Happen to kunj he should be save
She prayed to god and went to office

In office
Manohars cabin

mano is discussing abt some meeting arrangements
Twi was lost in some thoughts
He notice tat asked her
Mano,, twi ,beta wat happened y seemed to be lost some where
Twi,,nothing sir
Maho,, beta I am not asking like boss but as ur papa
Tel twi wat happened u seemed disturbed
Twi,,nothing papa ji I was thinking abt kunj and
tels wat hapend in the morng
Maho,, twi do u believe these and all
don’t wry nothing will happen to him
I have meeting so I take a leave
Mano leaves from there

Twi went to her cabin and started her work brushing her thoughts
time passed office time got over
She thought to go and meet leela and went to her home

Twi home
she went and met leela and talking some thing
She gets call she attends the call
Twi,, hello who is this
Caller,,we r calling from city Hosp
The owner of the phe is admitted here
as he was met will the accident
Twi hears and gets shattered and drops her phe and
started to cry vigorously
All gets Wryed
Mahi takes the phe and shocked to knw abt this
All fused to Hosp
Doc,,do u knw this person

Twi,,s he is my husband
How is he doc can I see him
Doc ,, sry Mrs twi he is in critical condition we can tel
After he become conscious only
Soo pls pray to got to his recovery
Twi,, can I see him

Doc,,sure but don’t disturbehim
Twi,, ok doc
Twi goes to the ICU he was severely hurted
Tears are rolling down frm her eyes
She was sitting near him and remembering the time
Spent with him
Twi,, Ku…Ku…kunj pls wke up I can’t see u like this
I cnt live without you , u r my life ur my world every thing,pls kunj get
her Tears malls on kunjs hand
He slightly moves his finger
Twi was lying down and crying
He slowly opens and eyes and keeps his hand on her head
And wispears her name
She gets up and see him happily
Then she cals the doc
Doc tels her to wait outside and checks him

After half an hr
Doc come out of the ICU and tels tat
He is alright but he have fracture in his legs and right shoulder
So he shld take complete rest for two months
After one week u can discharge him
After changing him to ward u all can see him
And goes from there
after sometm all goes and see him
Mahi tels him twi was very much wryed when she came to knw abt u
Kunj sees twi and smiles

To be continued
Precap : twi taking care of kunj

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  1. Superb episode yogs loved it and plsssssss post the next asap I’m so eager to read the next part I think kunj will fall in love with twi

    1. Yogs

      Oh vry vry thanks i will try make next epi asap

    2. Yogs

      Oh dont wry next time ill add recap
      thanks for u r comt
      keep reading

  2. Sohi

    It’s very interesting plz keep posting regularly as I was going to forget the story line do continue

  3. Cute twinj ❤

  4. Hi I m silent reader…..nice and beautiful epi….now kunj to feel 4 twinkle…plsss post next epi soon coz I m waiting……. By….tc….

  5. Simiyy

    It was really good. I hope Kunj falls in love with Twinkle.
    Please make it longer and try to post the next one soon

  6. Awesome.. loved it.. do cont soon ❤

  7. Ramya

    Awesome episode I think kunj will faall fr twinkle plsss asap dear

  8. Adya

    Hey yogs….so sry for not commenting on the previous episode
    Well the ongoing track us superb….very excited about the next part….
    Post soon…

  9. Chiku

    Wowwwww it’s awesome ????lovely. Its sso cute. Plzzzz post soon
    Love u?

  10. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome episode….. Loved it to the core

  11. SidMin

    Loved it Kunj’s accident and Twinkle taking care of hi will bring them close 🙂 Post soon 🙂 love you 🙂

  12. Kritika14

    Hey, this was really good! The way twinkle took care of him was quite adorable. Post soon!
    Lovess! xx

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing awesome fabulous epi

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